Squel For Venom Finally Announced By Sony

Squel For Venom Finally Announced By Sony

A shocking news has just come from Venom. Following its success at the box office, now the official Venom sequel gets the green light from Sony. The report reported by Variety also stated that the studio had appointed Kelly Marcel as a script writer. Previously, he was known to have written Fifty Shades of Gray which also became hits like Venom. As for now Marcel is also involved in biopic Elvis Presley and Cruella, a Disney film that tells of a female villain from 101 Dalmatians.

Venom himself worked on Ruben Fleischer with the main play Tom Hardy. Although not a good film in the eyes of critics, Venom is still fun to watch thanks to entertaining interactions between Eddie Brock (Hardy) and the parasite symbiote. Noted Venom has earned revenues of $ 855 million and entered the ranks of the best-selling film in 2018.

Besides Hardy, the Venom sequel will be starred by Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson. While the Williams character is speculated to be transformed into She-Venom as in the comics, Harrelson is certainly ready to perform fully as a Carnage villain, the Venom “twin” known to be more brutal. There is no certainty whether Spider-Man (Tom Holland) finally came along, despite the fact that he became an inseparable part of the comic Venom story. In addition, because of Fleischer’s busy masterminding of Zombieland 2, it is not certain that he can return to gush Venom 2, so that the studio is reportedly potentially looking for a new director.

FYI, Venom is positioned as the first film of Sony’s Marvel Universe (SMU). Next the second film to be produced is Morbius, a film about vampires from the Spider-Man universe starring Jared Leto. Sony also has other SMU film projects being developed including Kraven the Hunter, Silver and Black, Silk to Nightwatch.

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