Captain Marvel

Review Movie: Captain Marvel, Honestly A Little Bit Dissapointed

Review Movie: Captain Marvel, Honestly A Little Bit Dissapointed

Captain Marvel is the first official Marvel film to feature a female superhero at its center. She was also a hero who (perhaps) was able to overcome Thanos’s threat in Avengers: Endgame later.

Captain Marvel deserves a better movie, a movie that has dimensions and weights. She is supposed to be a better superhero, a hero who has a personality and determination that makes him deserve to be hailed.

Not that this film doesn’t tell us much about who Captain Marvel is. Her real name is Vers (Brie Larson), a member of the Kree nation’s military team, Starforce, commanded by Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) who is also her mentor.

Kree, as we remember from Guardians of the Galaxy, is a blue-blooded (and sometimes blue-skinned) alien who lives on Planet Hala. Vers has the ability to fire photon lasers from his hands. And this of course was very helpful, because the Kree were fighting against the Skrulls who had a goblin-like scary appearance.

I can’t say this film is ugly. The pace is pretty fast and not long-winded, so it’s not so boring. It’s just that, the overall impression is bland. The film feels like it was produced by an automatic factory Marvel.

The most successful task he did was to become an adequate extension of Marvel mythology; following the lag of the other Avengers and filling the puzzle pieces from the MCU. Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has the potential, but the mission here seems to be just to heat the Avengers: Endgame engine. Maybe next time.

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