Month: May 2019

Sherlock Homes 3 Will Be Delayed Till 2021

Sherlock Homes 3 Will Be Delayed Till 2021

The wait for the deadly duet Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law on Sherlock Holmes 3 now lasts longer, along with Warner Bros. just delayed the release of the film.

Originally prepared for December 25, 2020, Sherlock Holmes 3 was finally shifted to December 22, 2021. There has been no further information regarding the reason for the delay that took almost a year. But if there is one thing that should be highlighted, the studio seems intent on releasing Sherlock Holmes 3 on the Christmas holiday.

This strategy is certainly not without reason, considering the two previous films were always successful at the box office when they aired during the same time period. Noted, the first film Sherlock Holmes (2009) managed to reap $ 524 million, while its successor, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011), was more in demand with revenues of $ 545 million.

FYI, if you keep the initial release date, Sherlock Holmes 3 will face Sing 2 (the sequel to the successful animated film studio Despicable Me), and James Cameron’s ambitious project, Avatar 2, which has been airing since a week before.

Unfortunately, the new release date does not mean that it will facilitate Sherlock Holmes 3’s struggle to dominate the box office, due to the fact that detective films have to re-duel with Avatar 3, as well as two potential competitors, Hotel Transylvania 4 and Wicked.

Directed by Guy Ritchie, the two Sherlock Holmes films are considered to bring fresh air to the legendary British detective story. Not only is he good at solving complicated criminal cases, Sherlock under the tutelage of Ritchie is also good at fighting, making him a badass detective.

Unfortunately, when RDJ and Law were confirmed to return as Sherlock and John Watson, there was no confirmation whether Ritchie would return to directing. As for THR, the Sherlock Holmes 3 script is now written by Chris Brancato, known through the series Narcos and Hannibal. For now there is no detail regarding the story that the film carried.

The plan for Sherlock Holmes 3 will be released December 22, 2021.

Aladdin Live Action, Starring Will Smith As The Genie

Disney has just released the latest trailer for the most anticipated live action this year, ALADDIN. In this one-minute video, the hopes of all fans are granted. Because when the first first look was released at the end of 2018, it was protested a lot because Will Smith, The Genie, didn’t look blue at all.

The teaser this time also highlights the chemistry between Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud, which is quite slick. Aladdin and Jasmine were shown driving their legendary vehicle, flying carpet. Disney also featured more scenes in the Wonder Cave.

This ALADDIN trailer was released to coincide with the moment of the 2019 Grammy Awards event. However, it must be admitted that the Genie figure played by Will Smith was the most steal. In this teaser he also got a portion of the scene that was quite long and took attention.

“You really don’t know who I am? Genie? Request? Magic Lamp? Nobody knows?” said Will Smith, who just came out of the magic lamp.

This film was produced with the direction of Guy Ritchie and John August. Besides Naomi, Mena and Will will be Billy Magnussen (Prince Anders), Marwan Kenzari (Jafar) and Nasim Pedrad (Dalia). ALADDIN will be released on May 24, 2019.

Even though the film is about the adventures of Aladdin and Jasmine, it is undeniable that this blue Jin figure is excellent. This certainly becomes a burden for Will Smith.

Because this iconic figure has its own place especially after being played by the late Robin Williams. In the previous version, Robin Williams only voiced, because it was still in the form of a 2D animated film. But now Will Smith will play a role in CGI technology.

“I’m going to BIRU, how come this is Jin when he transforms into a human. My character will (be created through) CGI in the film,” Will Smith said when protested last year.

Alita: The Battle Angel, Good Or Nay ?

One of the latest films to use the CGI application is Alita: The Battle Angel. This film tells about Alita, a robot or cyborg created to destroy Zalem, a city that is above the sky. Unfortunately in the destruction mission, Alita lost and had to be dumped in a dumping place called Iron City (Kota Besi).

300 years after the incident, the remains of the destroyed Alita’s body were found by a doctor named Iddo. The doctor who found Alita’s corpse saw that Alita’s head was still functioning. Seeing this, Ido brought Alita’s body to conduct further investigations and research. As a result, Ido made a new body for Alita. He revived Alita in order to accompany him who was left behind by the deceased child.

After Alita gets a new body, Alita starts exploring and exploring Iron City to find her true identity. When conducting exploration, Alita discovered a crime. He could not stay silent to see the crime, with the strength and ability of his martial arts, Alita could easily defeat the criminals.

Shortly after the fight with criminals, Alita joined a tournament called Motorball. For anyone who can win the tournament, he is entitled to get a ticket to Zalem, the city above the sky. Vector who is the leader of Motorball  wants Alita to die.

Vector wants Alita’s body parts so he tries to kill Alita, whose fate is actually a double-edged sword, Alita defeats Vector and takes a ticket to go to Zalem. The goal is clear, namely to destroy the city above the sky.

Actually this film does not get a high enough score from film critics. For an adaptation, Alita: The Battle Angel is in a fairly safe position, but it is not enough to hit and satisfy the desires of current movie lovers.

Review A Quiet Place: Quality Horror With Smart Execution

The synopsis and the footage can only describe some of the horrors of the film. Yep, this film is filled with silence and tension that can be surprising at any time. Since in the snippet, maybe you are curious about creatures that will hunt them down. Of course, your curiosity will be answered when watching the film.

Although it is not told clearly, this film takes a post-apocalyptic setting. Yep, the future when Earth is in an invasion of a horrible creature. The cultivation of A Quiet Place stories is simple. The problem is, only focusing on how to survive a family. Interestingly, this film is mostly told in silence.

Because of the silence, 95% dialogue between players uses sign language. There can’t be any small sound. Even footsteps must be slow. You can even hear the sound of water that you gulp when watching. So, you can imagine, right, how quiet is this film?

A Quiet Place will be a fresh spectacle of horror and thrillers. The problem is, besides the horror, you will be presented with the nuances of puzzles in each scene. However, there is no surprise aka plot twist in the story. The flow is flowing just like that. Uniquely, you will be told about ways to reduce sound with objects or the behavior of players.

A quality horror aspect is also equipped with strong drama elements. Your emotions will be carried away with the premise of a family that takes care of each other. There are topics about trust, love, and willingness to sacrifice that will touch your heart.

Yep, the struggle of all these family members will make you sympathize with them. If calculated, this film has only eight players, including extras. Krasinski himself, in addition to being a director, also plays a father named Lee Abbott. Then, there is Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott, a mother figure. Both of them managed to build a strong chemistry. Of course, this is not separated from their lives as husband and wife in the real world.

Loki’s “Real” Actions in Avengers: Endgame [Spoiler Alert]

Technically the original Loki had indeed been killed in the Avengers: Infinity War after he dared to cheat Thanos at the beginning of the film. But thanks to the element of time travel in the Avengers: Endgame, brother and Thor’s mortal enemy again appeared with “interesting action” which is now the talk of fans. Loki’s interesting action was further explained by co-director Joe Russo, which ultimately gave us an idea of ​​Loki’s character in his solo series.

As recap, Loki appeared on the Endgame when Tony Stark, Scott Lang and Steve Rogers returned to the 2012 Battle of New York to win Tesseract. Unfortunately, when everything went well, the past version of the Hulk suddenly appeared, went berserk and cracked the door, which finally threw Tesseract to Loki’s feet. Utilizing the chaos caused by the Hulk, Loki who is being handcuffed immediately steal the opportunity to take the Tesseract, and disappear somewhere. At this point Russo explained what really happened to Loki after he managed to escape with Tesseract.

To Business Insider, Russo admitted Loki had teleported to the Space Stone, and created his own new timeline. Although the effects of Loki’s actions sound complicated, Russo insists it is impossible for Captain America to change Loki’s new timeline, as long as he doesn’t find the villain. In essence, Russo stressed that when Loki used Space Stone to escape in Endgame, the villain had created a new world.

Referring to Russo’s explanation, Loki’s history is indeed finished in the original world. But due to Stark CS’s time travel mission did not go smoothly, Loki became alive and the difference, he is now in an alternative world. Given Loki’s escape with Tesseract, it took place when he became the main villain in The Avengers, most likely the series will feature Loki’s personality who is still evil. Not Loki’s personality from the original world which has become more heroic since Thor: Ragnarok.

Review: Brightburn 2019

We already know Superman well. As the first and most iconic superhero, he is the standard of all superheroes; have supernatural powers and noble hearts. He uses his strength only for virtue (and occasionally, for dating). We also have such an outward head about the story of his life that he can immediately point to the film that copied him. Well, Brightburn is a film that exploits this familiarity with an approach that sounds exciting: what if a human-like alien sent to earth is not a saint but a psychopath?

With this concept, we think the story of the film is written automatically. On the one hand, we can see that the film will display various kinds of “Superman things”, but this time in the evil version. Or maybe vice versa, focusing on the psychology of this vicious entity and the people around it who don’t expect what disaster they can carry. Unfortunately, for the size of a film with a visionary idea, it cannot fly too far with its premise. Brightburn is sold with the jargon of “evil Superman films in horror packaging”. And, he played exactly what we imagined before watching.

The beginning is a cheap budget copy of the Superman story that we already know. An alien child landed near a house belonging to a married couple without children in a suburb. Complete with garden and warehouse. The couple is the Breyer family (Elizabeth Banks and David Denman) who decided to adopt the child because they had long longed for a baby. They gave him the name Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn).

For 10 years, Brandon grew up like a normal child despite being a bit introverted. He soon realized that he was superior to other children. He has intelligence above average and has never been hurt. He also often heard strange whispers from inside the warehouse while he was asleep. When Brandon knew that he was more than a special child, he instead used his ability to eliminate everything that was in his way.

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