Movie Review : Phantom Threat ( 2017 )

Movie Review : Phantom Threat ( 2017 )

This is the latest film from Paul Thomas Anderson, and the description above may also apply to the filmmaker. Judging from the uniqueness of the film and its directing style, perhaps it is not wrong to categorize Anderson as an eccentric artist. Reynolds has a distinctive habit, in which he likes to sew secret messages that are hidden behind every shirt he makes. To be personal, he said. Cut my bangs if this does not refer to how the self-conscious Anderson slipped into interesting little things that were not really relevant in every film.

This film is a film about a perfectionist made by a perfectionist. Yup, narcissistic director. Do you know what a perfectionist produces? The work that is almost – if not certain – is always perfect.

Anderson put out extreme skills in building the film. Every detail is sewn with precision. This film is beautifully made. As a film about fashion, costumes in the Phantom Thread are charming. Scoring which was dominated by the piano strings from Jonny Greenwood endlessly created a luxurious but moody feel. Not only writing and directing, Anderson reportedly even highlighted his own film without the help of a cinematographer.

When the film presents something abstruse we will realize that the actual Phantom Thread is a love story that is “sick”. This film is probably Anderson’s most straight and simple film, but he is still absurd. In fact, the top part is somewhat ridiculous if we were not washed away before. On the surface Anderson packed the film as a dark film but there was a strange warmth flowing beneath it.

Final Destination ‘Will Be Rebooted, Involve’ Saw ‘Writers’

Final Destination ‘Will Be Rebooted, Involve’ Saw ‘Writers’

Adding to the long list of old franchised franchises, this time the Final Destination is ready to spawn the latest series that repeats everything from the beginning.

Acting as a production house was New Line, the studio behind the success of the Final Destination franchise in the early 2000s. Even though the five Final Destination films have never received a warm welcome from critics, this line of sadistic horror films has its own appeal in attracting audiences, as evidenced by the total revenue of $ 665 million made by the five films.

The last time Final Destination launched the latest series in 2011, and after all this time being left retired, this franchise was re-turned on to the studio in the form of a reboot whose script was written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. They both seem to be familiar with blood-soaked films, considering that both of them have written the scripts of four Saw films (starting in the fourth series) plus Piranha 3DD. Patrick and Marcus are also involved in the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, a horror film from Guillermo del Toro that is ready for release in August 2019.

Broadly speaking, the five Final Destination films tell a handful of people who survived the deadly accident. The survivors were then warned by the main character that they would be killed in a pathetic manner. Unfortunately, even though the protagonist had already explained the bad signs he felt, the survivors were killed one by one in a series of incidents that were unusual and out of reason.

According to the news from THR, Patrick and Marcus will update the premise of Final Destination reboot, although it is not yet known what changes they want to make. Meanwhile, New Line – which is on the wind because the horror films are always successful – currently still has not determined the director.

Aquaman Has The Potential To Have a Sequel

Aquaman Has The Potential To Have a Sequel

Until this moment, Aquaman has not aired in theaters. But with a positive response in the initial screening and predictions of a solid box office debut, this film directed by James Wan had a big chance of being successful. Knowing that, Toby Emmerich as the leader of Warner Bros. now it has begun to set off to overtake Aquaman’s sequel.

Indeed the making of Aquaman 2 is only a discourse and there has not been any decision about the project. Even the script has not been done yet, as no one has occupied the position of script writer and director. However, according to a report from THR, Emmerich felt the discussion related to the Aquaman sequel was not too early, especially after the first film was estimated to have earned domestic income above $ 65 million in the first week. What’s more, Aquaman 2’s discourse also appeared thanks to the critics’ warm welcome to the first film at the initial screening.

Well, hopefully if Aquaman later proves to be financially and critically successful, WB will bring Wan back to direct the acting duo of the main actors Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Amber Heard (Mera). The reason, one of the things that was often appreciated by critics from Aquaman was Wan’s steady direction. Uniquely, in the same news from THR, Wan acknowledged that he and Heard often joked that Aquaman’s first film should be titled The Adventures of Mera With Her Sidekick Aquaman, because the heroine which he said almost always appeared in each of these scenes had more super power than the king of Atlantis.

Setting after the Justice League, this film tells Arthur Curry a.k.a. Aquaman who realized he was the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis and he had to lead his people to protect the world from threats. Previously, Wan signaled Aquaman would resemble the Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the adventures of Aquaman and his partner, Mera, would be an exciting spectacle.

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The third franchise from HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON will soon be enjoyed by animated film lovers in the world. Different from the previous two films, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3 will be given the subtitles of THE HIDDEN WORLD.

No doubt, according to the title, this film will again tell the adventures of Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and his cute dragon Night Furry in searching for a secret world that has been considered a myth. In addition, Night Furry will later meet and fall in love with other female dragons with the type of Light Furry.

Both of these dragons are equally rare but unfortunately, there is a new figure in this film namely Grimmel the Grisly (F. Abraham Murray) who is in charge of hunting night furry dragons throughout the world. Feeling threatened, Hiccup decided to alienate all dragons in Berk by hiding at The Hidden World.

If previously Toothless was very identical to his funny and adorable behavior, at a glance in the trailer there was one scene which was quite unexpected. After meeting Light Furry, Toothless also shows his ability as alpha (dragon ruler).

Together with Hiccup, he will be the one who will lead all the dragons in Berk to go to The Hidden World. But of course, the trip won’t be that easy. There are so many obstacles that they have to face together.


A Star Is Born Get Grammy Awards And Golden Globe Awards

A Star Is Born Get Grammy Awards And Golden Globe Awards

The latest film played by Lady Gaga entitled A Star Is Born received a pretty good response from Hollywood movie lovers. The drama genre film has been watched by many film lovers. Not only is the film just getting a positive response, even the songs in the film are also rated positively by the audience.

Surprisingly, A Star Is Born also managed to get the Golden Globes Awards and the Grammy Awards. The film received 9 nominations from these two prestigious events.

In the Golden Globes event, the film was nominated for Best Drama, Best Director, Best Actor (Bradley), and Best Actress (Lady Gaga), even Best Song was also won for Shallow songs sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley.

The award was not stop in there, for the Grammy Award, Lady Gaga won the Record of the Year (Shallow), Song of the Year, Best Duo / Group Performance, and the Best Song Written for Visual Media.

But the A Star Is Born soundtrack just isn’t included in the nomination. Not because the soundtrack isn’t good, but the Grammy rating limit that ended in September, while the film was released in October.

Seeing this achievement, Lady Gaga was happy. He even uploaded a photo that expressed his joy through her Instagram account.

Review: Roma

Review: Roma

Rome is the latest film from Alfonso Cuaron, a great filmmaker who is the first Mexican director to ever get an Oscar. He called this film his “most personal” film so far. It might be personal for the Cuaron, but what is clear is that it’s not for me. His expertise in directing is clearly displayed on the screen, we immediately know that this film must have been made by people who are talented from birth or perhaps already have a lot of experience. However, I did not feel the impact of this film as he (I think) he meant. Do I have to go to a psychiatrist?

This film is a semiautobiographical film from Cuaron about his childhood in the 70s in a city called Rome in Mexico. Instead of focusing on his childhood life, Cuaron chose to tell a side that has not been told, about important people who are often forgotten. He gave a tribute to a person who was almost a lifetime nameless, but had greatly contributed to raising him.

It is also interesting to watch films that place more boisterous elements, and are usually more cinematic, in the background, while non-dramatic elements are the main part. From the beginning Cuaron had hinted this through a simple opening scene but had strong impressions. We see planes flying in the sky through reflections of puddles on the floor. The floor was flooded because it was being dipel.

The one who mopped it was Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio), one of two assistants who worked for a middle class family consisting of Sofia’s mother (Arina de Tavira), father (Fernando Grediaga), and four small children. Together with his friend, Adela (Nancy Garcia), Cleo diligently and tirelessly takes care of the household, from washing, cooking, caring for children, to cleaning the floor from dog poop which is like never ending.

Bird Box Breaking Record In Netflix

Bird Box Breaking Record In Netflix

In its efforts to compete with Hollywood studios, Netflix often produces original films that are not less interesting than films that air in theaters. After Rome’s work by Alfonso Cuaron successfully amazed critics, there was one more Netflix original film that later became the spotlight.

The film is titled Bird Box, which is often compared to A Quiet Place. Armed with a unique premise and a pretty good quality film, Bird Box has just broken the record as a Netflix production film with the most viewers in the first week, which Bright previously held. No kidding, Netflix’s official Twitter account announced, there were 45,037,125 accounts watching Bird Box in the first seven days of release.

For information, the Bird Box is a sci-fi horror film made by Susanne Bier who put up Oscar-winning actress, Sandra Bullock, as the main star. The story itself focuses on the struggle of a mother and child through a dangerous river, to find shelter from the attacks of mysterious monsters that threaten the world. Unfortunately, to be able to escape the terror of this invisible monster, humans must close their eyes, which makes Bullock’s character journey more challenging and thrilling.

Bird Box is known to launch on the Netflix streaming service on December 21, 2018. The popularity of Bird Box immediately gave birth to many funny memes on social media, followed by various theories and discussions that discussed mysterious monsters in the film. Although classified as a critic among critics, in fact Bird Box is also a lot of thumbs up by horror movie lovers.

Review: Ready Player One

Review: Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a spectacular light entertainment, made with skill and integrity. Every space on the screen is filled with sensational visuals and awesome special effects. This film is an ambitious project from veteran director Steven Spielberg, who took the idea of ​​the potential of virtual reality and turned it into a sensational blockbuster built with the magic of CGI and crowded with pop culture references. And here Spielberg doesn’t hold back at all.

Spielberg is an expert in these kinds of things. The filmmaker has donated several works that became technical pioneers in blockbuster films, ranging from Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jurassic Park, to The Adventures of Tintin. Ready Player One is indeed not a pioneer in any case, but this film is a top achievement in special effects. The source material is a novel with the same title by Ernest Cline, which I did not read, but said it was heavenly pleasure for nerds. If that is the case, then the novel has got the equivalent film adaptation.

The setting is 2045, when the world is more chaotic than now. Poverty and overpopulation make the majority of residents have to live in containers arranged in stages such as flat. So it is actually better to spend time in OASIS, a virtual reality universe that might be called an interactive game but it is so suitable as an escape from reality because there we can be anything and do anything. This is a place where fantasy comes true; monsters, robots, giants, we can even become Batman. To enter OASIS, we only need to wear special glasses.

The creator is James Halliday (Mark Rylance), OASIS’s Steve Jobs. Before he died, Halliday gave a 3 level game to all OASIS users. Anyone who can complete all levels has the right to inherit all of Halliday’s wealth and, most importantly, complete control of OASIS. Absolutely, the outline of the plot is similar to the style of video game narrative. So began a superstructive game involving all OASIS players.

Disney Responds to Criticism of ‘The Lion King’ Movie

The Lion King’s live-action trailer did not only succeed in creating an interest in the film, but also aroused nostalgia for those who were big in the 90s, when the Lion King animation became a global phenomenon. But on the other hand, this trailer also sparked a debate over whether this film is worthy of being called live action, because all the animals shown appeared to appear in CGI form. More than that, not a few who criticized the live action of The Lion King they only repeated scene after scene in the animation.

Not wanting to live-action The Lion King is considered an imitation of animation, Sean Bailey as a Disney official tried to straighten out the negative assumptions that later wrapped up the movie made by Jon Favreau. To THR, Bailey stated that he knew very well that the animation of The Lion King was a film that was loved by many people, so the studio would bring the best things from its animation in working on live action.

But Bailey also hinted that The Lion King was not just “copy paste”, because he confirmed there were new things in live action that we did not find in the animation. More details, Bailey revealed live-action The Lion King uses a filmmaking technique that includes animation and live action. Bailey acknowledged, this new filmmaking technique was an evolution of the technology that Favreau used to work on the live-action film The Jungle Book.

Review : Overlord ( 2018 )

As a class B movie, Overlord has a better appearance than we thought. The opening scene is extraordinarily effective. I can say that this is the most spectacular opening scene I’ve ever seen for the size of the films in his class. This scene shows an army transport plane strafed by firearms, just before the soldiers parachute. We don’t see enemy aggression directly, but we see flashes of bullets that pierce the fuselage and then, bodies of several soldiers.

The camera focused on the panic of the soldiers. Maybe this is intended to save budget, instead of displaying a real battlefield that definitely needs a lot of special effects. But this also escalates the tension and urgency of the scene.

Again, it is proven that J.J. Abrams can make whatever it produces looks more expensive than the original. The focus then turned to one soldier, namely soldier Boyce (Jovan Adepo). He parachuted with stuttering and then landed imperfectly in the water. He is still alive, but now in a dense forest. The bodies hung on the tree, while the sound of bullets was faint in the distance. The tense atmosphere of the forest seemed very realistic. Cinematography and sound design really works optimally to capture the tension of soldiers trapped in mysterious enemy territories.

It was D-Day in World War II, historic moments just as the Allied troops would hit back German troops from the French Normandy coast. This mission itself, says Google, is called “Operation Overlord”. Boyce’s team was the opening team assigned to destroy the signal jamming tower in a church near the beach. Without the tower, Allied aircraft could safely provide air support for the infantry who would later invade from land and sea.

First Trailer Of The Possesion Of Hannah Grace

Finally the wait for horror movie lovers is finished, Sony Pictures Indonesia has released the first trailer for their latest film titled The Possesion of Hannah Grace. The video of the trailer only lasts 2.:19 minutes, but in a very short time Diederik can provide a very tense atmosphere, complete with aspects of the dark room and also the sound that is horrible but does not feel excessive.

This film tells about the life of a female police officer named Megan Reed, played by Shay Mitchell. Megan is a woman who doesn’t believe in mystical things and works surrounded by corpses.

But Megan’s conviction began to collapse when there was a corpse resulting from an exorcism failure that he had to deal with. When the corpse arrived, strange noises were heard, even the corpse began to give signs of life. Who is Hannah Grace (corpse) actually? Why does the exorcism process fail? And what dark past did Megan try to cover up?

Terror from Hannah Grace’s corpse also became more real. When Megan is alone, more and more terrible events occur. Worse yet, when Megan told the bad news to someone else, no one believed, they even considered Megan crazy. Then what is the end of this scary story?

Just find the answer in the film The Possesion of Hannah Grace, which will air soon this November. For those of you who are curious about this movie trailer video, you can see it directly on the official Sony Entertainment Youtube channel.

Bumblebee – Refreshing Side Story Of Transformer

Finally there are also Transformers films made for humans. That, you know, creatures that really can empathize, instead of just joking about the robot robot in mass chaos. The plot this time is simpler and easier to understand. The sequence of actions is coherent and can be followed. And the character feels human. Including robot characters too. Sometimes simple things can be more silly than complicated. What made me think: lest Michael Bay thought that we were too smart for everything that was simple, so he presented something complex. Too complex to digest ordinary human logic. BOOOOM! Mindblown!

So, this time I am a lay man, fortunately given a simple story, which is about a child who is friends with aliens in the form of robots. The alien is an (?) Autobots named B-127. It is said that the civil war between the Autobots race and the Decepticon race on the planet Cybertron delivered it to planet Earth. Unfortunately, he was stranded at a military training ground commanded by agent Burns (John Cena). Coupled with the arrival of a Decepticon who hunted him, the B-127 had to run away in a state of severe injury and loss of the sound module.

He will then be found by Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), an 18-year-old teenager who is still mourning the death of his father and still unable to live a new life with his mother’s new husband. Charlie likes to tamper with machines and really wants to have his own car, but the mother doesn’t want to buy him. When finding a dilapidated VW car in the uncle’s workshop, Charlie of course took him home. How’s it going, it’s a dilapidated VW rather than not having a car. What he didn’t know, this VW turned out to be able to turn into a sophisticated alien robot. After a bit of surprise, Charlie then gives him the name “Bumblebee”.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ (2018)

It’s only been almost two decades, but it feels like we’ve watched too many versions of Spider-Man. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting bored. The solution provided by Hollywood? Another Spider-Man movie with more Spider-Man. Okesiyap.

Usually I will get inflamed, but Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse turned out to make me excited while watching. This film was successful in presenting something new in the era of cinema that had become crowded with superhero films. It’s nice to watch a movie that is bold and fun playing with formulas, instead of presenting something so-so. He utilizes the medium to the fullest, thus providing a viewing experience that we don’t get from Spider-Man’s previous films.

This film is an animated film, which makes many creative choices wide open. Anything can happen. And indeed that is the end; Spider-Verse pushed himself out of bounds. The action sequence comes with interesting choreography, hyperactive camera motion, and unique shooting angles that might only be possible through animated films.

I inevitably have to use the term “comic book movie”. Not only because the film is an adaptation of comic books, but also because the sensation feels like watching a comic book. So if you are a big fans of Spiderman Comic, you should watch this movie.

Hallowen 2018 – Michael Myers Is Back !

The presence of Hallowen’s latest film certainly is a breath of fresh air for fans of this series. Many speculations say that this film is very bad, but Davin Gordon Green, Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley were able to provide a spectacular stage for Michael Myers.

The presence of Hallowen’s latest film is able to satisfy the fans’ nostalgic feelings for Michael Myers. Hallowen’s first sequel first aired in 1978 ago. Since the presence of Hallowen II (1981), the next sequel is indeed disappointing, so it is only natural if the audience feels missed by the figure of Michael Myers like the one in his first sequel.

Hallowen 2018 does not only tell Michael Myers as a hunter, but also places himself as a prey. Laurie who had attended the previous Halloween sequel also appeared in this latest sequel.

If Michael Myers is placed in a asylum prison with strict escort, then Laurie is also hiding and preparing for Michael Myers’s arrival. For 20 years, she shut himself up and increased his physical strength to fight and kill Michael Myers.

The dark side of Michael Myers’s story is able to be presented in this film. Besides that the cinematography is also very good so that it can bring the audience to feel horror in every corner of the film.

We highly recommend this film to watch, The film scores 7/10.018 –

Review: Widows !

Steve McQueen (Shame, 12 Years a Slave) did what most directors would not dare to do. He installed Liam Neeson and Jon Bernthal — two actors who were identical with machismo — in the ranks of the players, giving both short roles to accommodate the creation of treats themed women’s empowerment. Behind the heist concept, Widows, which was adapted from the British television series titled the same (1983-1985), also scattered a variety of complex topics such as sexism, corrupt politics, to racism.

Four women – Veronica (Viola Davis), Linda (Michelle Rodriguez), Alice (Elizabeth Debicki), Amanda (Carrie Coon) – amid grieving over the death of their respective husbands after the failure of a robbery led by Harry (Liam Neeson). As if it wasn’t enough, other problems took turns, one of them was Jamal’s demands (Brian Tyree Henry), the mafia boss who was robbery victim Harry and friends, to Veronica to return the stolen money, which would be used to campaign to overthrow its rival, Jack (Colin Farrell )

Writing the script with Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), McQueen explained the bitter reality of widows who were often seen as weak helpless after being left behind by a male companion. It was this negative stigma that Widows tried to undermine, where widows were forced to bear the sins of their late husband. “Just dead is still troublesome”. Maybe that’s the rough sentence. But that’s where the women of this film find a way to prove themselves.

Widows is a process of proving independence and separated from the shadow of a man. Veronica is threatened by Jamal, Linda loses her shop due to her husband’s gambling debt, but the most binding story comes from Alice. A victim of domestic violence, dependence on her husband made it difficult for her to find her own footing. Even the mother (Jacki Weaver) forced her to dredge rich men’s money for survival, because according to her, women should not be independent and must rely on men’s support.

Synopsis: Us, Latest Thriller Films Director ‘Get Out’

Successfully broke the Oscar and created a hit at the box office through its film debut, Get Out, making the latest work by Jordan Peele’s filmmaker, Us, highly anticipated. Now Universal releases the synopsis Us, which finally reveals the mystery of the story from Peele’s thriller.

Broadly speaking, Peele looks like to present a home invasion-themed film through Us. The film itself tells of a mother and father who took their child to his home on the coast, hoping to have fun with his friend. But as night fell, their togetherness moment turned tense and chaotic when uninvited guests appeared.

Starting from the synopsis, Us seems to be not much different from the home invasion films in general, which often highlights the host’s struggle to survive the terror of strangers. But because this film came from a Jordan Peele, Us has the potential to become a special home invasion show that might offend racial issues, as Peele presented in Get Out.

Meanwhile, the ranks of Us players involved two Black Panther movie stars, Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong’o, and one star in the series The Handmaid’s Tale, Elisabeth Moss. Besides them, there are also Heidecker, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop and Tom Pelphrey. SlashFilm also reported, the film will mark Duke Nicholson’s acting debut, which is none other than the famous actor’s grandson Jack Nicholson. With a text written by Peele, Us was produced by Blumhouse, which previously also powered Get Out with Universal.

Godzilla New Movie Will Give An Intense Battle

Appearing different from his predecessor, directed by Gareth Edwards, Godzilla’s sequel under the direction of Michael Dougherty is arguably ready to appear exclusively in terms of action monster. How not, in the film titled Godzilla: King of Monsters, the character of the title is not only dealing with one monster like in the first film, but three monsters at once which includes Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah.

After not long ago Godzilla 2 released a new trailer that showed a glimpse of the battle of the giants, Dougherty also opened his voice about how he executed the duel anticipated by the monster lovers. Aware of the state of the film which is filled with many monsters, Dougherty signals Godzilla 2 will be faster grooved, and most importantly, fighting monsters in this film will be presented all-out.

“We have many monsters (in Godzilla 2). In my opinion, Gareth (Edwards) likes to take the rat and cat approach, and I like the slow groove that he builds. But in this film we will not be half-hearted. There is no term of restraint (in Godzilla 2), “Dougherty said to Total Film regarding his approach to working on the third film of MonsterVerse. Referring to Dougherty’s explanation, we can expect Godzilla’s fight against the monsters to ravage the entire city to the ground. A Titan class duel that is not only epic, but certainly also destructive.

Set five years after the first film released in 2014, this sequel is ready to present the “battle royale” of monsters, where Godzilla will fight in a powerful duel involving Rodan, Mothra and the three-headed dragon King Ghidorah. The story itself will highlight the monarch’s heroic actions as their members face the four giant monsters. The fate of humanity is threatened when all these monsters come to the surface, and fight it out in order to be the strongest.

Avenger Infinite War Part II : Avenger End Game

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR leaves a mystery that is very hanging and makes the public curious. Thanos managed to collect the infinity stone and snapped his fingers, with the effects of a very fatal destruction on earth. Some superheroes disappeared because of that.


Now Marvel movie lovers can at least breathe a bit of relief, because Marvel finally released the official trailer from AVENGERS 4. From the 2-minute video, several facts that have been kept secret have finally been revealed.


For information only, AVENGERS 4 is again entrusted to the director of the Russo brothers, Joe and Anthony. The Sequel from AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is also one part of the 10-year anniversary celebration of the Cinematic Universe.


Last October, Marvel released the title AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR – PART 2 for this sequel. But in the trailer that was released, finally revealed if the new title used is AVENGERS: END GAME.


The scene opens with the appearance of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) who is floating alone on a starship. He then documented his whereabouts using his Iron Man suite helmet which was half broken.


Thanos successfully eliminated a series of superheroes at INFINITY WAR, only a few managed to survive. And through this trailer, you can also find out who are the superheroes who will appear later.


Marvel’s original superheroes, like Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk to the Nebula are seen there. But among them there is also the appearance of several superhero figures that will surprise you.

Horror Film : Doctor Sleep Finally Ready To Haunt You

Horror films adaptation of Stephen King’s novel that was developed, one that is ready to be released is Doctor Sleep, which is a sequel to The Shining (1980) by legendary director Stanley Kubrick.

As if to make sure this sequel can match the solid quality of the first film, Warner Bros. also entrusted the director’s stick to Mike Flanagan, known as a talented horror filmmaker. Now through his Facebook account, Flanagan announces that the filming of Doctor Sleep, which began in September 2018, has finished, and he also admitted that being able to film King’s epic novel was an extraordinary experience in his career.

Adapted from the same titled King novel published in 2013 ago, the film Doctor Sleep later tells Danny Torrance – the son of the main character The Shining – who has now become a grown man. Years after he experienced a terrible event in the first film, in this sequel Danny still felt the trauma of the past that made him an alcoholic. Danny’s life was shaken again after meeting a little girl who had the power of mind like him. This unexpected meeting finally confronts them with a strange sect looking for capable people like Danny.

Written and directed by Flanagan, Doctor Sleep stars Ewan McGregor (Christopher Robin) as Danny, Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible – Fallout) as sect leader, followed by Kyliegh Curran, Zahn McClarnon, Bruce Greenwood and Jacob Tremblay. The Doctor Sleep is a film adaptation of the second King novel by Flanagan, after Gerald’s Game (2017) which was named as one of the best King novel adaptation films. Before that, Flanagan consistently presented good horror films such as Oculus, Hush, Before I Wake and Ouija: Origin of Evil. And this year Flanagan has just released The Haunting of Hill House, where the Netflix horror series has successfully received a positive response.

Blue Beetle – New Super Hero Movie From DC

Increase the length of the list of DC superhero films that are being made, Warner Bros. now holding a Blue Beetle film, with a script written by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer. The film follows The Flash, Green Lantern Corps, Birds of Prey to Suicide Squad 2 as a DC Extended Universe film project which is being developed.

In his own comic, there are three characters who have worn Blue Beetle costumes, including Dan Garrett, Ted Kord and the latest Jaime Reyes. Especially for the film later, the studio dropped its choice on the version of Reyes, which in fact is of Latin blood. With Reyes’s background, the Blue Beetle became the first DC film to carry the main Latin character. Therefore, the Blue Beetle is considered to enrich the diversity of characters in DCEU.

FYI, before the Blue Beetle project existed, the studio had developed the Booster Gold film, which was planned to present a joint action of the character’s title and Blue Beetle. But for no apparent reason, this superhero movie duo no longer sounded echoed, and now it is precisely the Blue Beetle that made its solo film.

Meanwhile, besides the Blue Beetle, Gareth also became a script writer for two remake films, namely Scarface and Miss Bala. Gareth himself will later write the Blue Beetle which focuses on the story of Jaime Reyes, a teenager of American-Mexican descent who gets super powers after finding strange beetles after school. Thanks to the beetle, Reyes not only gained strength and agility, but also had armor, weapons and wings to fly. With the director still not found, for the time being the studio hasn’t set a release date for the Blue Beetle.

Remake Of Suzanna Old Horror Movie: Bernafas Dalam Kubur

Suzzanna will take us to feel the atmosphere of the 1980s with a more sophisticated film format. Still carrying the typical plot and story of that year, it also adds to the increasingly ‘old’ atmosphere. Suzzanna, a horror film that won’t scare us. In fact, the level of drama in this film is much stronger.

Maybe this is because the ghost figure in this film is the protagonist. So that the audience is even more sympathetic to his figure than the perpetrator. Apart from that, the Suzzanna and Satria’s love story, brought this film to a very dramatic level. And this is quite beyond the shadow of the audience.

Hoping to get a scary horror, but instead get a lively drama. But it was good. Because in addition to the horror side that is not fierce, Suzzanna has a sadistic scene. Of course this will still cause horror atmosphere to the audience. One more interesting thing, the roll of comedy scattered throughout the film, inevitably made the audience laugh out loud.

Wow, it doesn’t need to be doubted if Soraya makes a film. Exorbitant production value, has become a standard that cannot be ignored. The picture quality itself, the shooting technique, color grading, all is great! Prosthethic makeup from Russia is also very satisfying! Successfully making Luna Maya become very similar to Suzzanna physically. The artistic appearance in this film also shows the atmosphere in the 1980s. There is one of the most favorite shots, namely when Suzzanna is carrying a head in her hand, when she is in the factory, using a Dutch angle technique, making a picture of Grande!

Besides visual, audio is also done with grande. Illustration music and sound effects deserve a thumbs up, because they managed to build the mood of the audience well. Beyond that, the quality of dialogue can also be heard clearly and softly.

Teaser: The Lion King

The Lion King is one of the most favorite animated films of all time. This need not be debated anymore. Since Disney has been aggressively remaking all of their animated properties (maybe Wreck-It Ralph 2 will follow soon), then of course The Lion King won’t be an exception. Now, with the high reputation of the original film, our expectations for live-action adaptation must also soar. What will this film be like? What is clear, we do not need to worry about whether the story will be tampered with. Because as far as I can see from the teaser, this film seems to be copying the original material completely.

Let us not question the “live-action” status of this film. As we can see, Disney seems to only move the film from a two-dimensional animation medium to CGI. CGI aka computer-generated imagery is still included in one type of animation. Or … maybe all of this is authentic? I mean, who knows Disney really does train dozens of animals to act in front of the camera? This is the studio that is able to make Spider-Man enter the Avengers, which we are talking about.

The new version of Lion King was made by Jon Favreau, who succeeded two years ago – re-The Jungle Book became a CGI film, I mean, successful live action earned nearly a billion dollars at the box office. Considering the audience’s love of the classic film The Lion King, this time the film is sure to get past that achievement easily.

The teaser of the trailer is almost completely like the plek ketiplek with one of the iconic scenes from the animated film. Opened with a spectacular view of the African savanna, we then see dozens of animals gathering in the Pride Rock to witness the arrival of the new prince, Simba. We don’t see a single animal talking like in its animation, but we hear a monologue from Mufasa that was delivered directly by the voice of the original film, namely James Earl Jones.

PIHU: An Ordinary Movie With Extraordinary Child !

In a brave treat inspired by a true story that was read by the director, Vinod Kapri (Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho), four years ago, Pihu asked the question, “What happens if a toddler is left alone at home?”. Combine it with the negligence in turning off some electronic equipment, creating a scenario explaining that helped slap us through case studies regarding parenting.

In order to avoid spoilers, I can only say that this film tells a two-year-old girl named Pihu (Myra Vishwakarma) who is left alone at home without proper food supplies, as well as an iron and a running tap. As the duration goes on, we begin to know the whereabouts of Pihu’s parents, also the reason he is alone, in the story which also talks about household conflict, including its impact on children.

Taking two hours of shooting every day with three cameras placed on location, Pihu has a minimalist dialogue. We only hear a few telephone conversations and a little interaction outside the Pihu house. Furthermore, besides the titular character and the mother (played by Prerna Sharma, Myra’s mother in the real world), there is no character whose face is shown directly. Either just a foot that appears, or a sound that is heard.

‘Pihu’ is a case study first, thriller later. Vinod Kapri, who also acted as a writer, was even willing to change the manuscript several times to suit the behavior of his little actress, in order to capture images as natural as possible. And the effort was successful. We can feel the freedom given to Myra, where in contrast to many little actors, she is not seen pretending or carrying out instructions. And most importantly, Pihu behaves as a toddler behaves if placed in a variety of situations.

The key word is “toddler”. Because the protagonist is a toddler, things are usually annoying, because it is a form of ignorance for adult characters, here is a reasonableness based on the typical curiosity of a child. We also can sit back and enjoy the film, Well, actually “relaxing” is not the right choice, because the existence of toddlers as the main character makes our concerns and worries multiply. Increasingly tense because the ability of children to solve problems is certainly not as good as adults. What is for us everyday (heating food, opening a refrigerator) is a challenging adventure for them.

Review Wreck It Ralph 2 : Ralph Break The Internet !

This is the first time Ralph has visited the internet. Ralph Breaks the Internet also makes us feel like we are re-acquainted with this vast virtual universe without limits, where everything is there and there is always something new at every corner. This film is able to change something insignificant into something imaginative. Routine things about the internet are transformed into exciting adventures. We feel like we first visited the internet.

This film turned out to be better than I expected. Watching his first film, Wreck-It Ralph, I know this film will again use its main ammunition in the form of brands and characters from other properties that are dressed with flashy contemporary animations plus a little joke of reference games. Hmm, surely Ralph will meet with physical figures from Google, Facebook, Twitter and others, right? But apparently he was not that trivial. The author, Rich Moore, who collaborated again with Phil Johnston after the subversive Zootopia, turned out to be brave enough to explore more, to be able to present entertaining and intelligent animated films. This film is a haqiqi sequel, has a new story that deserves to be told.

As we know at the end of his first film, Ralph (John C. Reilly) has made peace with his destiny as a villain for Fix-It Felix. More importantly, he now has a close friend, Vanellope (Sarah Silverman), a cute racer from the game Sugar Rush. Ralph is happy with his routine of working in an online game during the day and hanging out in other games with Vanellope at night. But Vanellope was hungry for new adventures.

A tragedy changed everything: the steering wheel in the Sugar Rush broke. And because this is the millennial era, of course Sugar Rush is no longer produced, steering wheel spare parts. The only place to get it is in something called “eBay”. This eBay is on the “internet,” something they have also heard for the first time. There’s no time to hesitate, let’s Ralph and Vanellope, we head to the internet!

Fantastic Beast: Crimes of Grindewald, Really Dissapointed !

Perhaps the more appropriate title is ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Plans of Grindelwald’. I can guarantee that most of the duration of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will be spent asking questions like me: Actually what happened here?

Even though I’ve watched all Harry Potter films and read almost all of his books.

This question can actually be a good testimony if the context is different. Yha, the magic in its essence is indeed beyond comprehension of reason. Wizarding World, as we have known since Harry Potter entered school almost two decades ago, is indeed a magical world full of magic. We are amazed at the things beyond our comprehension, these ordinary Muggle ordinary people. Unfortunately, Fantastic Beasts 2 seemed to offer very little. Instead, he is busy giving too many subplots and characters that — more unluckily — almost all are hard to understand and we can’t care about.

If you still remember, his first film titled Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them tells the story of the adventures of Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), a magizoologist who loves magic creatures who will later write one of the guidebooks at Harry Potter’s school. In this second film that still puts on the main title “Fantastic Beasts”, Newt is still adventuring … like. It’s hard for me to say this confidently. To be honest, Newt doesn’t have a good place here. The story center is no longer Newt, but everyone except Newt. Every now and then fantastic creatures are tucked away, pretending to be like a story like having a relationship with the title.

Now about the subtitle of The Crimes of Grindelwald, I don’t think this is right. As far as I can see, there is no crime from Grindelwald who feels it deserves to be underlined as a title. Here he made more plans. Perhaps the more appropriate title is Fantastic Beasts: The Plans of Grindelwald.

Best Indonesian Horror Movie Without Ghost !

Admittedly, Indonesian horror films are like “nuts”, lots of them! So many, filmmakers as if they were not bored and kept making films with different angles. It must be admitted, too, that of the many Indonesian horror films, only a few have storytelling and quality in the hearts of the audience.

Indeed, horror films are synonymous with ghosts. However, there are some horror films that are creepy with the lack of a ghost figure. The thing is, most rely on mythical stories that give rise to a mystical atmosphere. The films succeeded in making the audience tense and depressed with the storyline.

The film Rumah Dara is arguably one of the most annoying horror films. The thing is, the film that The Mo Brothers worked on makes you depressed in every scene. The built-in horror is not about ghosts, but about psychopaths and cannibalism.

Not a fat horror film, this film starring Shareefa Daanish makes you cringe even though you only see the footage. The art of the atmosphere and the expressions of the characters make you speechless. For those of you who can’t stand to see blood, you should refuse to watch this film.

This film by Joko Anwar is more of a supernatural genre. Indeed, initially you were only given a running scene in the middle of the forest that made you guess and at the same time made you bored. However, smartly, Joko Anwar gave a treatment that made it more and more painful for you, especially with a surprising climax.

Horror is increasingly thanks to film cinematography which is displayed in a classic and dark atmosphere. Anomaly mode also has scoring that evokes your depression side. This horror film has a puzzling story. So, not everyone can accept and understand the storyline.

Fate And Fury, The Newest Korea Drama Will Aired On December

SBS has just released a teaser for their latest drama labeled as FATE AND FURY. The latest drama was played by Joo ang Wook and Lee Min Jung. This drama will tell about Cinderella’s life, but is wrapped in a modern nuance.

In the latest video teaser, viewers can see a picture of the relationship that Goo Hae Ra (Lee Min Jung) and Tae In Joon (Joo Sang Wook) are undergoing.

In the teaser video, the audience can see the chemistry between the two players. The atmosphere presented is quite melancholy. It seems that there will be surprises that will get the audience broken hearted.

In the drama, Goo Hae Ra has a sad life. He wants to change his destiny by having a relationship with Tae In Joon. While the lover also loves Goo Hae Ra very much.

After his meeting with Tae In Joon, Goo Hae Ra’s life changed dramatically. This can be seen from the luxurious life he lived in, very different when he had not met Tae In Joon.

Goo Hae Ra is portrayed as a beautiful and intelligent woman, but her financial condition is chaotic. Initially he tried to approach Tae In Joon who was the company’s heir, but over time, it seems that Goo Hae Ra really fell in love with Tae In Joon.

This drama will be aired on December 1. You can see the teaser video on Youtube.

Brie Larsson As Captain Marvel, Cool Or No ?

The third row of Marvel Cinematic Universe films will end in the Avenger 4 series which will air in 2019. But before entering there, Marvel will be presenting their latest film titled Captain Marvel. The figure chosen to play the character Captain Marvel is Brie Larson.

This film became a highly anticipated film by Marvel fans. In the film that will air this will tell about the origin story of Captain Marvel. As we know, in the Avenger credit ending: Infinity Wars that aired some time ago, there was a last message from Nick Fury to Captain Marvel. This figure who is trusted will defeat Thanos who has collected the five infinite stones.

Entertainment Weekly finally released several first and exclusive photos from Captain Marvel. Brie Larson who was the main character in the film appeared on the cover of the September issue of Entertainment Weekly. Instead of being curious, just go ahead and see the latest photos!


Brie Larson does look very suitable when wearing Captain Marvel costumes. He looks like a very tough woman who will defeat Thanos! Cool isn’t it?


Not only Brie Larson appeared in the latest photo, some other characters such as Ronan The Accuser and also Korath in the Guardian of the Galaxy series were also present!


Jude Law was appointed to play the role of Carol Danvers. He will play a role named Mar-Vell and is the leader of the Starforce Team. He will be the mentor of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) before wearing the Captain Marvel costume.


In addition to information, the film Captain Marvel still tells about the origin story of Captain Marvel itself, where the character of Nick Fury will also appear at a young age. So for this episode, Captain Marvel will still not fight Thanos. Let’s wait whether this film is worth watching or not.

Review Movie : Venom 2018

Marvel recently released their latest film titled Venom. Who doesn’t know Venom? This villain character has been very thoughtful in the minds of Marvel fans, especially fans of Spiderman films.

But for the released Venom film, it has a storyline that is slightly different from the original story. But that does not mean the film is bad, precisely the plot that is not predictable makes this film quite interesting to watch.

This film tells about the messy life of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy). At first Eddie’s live with his girlfriend went pretty well. Eddie is a reporter who is quite reliable and famous.

When asked to interview Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), he could not hold himself back and questioned the number of victims used for the experiment.

Because of this, his life was destroyed. Eddie was finally fired from his job and his girlfriend left himself alone. It was this broken life that made Venom interested and finally chose Eddie as a host.

The film is full of entertaining comedy and lots of fun action. Besides that you will also be introduced to two other types of symbiotes named Riot and Carnage.

For those of you who want to find an action film full of comedy, we highly recommend Venom. Our score for the Venom film is 7/10. Enjoy watching !

Review Anime : Boku No Hero Academia

As a anime lover, i think we already know about Boku no Hero Academia Series right ? Boku no Hero Academia is a anime which tell story about some student who want to be a hero.

The main character of this anime is Deku. The main character of this series is different with another anime. Usually, a main character have a powerfull power like Naruto, Ichigo Kurosaki or Luffy. But in Boku no Hero Academia, Deku don’t have any power. Many people said that Deku can’t be a hero because he doesnt have a quirk ( some kind of power or special ability ).

Even don’t have any quirk, Deku have something that any people don’t have, a heart of a hero. Because of this, the number 1 rank hero, Allmight finally gave Deku a powerfull quirk called One For All. This Quirk is different with another quirk. We can say that this quirk is the most powerfull quirk in universe.

But Deku body can’t accept that power, so whenever he use his skill, his body will be suffering in pain and can’t be used anymore ( luckyly they have healing grandma who can heal any injury part with a kiss ).

This anime now entering season 4, not only that, they also launch a movie titled Boku no Hero Academia, The Two Heroes. Dont miss it guys !

KnuckleBall : Surviving in the Middle of Snowing Village – Knuckleball is the Thriller movie that will be come out soon. This movie will be direct by Michael Peterson that also becoming the writer scenario with Kevin Cockle. The story in the wide brand is telling about unexpected moment that happen to a young small boy that having a visit into his grandfather farm that making a creepy terrorizing night for them. The Star that will be play in this movie is such as Luca Villacis, Michael Ironside, Munro Chambers, Kurtis David Harder, Julian Black Antelope, Kathleen Munroe and Chenier Hundal.

One day Mary (Kathleen Munroe) and her husband Paul (Chenier Hundal) need to visiting one of their friend funeral. Because it is take  a long way to go there, so they decided to leave their son Henry (Luca Villacis) into his Grandfather place, Jacob (Michael Ironside). On the isolated Canadian Farm where his father lived, Mary got lost remembering the moment in where her mother decide to end her life in the warehouse where she found out Jacob having an affair.

So at the last Henry will stay with his grandfather on several days. Jacob teach him how to work on the farm also teaching him how to throw a baseball. Henry meet the strange neighbor of Jacob which is Dixon (Munroe Chambers).  Look like both of them not having a good relationship in where Henry see Jacob try to punch Dixon.

Image result for knuckleball 2018

In the night nothing wrong happen, just another quiet night to be skip for. But in the morning something happen. Henry found out that his Grandfather already dead in his bedroom. Henry look so panic and try to leave a message to his father, but a snowstorm blocking the signal and Paul can not receive the message properly.

Mary and Paul can hear some of the part message that Henry send to them. Paul try to look for the officer in that place that send Connie Sheriff to the location on making the check. Both Mary and Paul also try the fast they can to go pick Henry. Can they make it ?

Do not Forget to watch this movie to find it out !



Career and Love : A Star is Born – A Star is Born in movie that having a romantic drama genre bandaged with musical genre. This movie was produce by Bradley Cooper as the director, producer, writer scenario and also the main actor on this movie. This movie is a remarkable movie based on the movie with the same title that make on 1937 direct by William A Wellman, Robert Carson, Dorothy Parker and Alan Campbell.

This movie is telling the story on how a musician called Jackson Maine that love to drink fall in love with the young singer, Ally. This movie already is the third remark from the original movie make in 1937. The first one make in 1954 with the same title that being cast by Judy Garland and James Mason and once again getting a remake on 1976 with the rock music genre cast by Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

Produce by Bill Gerber, Jon Peters, Todd Philips and Lynette Howell Taylor with the home production, Warner Bros Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Joint Effort, Gerger Pictures, Peters Entertainment and Live Nation Entertainment.

Image result for a star is born 2018

This movie will be star by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper as the main actor and actress. There will be Anthony Ramos, Andrew Dice Clay, Dace Chappelle and Sam Elliott. There will be help and act as the scenario write by Eric Roth, Will Fetters and also Bradley Cooper.

As the distributor side, Warner Bros Pictures already plan that this movie will be release on the end of October with the budget around $30 million. Before being release universe this movie already being play on so many movie festival such as Venice Movie Festival and also Toronto International Movie Festival. From that, this movie can get a positive result from any site of international review film, especially IMDB that giving the score 9.2 / 10 from 2 thousand vote and 955 from Rotten Tomatoes.

With the positive score that this movie get, this movie is one of the movie worth to be wait and watch then.



Bumblebee, an Emotional Transformers Movie – At last, what we are as the transformers lover movie waiting for is coming to the end. The trailer of Bumblebee movie already comes out that having a story in 1987.

The first trailer of Bumblebee movie is having a different feeling from another transformers movie before. In here we can see a scene in where a girl called Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfield) having a mysterious bond with Bumblebee.

John Cena that act as the Agent Burns Character, also being seeing in the sixth trailer of the transformers movie. He also showing his gratitude towards this things by having a great time can be including in this Bumblebee movie like what he post on his own twitter.

This Bumblebee movie will be produce by Travis Knight and becoming the first transformers movie that is not produce by Michael Bay. knight before this movie is well known when he make Kubo and the Two Strings movie that getting a lot of attention and praise.

” This will be an incredible experience working together with him. He is one of the hell guy that can touch the heart of the viewer with his sensitive type of story. One of the most important thing in this film is in building an pure and emotional feeling with Bee and Charlie Watson and i think we are achieving that,” Tell Cena on the presentation with The CinemaCon.

Karakter Transformers, Bumblebee

This film will be start with the scene in where Bumblebee is on his escaping time on 1987, Bumblebee found out a shelter place on the junky place on small beach town in California. In there Charlie, 18 years old girl found him and also found out the secret that his old yellow VW car is a fighting Robot. What will happen to Charlie after she found out this secret ?

Do not Forget to see this movie on your beloved cinema.



Office Uprising, Run Run, Get Away Zombie – Usually zombie movie will have so many scent in where human will be try to run away from the zombie in the big road, in the jungle and will be a scene in where our special force will try to help the rest of human fighting with the zombie right ? So Office Uprising comes out with a new idea in where The Zombie will only attack the human inside the office. how this weird story will attract us to watch it ?

The story was happen in Ammotech Office. Everything is not common in this office. their business is selling a weapon that they produce by them self, and what make this office is more weird is having an owner that always act weird also. He love to blame his subordinates excessively.

It also happen to his accountant, Desmond Brimble. Some day Brimble forgot to bring his id card, and because of that small matter the boss call him to his office.

Brimble already get used to his boss act. But that day something make him surprise. In his boss room, with his own two eyes , he just see that one of his friends is dying there. What make is more ridiculous is he can see a lot of stab wounds due to pencils happen to his friend body !

Brimble feel so weird. Because he know until know his boss never do something crazy like this. What make his more surprise is seeing the changing on his boss physical when get angry to him.  On that time the boss veins turns red and his figure is not like a human anymore.


So he try to run after seeing that thing happen. Unlucky for him, this things also happen to the rest of his friends inside that office. Most of them turn into something that is not human and more like zombie things.

Together with Samantha and Mourad, only three of them is acting like a human in that office. So now three of them need to face a crazy thing inside their office. Being trapped in the middle of human that turns into zombie.

What is the reason behind this changing ? Is that true that three of them is the only one that not turn into those things ? Find the answer on the upcoming Office Uprising !

Come Back Michael Myers – After almost hiding for the last ten years, Michael Myers will be come back to haunt every single victim candidate on the newest Halloween Movie. On this movie Jamie Lee Curtis will once again having a role as Laurie Strode with Judy Greer that play as his child and Andi Matihack as her granddaughter.

Blumhouse and Universal also already released the trailer that show a fact  that this movie will have a different flashback and not like what every single of this movie fans know and think about. Actually Michael Myres is not a brother to laurie Strode and we can find out what exactly happen in this movie. Also in this movie we will found out about Strode that already being killed on Halloween: Resurrection on 2002.

This movie will be star by Will Patton, Virginity “Ginny” Gardener, Dylan Arnold, Drew Scheid and Miles Robbins. Nick Castle will be play as Michael Myers a Cold Heartless Killer that also known as The Shape.

In this movie will be start by the flashback of how Laurie Strode 40 years old ago can succeed escape from the murder attack that happen on the Halloween night 40 years ago by Michael Myers. After being caught on that night, myers succeed on escaping from the prison after the bus that want to move him having an accident. Now Laurie will once again facing the same mask murderer that come back to Haddonfield, Can Laurie ready for facing it ?

This movie will be direct by David Gordon Green with the scenario text write by Danny McBride with the help of Jeff Fradley. This movie is plan to be release on October 19th.

Ready for Halloween ?



Matrimonial Chaos : Different Perspective About Love – A serial of Matrimonial Chaos is a new drama of Korean that will be soon release. This new serial drama actually using “The Best Divorce” as their first title before using this one.

This drama is a remake from Japan Drama that have the title Saikou No Rikon on last 2013. This drama will be produce by Yoo Hyun Ki that we know as the producer that produce Unkind ladies and Seo-Young, My Daughter drama last time. Matrimonial Chaos will have a romantic comedy genre that are plan to be produce on 32 episode.

Will be star by Cha Tae Hyun, Bae Doona, Lee El and Son Seok Gu, this drama will tell the story about how to handle the different perceptive on both woman and man side about Love, Marriage and Family.

This drama start with telling the story of Cha Tae Hyun that be Jo Seok-Moo that is High University Graduates.

He having a dream on becoming a musician rather than find a office job that what usually are seeking by the every one that graduates from high university. However, Jo Seok-Moo can not be the one because of his age that already too old.

Serial MATRIMONIAL CHAOS Suguhkan Perbedaan Perspektif Tentang Cinta

So he choose to work at the security service company at the last. On that company, he meet Kang Whee-Roo that play by Bae Doo-Na for the first time. After all both of them get married. After three years about their marriage time, Jo Seok-Moo asking for divorce with the reason both of them not share so many things same in common. Serial MATRIMONIAL CHAOS Suguhkan Perbedaan Perspektif Tentang Cinta

So the story tell how this couple will meet another couple which is Jin Yoo-Young (Lee El) and Lee Jang-Hyun (Son Seok-Koo) in where Jin Yoo-Young is the first date of Jo Seok-Moo.


After this meeting, the story will began 😀

Do not forget to watch this Drama for knowing their happy ending


House With a Clock in its Walls : Fight With a Devil – The new movie House With a Clock in its Walls trailer already been release by Universal Pictures recently. On the scene we can see Jake Black and Cate Blanchett is fighting with a devil inside a home that have a creepy Clock walls.

House With a Clock in its Walls is make based on the Gothic Novel Horror that was write by John Bellairs on 1973. This movie will be direct by Eli Roth. Beside from Jack Black and Cate Blanchett, This movie will also be cast by some star like Owen Vaccaro, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Sunny Suljic and Kyle MacLachlan.

House With a Clock in its Walls is telling the story about a orphaned child called Lewis (Vaccaro) that move and stay in his uncle house, Jonathan Barnavelt (Black).

After his movement, Lewis directly can tell that his uncle is a magician and inside of his uncle house is hidden a clock walls that having a power to destroy the world.

Jack Black Lawan Iblis di 'House With a Clock in Its Walls'

The trailer start with the scene in where Jonathan introduce himself to Lewis and bring his niece to his new house, in where he meet his new neighbor, Ladies Zimmerman (Blanchett).

And then after that, Jonathan confess to Lewis that he is a magician that make Lewis ask her uncle to teach him some magic spell. And then the scene where Lewis learn becoming the magician is show up.

But the condition change when Jonathan confess that inside this house, there are another magician, but the bad one. And the bad news is this bad magician is too strong to be handle by Jonathan alone. Things look more terrible when they discover that this magician leave a Clock wall in the wall. Something bad gonna happen !

So in the end will Jonathan and Lewis can handle this bad magician together to save the world ?



Chris Evans Just Announce His Retirement ! – Since the past one year,  The rumored of Captain America character that being play by Chris Evan on the Avenger superhero sequel is being rumored will be death in the end. This rumor and believe that come from some site is based on the fact that Chris Evans contract will be end soon with Marvel.

Chris Evans alone ever spoke that he will not renew his contract with Marvel. ” You need to be off from the train before they push you out,” Tell Evans on the interview with The New York Times.

And this terrible thing that being afraid by all the fans of Captain America look like will be coming true after what Evans post on his private Twitter account. Chris Evans indirectly saying a goodbye with the character that he will be act on this past 8 years.

“Officialy wrapped on Avengers 4. It was an emotional day to say the least. Playing this role over the last 8 years has been a honor. To everyone in front of the camera, behind the camera, and in the audience, thank you for the memories! Externally grateful,” write by Evans.

This Tweet is getting a lot of respond from the fans of Captain America and all the Avengers Mania around the world. The hashtag #ThankYouChrisEvans becoming the trending topic on twitter that day.

Image result for chris evans

Not only the fans react and sad after that tweet, His partner, that together work in Hollywood also showing their feel and gratitude toward Evans. Like Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne The Rock Johnson do.

“I am not crying. I am weeping. There is a Difference,” write Reynolds.

“What a run you had brother. Congrats on Breathing life into such an iconic character. keep on Keepin’ on,” write by The Rock.

Chris Evans is being choose becoming the Captain America (Steven Rogers) on March 2010. The first time he comes out is in the movie CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER that being show in 2011. And his heroic action and handsome face already being shown on every single sequel of Avengers.

So the last show by Chris Evans as our Captain will be shown on the AVENGERS 4 that will be release on Mei next year. From the news we got, the writer will prepare a bigger portion on the scene for our Captain. So let see what will be the ending for Our Captain soon.




First Man to the Moon – After the musical movie La La Land, producer Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling actor having their come back collaboration in the new project movie with the title First Man. This movie will tell us the story about Neil Amstrong on his first succeed mission landing human into the moon.

The script was write by Josh Singer, that before having the project to write Spotlight (2015) that get him an Oscar for that and The Post (2017) that getting a nominee of Golden Globe. This script was adapt from the book First Man: The Life of Neil A Armstrong (2005) by James R Hansen.

This story will be focus on the way Neil, on the first point man view, from the time 1961 until 1969. According to their official Synopsis, First Man will try to dig the sacrifice and the price that need to pay by Neil and their country for achieving one of the most dangerous mission on human history for that time.

Ryan that will be playing Neil will acting together with Claire Foy, that play Janet Shearon, the first wife of Neil. Corey Stoll will join the group by act as Buzz Aldrin, Neil partner on Apollo 11 mission. And then we will have Kyle Chandler becoming Deke Slayton, engineer at once pilot that become the head of NASA officer for the first time.

First Man, Film Terbaru Ryan Gosling dan Sutradara Damien Chazelle

The trailer for this movie just release now for the public. On 2.5 minute video we can see the tension that happen on that mission. There will be a failure, a death and more about the external factor that force them to stop their dream for achieving the moon, especially coming from their own family.

So this movie is one of the movie we should be watch if we want to know all the price and sacrifice make by Neil for getting to the moon and inherit one of the most valuable thing to the human kind.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web – The Girl in the Spider’s Web is a new movie that will be release on October 2018 that having a Crime, Drama and Thriller genre. This movie will be produce by Fede Alvarez with the help of Jay Basu as the writer scenario. The main cast on this movie will be Claire Foy as Lisbeth Salander. The Scott Rudin Production home, Sony Picture Entertainment will be the one do this movie that schedule to be release on 5 October 2018.

This film will tell the story about a young computer hacker that being play by Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist that found out that Lisbeth is in the spy mission, a world cyber criminal and the government official that found out they have been in the center of espionage by internet.

Sony already confirm that the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo that release on 2011 based on the Novel will have their sequel. The novel is one of the Millennium Novel make by Stieg Larsson that inside the book is consist of Mystery and thriller. The main character on that novel will be the same one with this movie in where Lisbeth Salander will have a strong photographic memory with her.

Stieg Larsson also planning on writing ten book about Lizbeth Salander and Mikael Blomquist with the note on by his patner, Eva Gabrielson. But in the end this want will never happen because as we know both of them not yet married and make the father and her brother that inherit the rights to her literary when the time of her death do not know about that thing make this family found a new writer for making a new story.

So let see on where will this movie becoming in the end?


Alone in Antarctica : Cold Skin – Cold Skin is a movie that having adventure and sci-fi genre inside with the collaboration of two country which is Spain and France. This movie was produce by Kanzaman, Ink Connecting, Samuel Goldwyn Films, and the story is get from Jesus Olmo, Eron Sheean and Albert Sanchez Pinol. Meanwhile for the producer they give it to Xavier Gens.

Cold Skin movie is telling the story about one man that try to survive alone in Antarctica while fighting with a mysterious creature in there. Cast by Ray Stevenson as the main actor. Another star in this movie is David Oakes and Aura Garrido.

This movie already being release on Spain in October 20. This movie is worth to be watch while the ending will be end very simple and not like what we hope for it.

Image result for cold skin movie

So the story begin in the World War 1914, in where there is a young man that getting a duty to having a trip to a small island in Antarctica for replacing weather forecaster that already work in there. This man is doubting about this job but got no choice so he still need to go. When this man arrive in there he can not find this man rather getting an information from the old man call Gurner that the man he is looking for already die because of illness.

When the night is come and this man trying to have a sleep, a mysterious creature come and attacking him. lucky that he can survive on that night. In the morning this man try to find Gurner to found out what actually happen in there. Gurner tell that the creature that attack him is Sea Humanoid but he also do not know why this animal attack him.

So in the edge of the world, for 12 month this man need to survive alone from the cold and also the creature that are looking for him. Can he survive ?

The Creepy Venom – Superhero Figure always becoming the idol in public. But when this world already full of the figure that always act like a ‘Savior” to help human kind, Now is the time for us to know about Venom !

A giant creature, very strong also can control human body is the typical of venom. This movie will be release on theater soon. Here is the synopsis of this movie.

Life Foundations always want to be the first and becoming the best on developing the science. So come one journalist, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) that having his carrier on the edge, trying to prove that what Life Foundations do is wrong.


So many investigate already done by Brock to found out what kind of science actually being developing by Life Foundations until now. Unfortunately , his effort always end in failure. Dr Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), the leader of Life Foundations looks annoyed with what Eddie do to his company. Look like Dr. Carlton want to keep secret of their science from other people, especially Brock. The deeper that Brock try to found out, the more closely this secret will be keep by Dr. Carlton.


Until one day, Eddie found out something mysterious and Creepy. An organic that called as Symbiote make him curious. On the other hand, this is the secret that Dr. Carlton found to close from him.

There will be a price need to be pay because of this conflict, especially for Brock and Carlton. Moreover, Actually who is Venom ? Is it true that Venom is a symbiote that can help human in getting what they want ?

Do not forget to watch this movie that will be release soon.


The Nun Scarier than Conjuring ? – Good news for everyone of us that likes to watch horror movie, in this September, after The Conjuring and Annabelle has been release to the public, in the mean time we will get another ‘ Terror ‘ come from the new film that been stated is SCARIER than The Conjuring.

Called THE NUN.

Yes this Movie will tell us about the story of Pastor Burke that send to Vatikan for investigate the death of the young nun that happen mysteriously.  The young nun is found suicide in her small temple in Rumania. And the story also tell that this Pastor burke got some nightmare with that place in the past. So the story will tell us on how he works to found out what actually happen behind the death of this young nun.

The story goes on and we will found out this Pastor Bruke will vanished without the trace.

In this film we will see a human name Burke will do anything he can do just to survive from the terror of the demons. And also in the end of the story will tell about how burke will show that he always has a faith and soul to the God.

This movie will surely be an entertain for every one that are love to watch horror movie and telling the story about the fight between the life one’s and also the curse one’s.

This film will be direct by Director Corin Hardy with the main actor Taissa Farmiga as Suster Irene, Bonnie Aarons ( The Curse Nun) ,Charlotte Hope ( Suster Victoria), Demian Bichir (Burke), and others.

This film will be release on September 7, 2018

Train To Busan Reach Hollywood – Train To Busan ever being one of the most watch Zombie movie at Asia. This movie was produce at South Korea. And when the time this movie release, this movie is getting a big attention from the public because of their thriller and exciting story line. Release on 2016, Film that produce by Yeon Sang-Ho now is getting glanced by renowned Hollywood producer, James Wan.

James Wan alone is not a new name on Hollywood. James already make so many universe Horror movie become phenomenal since 2013 such as The Conjuring. This time, James Wan planning on having the writer of IT and Annabelle, Gary Dauberman working together with him to produce Train To Busan in Hollywood version.

Diremake ke Hollywood, 'TRAIN TO BUSAN' Bakal Diproduseri Oleh James Wan

From the source that we get, James and Gary will work together again under the New Line Cinema. Look like both of them already found a chemistry between them. We can see that there are so many times both of them already work together.

The latest one is their collaboration of producing The Nun. Maybe The Nun still not the best master piece own by James but this movie already has their place in the fans heart.

Siapa yang akan menggantikan Gong Yoo jadi pemeran utamanya?/Courtesy of Pan Media & Entertainment

So this time Horror movie lover absolutely will be very curious about their new project. For your information, Train To Busan is telling the story about a virus zombie that attack mostly the South Korea citizen. Some of them try to defend them self from the zombie inside the train.

With the touch of action that fit perfectly with the thriller story line inside the movie, make Train To Busan becoming one of the best horror movie on their time. So let wait after the remake make by James Wan, Will or will not this movie being succeed like their predecessor ?

Bad Times at the El Royale, Holiday Ends in Death – This is one of the movie that shall not be missed by the movie lover this October. From the cast that being fill by so many star like Chris Hemsworth and Dakota Johnson, This movie will make you so excited to watch it when this movie is release. Moreover, this movie will be produce by Drew Goddard that we know as the producer of The Cabin in the Woods and Daredevil serial on Netflix.

Bad Times at the El Royale is a movie that have Thriller genre that get a background back to 1960. This movie start to be produce on the early January 2018 on British Columbia. El Royale, the title of this movie is get from the hotel name in where this movie take place.

The story begin in where there are seven people that come into this hotel near Tahoe lake, California on last of 1969. From the trailer we can see, seven of them do not know each other and travel to that place separately. At the beginning all the thing look normal for that hotel that located between the border of Nevada and California. There is also a receptionist that are very kind and humble that serve them in that hotel.

But, After the story start, we can see all of this seven people have their own secret and the own mission in there. Moreover, one of them is a lie about his/her real identity. From now on, one by one start to giving a terror and nightmare and threaten the life of the other. The night become terrible for those who stay at that place.

Lately the thing got more terrible over the fact that the hotel that they are staying now having a dark history behind there. Also there are one black door on the corner of the hotel that are restricted to be open. The receptionist that being very kind and humble for the first time also keeping a mysterious secret and being involve on one of the bad things.


So actually what happen on that hotel ? What secret and mission that they keep from the others ? Actually what is happen to this hotel in the past and what is it behind the black door ? And how can all character can survive and keeping them self alive from that night ?

This Thriller movie that have a lot of mysterious thing inside will surely make you chill when you watch it. Dare to Watch ?


The King Of Atlantis, Aquaman – As we know that Warner Bros is trying to close any news about their upcoming new superhero movie which is Aquaman from the public. Because of that, movie lover that already thirsty to know the information about this movie, will be very happy with the fact that we provide in this article.

Although  the Aquaman character already being introduced on Justice League movie that release on 2017 years ago, But on that movie, his portion on showing up in the scene is so limited. Because of that, The producer of Aquaman James Wan playing his toy with movie lover for having their attention and also make them more curious about this movie by posting the process of making the trailer production that will be release soon.

Here below is some fact that we confirm will be on this movie, check it out.

There will be 18 fighting scene in this movie. And a lot of the fighting will happen inside the water, Each of them will try to destroy each other with the weapon they have.

Trailer Resmi bakal Dirilis, Ini 10 Hal Menarik dari Film Aquaman

This film will having the classic touch like an 1980 era that will make this movie feel different from other superhero movie like Batman or Suicide Squad. They claim that this movie will look more like Indiana Jones prefer than other superhero movie.

Trailer Resmi bakal Dirilis, Ini 10 Hal Menarik dari Film Aquaman

The most important part on this movie should be the Excalibur Trident own by The first Atlantis king, King Atlan that at last found man the Aquaman. By having this Trident now Aquaman can speak to all the animal in the world.

Trailer Resmi bakal Dirilis, Ini 10 Hal Menarik dari Film Aquaman

They will be two antagonist character on this movie. the first should be Stepbrother of Aquaman, Orm or Ocean Master. In here he will play a character that having an extreme view of war. He believe that the surface world can not live in peace with the Atlantis, and the only thing that can happen between them is a war.

The second one is Black Manta. He is going to have his revenge after his father kill by Aquaman. Aquaman kill his father when try to defend the human world, but that does not make Black Manta understand his feeling. Cause of that he want revenge and make their relationship same as the Spiderman and Goblin.

Trailer Resmi bakal Dirilis, Ini 10 Hal Menarik dari Film Aquaman

There are some fact that we can share to you for this time. Hope this information will make you more interested on waiting this film. Ciao 😀



A Never Timeless Movie, The GodFather – The Godfather should be one of the best masterpiece that we can find on the world of Hollywood Movie. in this article we will review this movie and bring backs the old time memories for you

Maybe on this decade, Horror and superhero movie genre are still in the top choose by the movie lovers. But do not dare to put you as the real movie lovers if you forgot about this film, The GodFather. Yes the movie that being cast by Marlon Blando and Al Pacino in the last should be one of the best if not the best movie that ever produce by Hollywood.


The GodFather tell the story in where the strongest Mafia family in New York that been lead by an Italian guy call Vito Corleone that known as Don Corleone. On his Region, Corleone group becoming the King behind the shadow of New York city. Almost all other Mafia family even the cop are frightening only hearing his name.

But what surprisingly is behind his cruel reputation, Don is a figure that love his family. He ever say that the one that do not have time for their family should not be a real man in his life.

Beside from that, Don Corleone also known as a figure that love to help each other and willing to do whatever any other people need with one simple conditiom, Friendship. As the Sicilian, Don will always open his home every time for every one when the need for his help.

the godfather

His life look become more perfect after his youngest daughter name Connie getting Married, But who in the world can predict that because of that marriage, Corleone family will be faced a storm after that marriage. Will or will not Vito Corleone defend his family also his business ?

So for the one that missed this movie, what are you waiting for ? Grab your drink also snacks and enjoy watching this movie with your beloved one.



Endless Hunting, The Predator – The hunting still go on ! The predator once again coming over the horizon of earth with the specific mission. Unfortunately  bad moment happen for Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), one of the sniper from America Military.

When he supposed to finish the mission on Mexico border, his team being slaughter. But, that not done by a human. Unidentified  creature that coming from a hole of earth atmosphere is the one that doing it.

A fierce fight happen between McKenna and Predator. For a while, McKenna can win against that predator because of his intelligence. Unlucky for McKenna, he being captured by a secret government organization that work together with CIA and a bunch of scientist.

McKenna will be considered as the crazy one because of telling the truth of the predator that come to the earth. McKenna now is facing his death. On the other hand Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) a biology profesional that being send to the government organization for found out is the predator ever having a relationship with the human.


On the other place, Rory McKenna that never fell the love from her father that always busy on doing his job found a mysterious thing that come into her house and that things will change the life of this teenager forever. Rory that until now on her life being considered weird find a new things that can help her understanding the future technology of the entire universe.

So how will Quinn McKenna faith come to the end ? Can Casey Bracket found out the secret mystery on human DNA that been found on the body of predator ? and what kind of technology  will be found by Rory McKenna ?

All the answer can be found on the end of this Movie.




Handsome Gemstone Trader, Keanu Reeves on Siberia – We can say that it so hard to resist the charm of Keanu Reeves when he playing his role on every single movie that he ever been involve. Surely his next coming movie will also give us that feel. A movie called Siberia will having Keanu as their main actor. Want to know what kind of movie and what kind of role does Keanu will play on  Siberia ? Here is the review.

Lucas Hill (Keanu Reeves) is a gemstone trader businessman that been decadently move from one place to another place on finding the buyer. He does not care on who is the one buying his gemstone, all he want to know is about them can pay for the stone or not. Once a time, Lucas get a very high offer price for his gemstone coming from the Russian.

What he does not know is the buyer this time come form one of the biggest criminal plot on Russian. In the end, that transaction is failed. Lucas Hill also found out that he already being  fool by his friend. And the most unlucky one is Lucas already lose his Stone that in the last he know that there are so many outsider looking for that


From South Africa businessman until the corrupt Russian cop are look after him. Come the time Lucas arrive at Siberia in where he sure that his friend, the one that being fool him is still in there. But unfortunately for him not only he can not find his friend, in there he also trapped in passion and lust with a local girl name Katya (Ana Ularu). From them , come out various conflicts that cross Lucas mind.

Start from his loyalty toward his wife until can he succeed on finding his friend and getting back his stone ? Actually the story about this movie is not very special, But because of Keanu Reeves charm, this movie is the movie that worth to watch.




The Last Ice Age : Alpha – Alpha that has another title which is Untitled Albert Hughes Project is a action thriller movie that will be release on 2018 in United States. This movie will tell the story about the survival from the last ice age on 20.000 years ago. This film will be produce by Albert Hughes one of the popular name on Hollywood movie industry.

The story will be write by the producer which is Albert Hughes with the help of his partner which is Dan Wiedenhaupt. This movie will been distributor by United International Pictures, Columbia Picture and Sony Pictures with Studio 8 Home Production. This film will get some popular co star like Leonor Varela, Mercedes De La Zerda, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Jens Hulten, Marcin Kowalczyk, Spence Bogaert, Priya Rajaratnam, Kyle Gleen Thomas, Michael Kruse-Dahl and also Nestor De La Zerda.

Synopsis :

Alpha will tell the story on how human being can survival from the last ice age that been confirmed happen on 20.000 years ago. In this film the main actor will be a young man called Kodi That fight so hard against the scary condition when he want to find a way home after the failed hunting expedition. This also will tell the legend story that will be known year after year about the story that having the getting the theme about the relationship between “The dog” and human. Both of them become best friend although not having the same tribe.

before making this movie, Albert Hughes already known as one of the Hollywood director in where when he produce a movie will get a positive respond from movie lover. Some of the movie title which is From Hell, American Pimpi, The Book of Eli, Dead Presidents and also Menace II Society.

So will this film will once again get a good response from movie lovers ?



Captain Marvel is Coming For Us ! – There is a big news for us that love to watch a super hero movie. Yes last night from their official canal you tube, Marvel Entertaiment just release  their newest movie. Captain Marvel is coming to save the world !

Yes this movie is consider as the most waiting movie by super hero movie fans around the world, now they  come with their trailer, lets take a look on how their trailer can satisfied their fans. As we know all super hero movie will having an action , adventure and also Sci-Fi genre on their movie same as other super hero movie. This film will be start with the show in where we will see a woman comes out from the darkness sky, crossing the earth atmosfer, burning, and fall in  the roof of the building, Yes, The Captain marvel is coming !

From the rumors that we get, it has been told that Captain Marvel is an ex pilot that name Carol Danvers that having a super power after the accident happen to her when she is joining the mission with a space team name StarForce. In this trailer we can see the nostalgic moment in where the captain doing her old job as a pilot and also the moment when she was child back on 1990.

Sinopsis Trailer 'CAPTAIN MARVEL', Tinju Wajah Wanita Tua?

In this movie also we can see how Captain Marvel using her super power fighting with her enemy. Also there will be an action in where Captain Marvel will punch the face of old woman that sitting on the train, why in the world that she do that ? who is she actually ?

Our curiosity  will come to the max when we are thinking on what the dangerous will be happen to Captain Marvel ? It should be from getting a peace in the world or from the outside space attack ?

Movie fans need to be patient waiting for this answer because this movie is predict been release on march 2019.



The ToyBox : Mystery Vintage RV Vehicle – The ToyBox Thriller movie that tell the story about one family that been detached in the road going to a desert with the RV vehicle that they used and being isolated in the very hot place. Soon they found out that their RV is keeping a creepy secret and haunted them  before killing them one by one.

Tom Nagel that play in Man Of Steel movie been choose by Skyline Entertainment home production as the director, this is his second film after Clown Town 2016 that also having a thriller genre. This film is based on Jeff Denton own story.

Actress Denise Richards that previously starring A Violent Man will play as Jennifer in this film. Meanwhile, Mischa Barton that play in Painkiller will also play as Samantha in here. For the main actor is Jeff Denton as Steve, Brian Nagel as jay and Greg Violand as Charles.

The ToyBox will be release on 18 September 2018

The Synopsis

Charles just bought a vintage RV with the hope carrying his family on the trip that can bring peace between him and his two child, a promise that make by him towards his family and wife. His oldest son, Steve (Jeff Danton), his wife (Denise Richards), his daughter and his family dog, fell very happy towards this holiday, but not with his other son, Jay.

Alongside in the trip, this family having a guest which is Samantha and her brother because both of them having their broken tire in the street. So in this story tells how Charles choosing a desert road and get lost inside.

Now after they have been lost in the desert, They finally found that in his RV having a creepy secret that they found out in the RV wall and they found out they need to survive from “The Things” that haunted that RV.

Will or will not they can survive from “This Things” ?


Peek at the appearance of Brie Larson in Captain Marvel’s Movie

The third row of Marvel Cinematic Universe films will end in the Avenger 4 series that will air in 2019. But before entering there, Marvel will be presenting their latest film, entitled Captain Marvel. The figure chosen to play Captain Marvel is Brie Larson.

This film became a film that was awaited by Marvel fans. In this film that will air will tell about the origin story of Captain Marvel. As we know, the ending of Avenger: Infinity Wars credits that aired some time ago, there was the last message from Nick Fury to Captain Marvel. This figure who is trusted to defeat Thanos who has collected the five infinite stones.

Entertainment Weekly finally released several initial photos and also exclusively from Captain Marvel. Brie Larson who became the main character in the film appeared in the cover section of the September edition of Entertainment Weekly magazine. Rather than curious, let’s just look at the latest photos!

Dinanti Cukup Lama, Captain Marvel Akhirnya Rilis Deretan Foto Perdana

Brie Larson did look very suitable when wearing Captain Marvel costumes. He looks like a very tough woman who will beat Thanos!

Not only Brie Larson appeared in the latest photo, several other characters such as Ronan The Accuser and also Korath in the Guardian of the Galaxy series were also present!

Jude Law was appointed to play the role of Carol Danvers. He will play a role called Mar-Vell and is the leader of the Starforce Team. He will be the mentor of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) before wearing the Captain Marvel costume.

As additional information, the Captain Marvel movie is still telling about the origin story of Captain Marvel itself, where the character of Nick Fury will also appear at a young age. So for this episode, Captain Marvel still won’t fight Thanos. We’ll just wait if this movie is worth watching or not.

Sword Art Online Alicization Will Released In 9 Oct

For those of you who love the Sword Art Online series, you need to feel happy, because Sword Art Online will be back to accompany you for a year through the Sword Art Online Alicization series.

For anime fans, maybe the Sword Art Online series is familiar. Even since its launch in 2012, the anime has experienced a significant increase in audience. Seeing the interest of Sword Art Online fans, the publisher finally decided to re-present the latest series from Sword Art Online.

No kidding! Sword Art Online Alicization will be present for 1 full year. Aniplex also launched the latest trailer for Sword Art Online Alicization. In the trailer, you will see 2 new characters named Eugeo and Alice.

The characters of Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice will play an important role in Sword Art Online Alicization. If you look closely, there is a scene where Kirito is killed with the same device as the tool used by Sinkawa Kyouji who wants to kill Sinon in Sword Art Online II.

This anime will air on October 9th. The opening song will be performed by LISA under the title Adamas, while the ending song will be sung by Eir Aoi with the title song Iris. Intrigued by this anime? Just wait for the play date!

Johnny English Strike Again – Who in the world do not know Rowan Atkinson ? Yes Rowan Atkinson is well known as Mr.Bean, one of the most funniest if not the funniest comedian this world have until now. Without saying a single words when he act as a Mr.bean, he can make all television viewer laugh of loud looking on his character. Now he Strike us again as the most funniest spy this world have !

We can see the trailer already spread all around internet, where Atkinson will once again become the funny spy that will make us laugh from the beginning until the last of the movie in his newest Johnny English sequel which is Johnny English Strike Again.

In this movie will tell us the story on how there are a cyber attack launch by some group in where they are targeting to find out all the active spy that England have on that time. And the succeed in doing that.

However, There is left one spy agent that they cannot find out which is English, because luckily on that time English already retired.

No choice, only one road left, which is call back English to do a very secret mission which is to find the root of the one who is doing this thing to his ex-team. English decided to take that mission and once again come back become a spy agent.

Johnny English Strikes Again (YouTube/ Universal Pictures)

But Because English already retired for such a long time, English now is facing a problem with the modern technology that making him need to double his energy to finish this time mission.

There are a lot of funny things that we can see in this movie. Rowan Atkinson will get help from Bill Miller, Olga Kurylenko and also Emma Thompson that are also having an act in this movie.

Johnny English Strikes Again (YouTube/ Universal Pictures)

So can once again Johnny English save the world and also make us laugh of loud seeing his acting ?



Review Movie: Christopher Robin

Who don’t know about Winnie the Pooh ? This time, Pooh and his gank come to live action titled Christopher Robin. If we see the title, we all know that this movie is focused on Robin story. Christopher Robin is Pooh childhood friend. But in this movie, Christopher Robin is growing old. In the beginning, we will see the short story of Christopher Robin and how he split up with Pooh. Robin finally continuing his study in school dormitory even his age is so young.

His first moment meet his wife happen after World War II. He have a kid and work at suitcase factory. His job make him can’t spare his time for his family. We can see how dissapointed his son watching his dad who always go to work and don’t have enough time to play with them. Robin also want to entering his son into a school dormitory, just like himself back in time.

There is a moral story from this movie, it’s about how you must treat your family. We can’t forget about our family even we have a lot of work to do. In this movie, there is a moment when Robin cancelling his promise with his son for going to holiday because of his job. It’s simple, but for kid, this thing mean so much for them.

This movie can be a tear dropping movie if the producer can make it more serious. There is one little mistake from this movie, it’s when Robin met Pooh again, it feel so normal, no touching feeling for it. But overall, this movie was great, 7/10 for this movie.

Review Japanese Animation: Hataraku Saibou – Cells At Work

Learning about how cells in the body works maybe a little bit boring right ? How if we learn from a Japanese animation ( anime ) which have a cute character and good storyline ? Maybe will be different right ?

Hataraku Saibou is the newest Japanese animation. This anime tell us about how cells work inside our body. There is so many characters in this anime like red blood cells, white blood cells and many more.

The main character of this anime named red blood cell AE3803. She have a job to delivering oxigen to the body. Not only that, she also delivering some nutrient to the body. But she is an abnormal red blood cells, she get lost so easily.

When delivering the oxigen, she met a white blood cells named U-1146. His job is to kill any germ and virus inside the human body. He have a sharp knife to cut down the germ and virus. After helping red blood cells, he spends his time more with red blood cells.

They met so many germ when walking together. But luckily, white blood cells can kill all the bad germ inside the body. Not only that, in this anime, we also can know the function of every cells in the human body, cool right ?

Review Indonesian Horror Movie: Sebelum Iblis Menjemput

Synopsis: Alfie ( Chelsea Islan ) have a dark life because her mother died with mysterious way and her father, Lesmana ( Ray Sahetapy ) married again with Laksmi ( Karina Suwandi ) who already have two child named Maya ( Pevita Pearce ) and Ruben ( Samo Rafael ). Alfie is not close to her father and knowing her father already bankrupt and dying with mysterious disease.

Alfie visit an old house, this house is the family house. This old house already abandoned but Alfie must visit this place to know the dark secret of her father disease.

This movie is a little bit different from other Indonesia horror movie. Not like the other who always take in dark place with scary sound. This movie is focusing on the story. Timo as a producer even dare to show the faces of the demons clearly. Jump scare also minim and we must appreciate it. Story plot of this movie was great, there a little disgusting scene in this movie, but it make Sebelum iblis Menjemput more scary.

When comparing this movie with Hereditary, maybe Hereditary still win. But for Indonesia horror movie, Sebelum Iblis Menjemput was great, seriously ! But there is one bad side from Sebelum Iblis Menjemput, it’s about the detail, for example, when Alfie step mother can’t die even hitted by a axe, why she can die just with a small flashlight ? If the director can fix this thing, maybe Sebelum Iblis Menjemput can be a great movie. So we rate this movie 7/10.

Coraline: Be Carefull What You Wish For !

Coraline is 3D based animation movie. This movie adapted from a novel titled Coraline, same name with the movie. Coraline novel published in 2002 and be the best selling novel in that time. Coraline movie is horror fantasy movie. Some characters in this movie have a creepy shape. Even made for childs, but this movie have a good moral story.

If we see the cover of the novel, it’s really depressing. We can feel it ! Seriously. But when you read and watch the movie, you will know that the story of Coraline is totally great.

Coraline is 11 years old kid. She is hyperactive kid who want to know everything. But when her parents move to an old house in small village far from city. When exploring the house, Coraline meet a boy named Wybie. The boy gave Coraline a doll. Uniquely, the doll have the same face as Coraline.

Image result for coraline movie

Back to the old house, Coraline found a small door, but when she open it, the door is blocked by bricks. When night come, Coraline see a mouse who run to the small door. With couriosity, Coraline open the door and voila, she found a tunnel. But this tunnel is very weird. Coraline decided to go through the tunnel and arrived in the same house as her house.

When arrived, she meet her “other” mother, but the “other” mother eyes is different from normal human. But the personality of the “other” mother was great, also the father. But there’s a dark side of this place which is hide behind the good personality.

So if you want to know more about the story, you can watch it by yourself. This movie was great with good story, characters, and moral message. This movie can be a time killer also. So happy watching !

GooseBumps 2 : Continuing The Role of Jack Black as R.L. Stine – Goosebumps as we know is one of the main Franchise Film from Sony Pictures. And now the waiting is over, Goosebumps 2 is now become the project that being worked on the same team in the mean time.

As stated by Ace Showbiz, The produce Rob Letterman, The screenwriter Darren Lemke, with the produce Deborah Forte and Neal H. Moritz, will be together on working this project again. For you information that never watch and hear about this movie this movie is based on the novel write by R.L Stine.

From the news we get, Stated that Jack Black will once again become the main character on this movie. But there is no other confirmation name outside from that one for any other player such as Odeya Rush and Dylan Minnette.

The story about Goosebumps begins in where Zach Cooper is focusing in trying to making a relationship with the daughter of R.L. Stine, Hannah. Stine that every body know that having a weird behavior, evidently having a big secret in where the monster that he produce on his masterpiece book, can turn into the real one. Stine after that trying to lock the monster inside the book with the hope can protect the readers from them.

The original Goosebumps book series that come out in the real world alone have the total of 62 piece that makes the produce have a lot of material to make the sequel on this movie.

Goosebumps themselves are consider getting a good reaction from the movie market when just having a budget around USD 58 million can turn into USD 160 million all around the world. The Movie that come out in 2015 also getting a positive reaction from the public at that time.

Let see what will Goosebumps second sequel turns into, will or will not follow the success of his first one ?



The Meg : Fighting Under The Ocean – This Movie will be tell the story on how Jonas Taylor act by Jason Statham will overcome his traumatized  after the accident that happen to him after the past ten years.

When his Trauma about the accident happen in the past not been fully healed, Now come the time in where one on the biggest underwater facility needs his help. there are 3 people being trapped in that underwater which is Toshi (Masi Oka), The Wall (Olafur Darri Olafsson) and his ex wife Lori (Jessica McNamee).

Also in this story will tell us about how Zhang (Winston Chao) that have a big obsession to know more about the life happen under the ocean as the owner as that biggest underwater facility.

Jonas once again having a dilemma into getting a decision in the difficult condition. To forget his past or to help his ex wife that have been trapped in the under ocean now. Unfortunately his traumatized  about his past still fresh in his mind.


Maybe the plot on this movie in simple, but because of the intensity that this movie having, This is one of the movie that need to be watch by movie lover. Movie lover will be server by the scene in where Human will fight with one of the myth giant fish that live under the ocean call Megalodon.

In here Jason Statham acting skill is been proving. He can make the scene in where human can win effortlessly from that Megalodon. Jason Statham become the main character should be the first reason why this movie is deserve to be watch

So can Jonas overcome his trauma and help his friend and also his ex wife ? What will waiting for him under the ocean ? This review will not be perfect if you guys do not watch this movie after this.


Slender Man = A Featureless Head and face Creatures Wearing a Black Suit – Slender man is a fictional Creatures that being a creepypasta internet meme created by Eric Knudsen in 2009.  This movie is make based on the creature that been busy talk about from the first time this creature was being make. This film is produce by Sylvain White.

Taking a location in a small town in Massachusetts, Slender Man tell the story about four middle school friend that on one night trying to “call”  this creature Slender Man. This is a phenomenal Internet creepypasta, A horror legend that can be found on internet now days.

Suddenly after that night, One of the kid is vanished. And for the other kids, they are now questioning about their sanity because from that night they “call” Slender man, Slender man is haunting them inside their dream and changing their perception on seeing the reality with something creepy and also hearing a disturbing voice inside their head.

The movie lover will see the Slender Man character play by Javier Botet somehow look like a background video or a amateur video. And when they are seeing it closely, it will become the creature that unnaturally tall and slim with a featureless head and face.

On this movie will tell the us that Slender Man will come and haunting whoever dare to “call” him. But until now this creature is still a mystery. Slender Man is a spirit that die walking, and no matter how many you kill him, he will never go away.”

For you information, outside the fiction world, on our real world, the most famous incident that known cause by Slender Man happen on Mei 31, 2014. On that time, there are two young girl, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, try stabbing their friends, Payton Leutne, 19 times.

To the police, Weier and Geyser say that they need to stab Leutne just to calm down the Slender Man. Luckyly on that accident Leutne life can be safe.

Dare to watch it ?





Crazy Rich Asians Movie, The Fresh Romantic Comedy Film

Poster film Crazy Rich Asians – Crazy Rich Asian Movie maybe not been released all over the world, However This Movie already premiere in Los Angeles a week ago stated by Huffington Post.

This movie is make based on the story of the book write by Kewin Kwan, so from the book we all know that this film will having a romantic comedy genre in the end.

This movie will tell the story on Rachel Cu, a professor that live in New York and her boyfriend Nick Young. On one day in their relationship, Nick invited Rachel to attend his brother weeding that been hall in Singapore. Surprisingly for Rachel when she arrive in there is she just know that her boyfriend family is one of the most richest family in Singapore. He is the son of one of the biggest owner of real estate on Asia.

So on a week she been in Singapore, she try to prove to Nick family that she is suitable for being a girlfriend of Nick and become the part of their big family. The word luxury is the perfect word to describe the big picture of this movie.

In this movie we will see how a jet set family do on their life, From the private jet, High end fashion and the accessorizes  , sport car until a mansion will be shown in this movie.

So that make sense why before this film released one of the official international review movie site already give 100 scored for this movie. Oh by the way the director of this film is Jon M Chu that before is the one that direct G.I. Joe: Retaliation and also Justin Bieber’s believe.

All the movie lover must be so excited  waiting for this movie, wait for it on your country 🙂





The Cured : Hunting by Zombie

review-film-the-cured-duel-pikiran-manusia-vs-manusia-eks-zombie – Maybe in 2018 we can not see so many movie with the story about zombie. So in this august we will having a zombie story movie that will pay a little bit about what we miss in 2018 Hollywood movie. for this Thriller movie The Cured,  that direct by David freyne will make a story about how can human infect by some kind of virus and then them into Zombie and how the rest of human trying to find the antidote to stop this virus.On this movie first scene we will serve by the pra apocalytic time where focusing on the flashback in where all the zombie remember about the time where they are killed by human on that time.

The virus that infect human in here is called as Maze, that having an impact in where make human having a lust of getting a fresh meat that spread so fast in Europe continent. But for some reason that virus not infected the people inside Ireland. After they find the antidote the story tell us about the life that happen by The cured Abbie act by Ellen Page that stay with her son in the shelter agreed to take care of Senan (Sam Keeley) that already been cured and reborn as a human again.

But getting back his life does not mean that he lose his memories about what happen when he is infected by the Maze Virus and turn into Zombie. Senan remember all the things that he do in the past like eating other people, include his own brother Luke and Ellen Page husband.

In here Senan will having a friend that having a similar faith with him which is Conor (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor), human that also a zombie before. they are having a new relationship with other human and find a lot of new things. they see on how every doctor try their best to finding a new antidote that can help the rest of zombie can be cure and also Senan meet with the leader of military that always watching on him because he thinks that Senan still dangerous for human kind in the future.

At last the story will tell us about what will Senan choose , to be a human or become the zombie that already consume human. Can Senan control his conscience as a human and not turn into Zombie again ?



Review The Equalizer 2 – Robert McCall play by Denzel Washington is some one very diligent and careful. he consider doing every single little things with details  and also planned. Every thing from how to put the apple in the table, until how careful he put all his books after done reading it.

that can happen because of the old time Robert McCall is ex special force that have been trained to care until the smallest aspect on one things with very detail one. But after he is “vanished” and having and severe insomnia, everything is change for him.

In the present day, He works as online  taxi driver for solving his insomnia, finding a lot of new things and having a new relationship with others make him slowly become more open to the world. Now he already have his  subscription bookstore and also a new friend, a youngster called Miles Whittaker.

like a storm, his calm life start to vanished after he meet again with his fellow friends Dave York (Pedro Pascal). Now Dave been involved with the agency that having a connection with government, military  and also intelligent. Their meet happens after the accident in where Susan, their old supervisor has  been killed.

Susan is the government officer that ever works together with Robert and Dave in one team. At last both of them agreed to find the one who kill Susan with their own way but will sharing an information if any one get an information. However, there are too many evidence that they to found out before can come to the conclusion, and in the mean time, both of their life also been threaten.

Who is the one who killed Susan ? Can Robert found out and finish his mission this time ? The Equalizer 2 is still showing on how good Denzel Washington on playing his character.



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