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Dwayne Johnson Will Not Appear on ‘FAST AND FURIOUS 9’?

Dwayne Johnson Will Not Appear on ‘FAST AND FURIOUS 9’?

THE FAST AND FURIOUS released one of his veteran actors. At least for now. Does anyone know who he is?

He is Dwayne Johnson. The figure of the police figure Hobbs revealed this recently when interviewed by MTV News as reported on

“THE FAST AND FURIOUS certainly wants to continue to grow. But until now I can’t say I will appear there or not. They are preparing to start filming now,” he said.

At the same time Dwayne blew fresh air about its appearance in the next FAST sequel. According to him, it is possible that he will re-appear in FAST 10.

“But who knows if I will be back at FAST 10? Because as we know, ‘Hobbs and Dom’s business is not finished,” he continued.

It’s not only his business with Dom that hasn’t been finished, but also with Shaw. To the extent that Hobbs and Shaw made their own spinoff. This spin-off itself is believed to bring big profits.

For those of you who are curious about HOBBS AND SHAW, this spin-off will be released this year too. Precisely on the 26th of July. Excited right?

Review Sicario : Day of Soldado

Sicario : Day of Soldado is the sequel from the past Sicario that release on the past 2015. On this Sequel, Emily Blunt that become the main actress on the first sequel is not playing anymore. But the absence of Emily Blunt will not make the movie produce by Stefano Sollima become not attractive to be watch.

Even, with telling the story about smuggling of illegal immigrants from Mexico to United States will make this movie become more understandable and attractive to be watch with the reality content provide in this movie.

Josh Brolin succeed become the star in this movie with Benicio Del Toro. Both of them succeed on playing the role and make this movie looks very real on translating the meaning on the power of Mexico cartel versus the United States government.

The story will begin in where the Gov of United States looking for the terrorism action in where the finding some cartel in Mexico succeed in smuggling Sicario, one of the assassin into their place. Sicario succeed on blow up bomb on United States and because of that now the Gov is planning on getting their revenge.

Matt Gaver (Josh Brolin) CIA agen is choosen to lead a group to kidnap Isabela Reyes (Isabela Moner) the young daughter from the influential cartel in Mexico but need to make it like another cartel on Mexico doing that thing.

From the help by Alejandro Gillick (Benecio del Toro) make this operation can succeed and can provoke the war between Mexico cartel. But this provocation action at last known and thwarted by Mexico government that causing Isabela can escaped from that. This place Matt in a difficult position after Alejandro with his own mission choose to pursuit and save Isabela.

So will Alejandro succeed on saving Isabela and how will this war between the cartel will end ? Movie lover that love to see the action thriller that have a lot scenes of violence in the form of shots, explosions, blood and verbal hurt can not missed this movie.



Sinopsis The Kid Who Would Be King

Children’s fantasy-style films are most suitable for watching the whole family. One of them who is currently airing in the nation’s cinema and can be witnessed by children and other family members is THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING. Just reading the title is full of fantasy.

The story is about a child named Alex (Louis Ashbourne Serkis). He is a single parent child and only lives with his mother. Even at school he remained strong even though he was often the target of bullying two of his seniors, Lance (Tom Taylor) and Kaye (Rhianna Doris).

Alex’s life began to change as he found a sword stuck on a rock. Who would have thought that was Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur (legendary British leader at the end of the fifth century).

His success in successfully pulling out the sword made him strange creatures that appeared. Luckily he was helped by his best friend Bedders (Dean Chaumoo). Alex also asked for help from his two enemies, Lance and Kaye, whom he considered the strongest in school.

Alex also meets a fast food restaurant waiter who turns out to be the original Merlin (Patrick Stewart). Merlin is a legendary wizard in King Arthur’s story.

Crazy Rich Asian Director Want To Collaborate With Joko Anwar

Hearing the name Ivanhoe Pictures, maybe for some Indonesians, they rarely hear. But surely movie lovers have been with CRAZY RICH ASIAN right? Yep, for those who don’t know Ivanhoe Pictures is a producer of films that have been lifted from popular novels and have become box office successes.

For movie lovers created by domestic film makers, there is news that is quite happy from Ivanhoe Pictures. Reporting from Variety, Ivanhoe Pictures has just collaborated with three production houses to make quality Indonesian films. The production houses include Base Entertainment, Rapi Films and CJ Entertainment (studios from South Korea).

The four production houses will cooperate with each other in the fields of film production, financing, and development. Base Entertainment will also get the trust to distribute their works in Indonesia.

One of the collaborations is to produce three Indonesian-language films which are now under development. The three films were titled IMPETIGORE, THE VOW, and GHOST IN THE CELL. Everything will be done by the famous director of the country, Joko Anwar. Joko also acted as a scriptwriter for the three films.

“Bringing together the expertise of international production companies such as Ivanhoe Pictures and CJ Entertainment with local skills from Base Entertainment and Rapi Films, who have an important role in understanding Indonesian audiences and expanding the market, is a pleasant journey from our company collection,” said John Penontti, president of Ivanhoe Pictures.

3 Top Rated Movie All Time According To IMDB

Internet Movie Database ( IMDb ) is a online database who give you information about movie, television program, home made video and video games. IMDB became reference for a movie lovers. IMDB also became the main key for movie lovers before watching a movie, because they have a rating system. This system will give score to all movie.

The movie score came from movie reviewers. So if you don’t want to watch a bad movie, you can search it from IMDB first and see the rating. So this is 3 top rated movie according to IMDB rating.

First is Shawshank Redemption ( 1994 ). This movie have a good rating, 9.3 / 10 ! This movie also became the most favourite movie all the time. The story is taken from Stephen King novel titled Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. The story begin from a succesfull banker whois go into the jail for something he did’nt do.

The second one is The Godfather ( 1972 ). This movie also have a good rating, 9.2 / 10. This movie is a legend ! The story tell about a criminal head who keep older and want to give the position to his son. But there is a conflict and family war to get that position.

The third one is The Dark Night ( 2008 ). Still remember how Joker act in this movie ? Look real right ? This movie is like another superheroes movie. A good guy fighting the bad guy. But the main point in this movie is Joker.

Squel For Venom Finally Announced By Sony

A shocking news has just come from Venom. Following its success at the box office, now the official Venom sequel gets the green light from Sony. The report reported by Variety also stated that the studio had appointed Kelly Marcel as a script writer. Previously, he was known to have written Fifty Shades of Gray which also became hits like Venom. As for now Marcel is also involved in biopic Elvis Presley and Cruella, a Disney film that tells of a female villain from 101 Dalmatians.

Venom himself worked on Ruben Fleischer with the main play Tom Hardy. Although not a good film in the eyes of critics, Venom is still fun to watch thanks to entertaining interactions between Eddie Brock (Hardy) and the parasite symbiote. Noted Venom has earned revenues of $ 855 million and entered the ranks of the best-selling film in 2018.

Besides Hardy, the Venom sequel will be starred by Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson. While the Williams character is speculated to be transformed into She-Venom as in the comics, Harrelson is certainly ready to perform fully as a Carnage villain, the Venom “twin” known to be more brutal. There is no certainty whether Spider-Man (Tom Holland) finally came along, despite the fact that he became an inseparable part of the comic Venom story. In addition, because of Fleischer’s busy masterminding of Zombieland 2, it is not certain that he can return to gush Venom 2, so that the studio is reportedly potentially looking for a new director.

FYI, Venom is positioned as the first film of Sony’s Marvel Universe (SMU). Next the second film to be produced is Morbius, a film about vampires from the Spider-Man universe starring Jared Leto. Sony also has other SMU film projects being developed including Kraven the Hunter, Silver and Black, Silk to Nightwatch.

Movie Review : Phantom Threat ( 2017 )

This is the latest film from Paul Thomas Anderson, and the description above may also apply to the filmmaker. Judging from the uniqueness of the film and its directing style, perhaps it is not wrong to categorize Anderson as an eccentric artist. Reynolds has a distinctive habit, in which he likes to sew secret messages that are hidden behind every shirt he makes. To be personal, he said. Cut my bangs if this does not refer to how the self-conscious Anderson slipped into interesting little things that were not really relevant in every film.

This film is a film about a perfectionist made by a perfectionist. Yup, narcissistic director. Do you know what a perfectionist produces? The work that is almost – if not certain – is always perfect.

Anderson put out extreme skills in building the film. Every detail is sewn with precision. This film is beautifully made. As a film about fashion, costumes in the Phantom Thread are charming. Scoring which was dominated by the piano strings from Jonny Greenwood endlessly created a luxurious but moody feel. Not only writing and directing, Anderson reportedly even highlighted his own film without the help of a cinematographer.

When the film presents something abstruse we will realize that the actual Phantom Thread is a love story that is “sick”. This film is probably Anderson’s most straight and simple film, but he is still absurd. In fact, the top part is somewhat ridiculous if we were not washed away before. On the surface Anderson packed the film as a dark film but there was a strange warmth flowing beneath it.

Final Destination ‘Will Be Rebooted, Involve’ Saw ‘Writers’

Adding to the long list of old franchised franchises, this time the Final Destination is ready to spawn the latest series that repeats everything from the beginning.

Acting as a production house was New Line, the studio behind the success of the Final Destination franchise in the early 2000s. Even though the five Final Destination films have never received a warm welcome from critics, this line of sadistic horror films has its own appeal in attracting audiences, as evidenced by the total revenue of $ 665 million made by the five films.

The last time Final Destination launched the latest series in 2011, and after all this time being left retired, this franchise was re-turned on to the studio in the form of a reboot whose script was written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. They both seem to be familiar with blood-soaked films, considering that both of them have written the scripts of four Saw films (starting in the fourth series) plus Piranha 3DD. Patrick and Marcus are also involved in the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, a horror film from Guillermo del Toro that is ready for release in August 2019.

Broadly speaking, the five Final Destination films tell a handful of people who survived the deadly accident. The survivors were then warned by the main character that they would be killed in a pathetic manner. Unfortunately, even though the protagonist had already explained the bad signs he felt, the survivors were killed one by one in a series of incidents that were unusual and out of reason.

According to the news from THR, Patrick and Marcus will update the premise of Final Destination reboot, although it is not yet known what changes they want to make. Meanwhile, New Line – which is on the wind because the horror films are always successful – currently still has not determined the director.

Aquaman Has The Potential To Have a Sequel

Until this moment, Aquaman has not aired in theaters. But with a positive response in the initial screening and predictions of a solid box office debut, this film directed by James Wan had a big chance of being successful. Knowing that, Toby Emmerich as the leader of Warner Bros. now it has begun to set off to overtake Aquaman’s sequel.

Indeed the making of Aquaman 2 is only a discourse and there has not been any decision about the project. Even the script has not been done yet, as no one has occupied the position of script writer and director. However, according to a report from THR, Emmerich felt the discussion related to the Aquaman sequel was not too early, especially after the first film was estimated to have earned domestic income above $ 65 million in the first week. What’s more, Aquaman 2’s discourse also appeared thanks to the critics’ warm welcome to the first film at the initial screening.

Well, hopefully if Aquaman later proves to be financially and critically successful, WB will bring Wan back to direct the acting duo of the main actors Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Amber Heard (Mera). The reason, one of the things that was often appreciated by critics from Aquaman was Wan’s steady direction. Uniquely, in the same news from THR, Wan acknowledged that he and Heard often joked that Aquaman’s first film should be titled The Adventures of Mera With Her Sidekick Aquaman, because the heroine which he said almost always appeared in each of these scenes had more super power than the king of Atlantis.

Setting after the Justice League, this film tells Arthur Curry a.k.a. Aquaman who realized he was the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis and he had to lead his people to protect the world from threats. Previously, Wan signaled Aquaman would resemble the Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the adventures of Aquaman and his partner, Mera, would be an exciting spectacle.

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The third franchise from HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON will soon be enjoyed by animated film lovers in the world. Different from the previous two films, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3 will be given the subtitles of THE HIDDEN WORLD.

No doubt, according to the title, this film will again tell the adventures of Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and his cute dragon Night Furry in searching for a secret world that has been considered a myth. In addition, Night Furry will later meet and fall in love with other female dragons with the type of Light Furry.

Both of these dragons are equally rare but unfortunately, there is a new figure in this film namely Grimmel the Grisly (F. Abraham Murray) who is in charge of hunting night furry dragons throughout the world. Feeling threatened, Hiccup decided to alienate all dragons in Berk by hiding at The Hidden World.

If previously Toothless was very identical to his funny and adorable behavior, at a glance in the trailer there was one scene which was quite unexpected. After meeting Light Furry, Toothless also shows his ability as alpha (dragon ruler).

Together with Hiccup, he will be the one who will lead all the dragons in Berk to go to The Hidden World. But of course, the trip won’t be that easy. There are so many obstacles that they have to face together.


A Star Is Born Get Grammy Awards And Golden Globe Awards

The latest film played by Lady Gaga entitled A Star Is Born received a pretty good response from Hollywood movie lovers. The drama genre film has been watched by many film lovers. Not only is the film just getting a positive response, even the songs in the film are also rated positively by the audience.

Surprisingly, A Star Is Born also managed to get the Golden Globes Awards and the Grammy Awards. The film received 9 nominations from these two prestigious events.

In the Golden Globes event, the film was nominated for Best Drama, Best Director, Best Actor (Bradley), and Best Actress (Lady Gaga), even Best Song was also won for Shallow songs sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley.

The award was not stop in there, for the Grammy Award, Lady Gaga won the Record of the Year (Shallow), Song of the Year, Best Duo / Group Performance, and the Best Song Written for Visual Media.

But the A Star Is Born soundtrack just isn’t included in the nomination. Not because the soundtrack isn’t good, but the Grammy rating limit that ended in September, while the film was released in October.

Seeing this achievement, Lady Gaga was happy. He even uploaded a photo that expressed his joy through her Instagram account.

Review: Roma

Rome is the latest film from Alfonso Cuaron, a great filmmaker who is the first Mexican director to ever get an Oscar. He called this film his “most personal” film so far. It might be personal for the Cuaron, but what is clear is that it’s not for me. His expertise in directing is clearly displayed on the screen, we immediately know that this film must have been made by people who are talented from birth or perhaps already have a lot of experience. However, I did not feel the impact of this film as he (I think) he meant. Do I have to go to a psychiatrist?

This film is a semiautobiographical film from Cuaron about his childhood in the 70s in a city called Rome in Mexico. Instead of focusing on his childhood life, Cuaron chose to tell a side that has not been told, about important people who are often forgotten. He gave a tribute to a person who was almost a lifetime nameless, but had greatly contributed to raising him.

It is also interesting to watch films that place more boisterous elements, and are usually more cinematic, in the background, while non-dramatic elements are the main part. From the beginning Cuaron had hinted this through a simple opening scene but had strong impressions. We see planes flying in the sky through reflections of puddles on the floor. The floor was flooded because it was being dipel.

The one who mopped it was Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio), one of two assistants who worked for a middle class family consisting of Sofia’s mother (Arina de Tavira), father (Fernando Grediaga), and four small children. Together with his friend, Adela (Nancy Garcia), Cleo diligently and tirelessly takes care of the household, from washing, cooking, caring for children, to cleaning the floor from dog poop which is like never ending.

Bird Box Breaking Record In Netflix

In its efforts to compete with Hollywood studios, Netflix often produces original films that are not less interesting than films that air in theaters. After Rome’s work by Alfonso Cuaron successfully amazed critics, there was one more Netflix original film that later became the spotlight.

The film is titled Bird Box, which is often compared to A Quiet Place. Armed with a unique premise and a pretty good quality film, Bird Box has just broken the record as a Netflix production film with the most viewers in the first week, which Bright previously held. No kidding, Netflix’s official Twitter account announced, there were 45,037,125 accounts watching Bird Box in the first seven days of release.

For information, the Bird Box is a sci-fi horror film made by Susanne Bier who put up Oscar-winning actress, Sandra Bullock, as the main star. The story itself focuses on the struggle of a mother and child through a dangerous river, to find shelter from the attacks of mysterious monsters that threaten the world. Unfortunately, to be able to escape the terror of this invisible monster, humans must close their eyes, which makes Bullock’s character journey more challenging and thrilling.

Bird Box is known to launch on the Netflix streaming service on December 21, 2018. The popularity of Bird Box immediately gave birth to many funny memes on social media, followed by various theories and discussions that discussed mysterious monsters in the film. Although classified as a critic among critics, in fact Bird Box is also a lot of thumbs up by horror movie lovers.

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