Synopsis: Parasite AKA Kiseijuu

Synopsis: Parasite AKA Kiseijuu

Kiseijuu or the translation Parasite, is an anime that has a little horror genre or gore. This Parasite anime tells us that there are extraterrestrials called parasites who wants to rule the earth. These parasitic parasites enter through the human body by making hole as the entrance for them. After entering the human body, these parasites will take over this human body or it can be called the brain of humans and control it.

After being successfully controlled, these humans at a glance look ordinary, if you look at the parasites again this will eat humans who oppose them, human heads will open and become fangs
terrible sharp fangs and devour humans.

Most Japanese cities have been infected by these parasites. But one of the people named Shinichi Izumi, will be controlled by a parasite, but the parasite is blocked because Shinichi binds his hand with a rope. The parasite gets stuck and the parasite can only control it just his hand. From the hand cut, and the parasite dies, this parasite makes a deal with humans. They also become partners and look after each other.

They want to kill the leaders of these parasites. The leader of the parasite is very strong, he is have quite a lot of weapons and thick skin that is difficult to penetrate with sharp weapon.

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