Month: November 2018

Teaser: The Lion King

The Lion King is one of the most favorite animated films of all time. This need not be debated anymore. Since Disney has been aggressively remaking all of their animated properties (maybe Wreck-It Ralph 2 will follow soon), then of course The Lion King won’t be an exception. Now, with the high reputation of the original film, our expectations for live-action adaptation must also soar. What will this film be like? What is clear, we do not need to worry about whether the story will be tampered with. Because as far as I can see from the teaser, this film seems to be copying the original material completely.

Let us not question the “live-action” status of this film. As we can see, Disney seems to only move the film from a two-dimensional animation medium to CGI. CGI aka computer-generated imagery is still included in one type of animation. Or … maybe all of this is authentic? I mean, who knows Disney really does train dozens of animals to act in front of the camera? This is the studio that is able to make Spider-Man enter the Avengers, which we are talking about.

The new version of Lion King was made by Jon Favreau, who succeeded two years ago – re-The Jungle Book became a CGI film, I mean, successful live action earned nearly a billion dollars at the box office. Considering the audience’s love of the classic film The Lion King, this time the film is sure to get past that achievement easily.

The teaser of the trailer is almost completely like the plek ketiplek with one of the iconic scenes from the animated film. Opened with a spectacular view of the African savanna, we then see dozens of animals gathering in the Pride Rock to witness the arrival of the new prince, Simba. We don’t see a single animal talking like in its animation, but we hear a monologue from Mufasa that was delivered directly by the voice of the original film, namely James Earl Jones.

PIHU: An Ordinary Movie With Extraordinary Child !

In a brave treat inspired by a true story that was read by the director, Vinod Kapri (Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho), four years ago, Pihu asked the question, “What happens if a toddler is left alone at home?”. Combine it with the negligence in turning off some electronic equipment, creating a scenario explaining that helped slap us through case studies regarding parenting.

In order to avoid spoilers, I can only say that this film tells a two-year-old girl named Pihu (Myra Vishwakarma) who is left alone at home without proper food supplies, as well as an iron and a running tap. As the duration goes on, we begin to know the whereabouts of Pihu’s parents, also the reason he is alone, in the story which also talks about household conflict, including its impact on children.

Taking two hours of shooting every day with three cameras placed on location, Pihu has a minimalist dialogue. We only hear a few telephone conversations and a little interaction outside the Pihu house. Furthermore, besides the titular character and the mother (played by Prerna Sharma, Myra’s mother in the real world), there is no character whose face is shown directly. Either just a foot that appears, or a sound that is heard.

‘Pihu’ is a case study first, thriller later. Vinod Kapri, who also acted as a writer, was even willing to change the manuscript several times to suit the behavior of his little actress, in order to capture images as natural as possible. And the effort was successful. We can feel the freedom given to Myra, where in contrast to many little actors, she is not seen pretending or carrying out instructions. And most importantly, Pihu behaves as a toddler behaves if placed in a variety of situations.

The key word is “toddler”. Because the protagonist is a toddler, things are usually annoying, because it is a form of ignorance for adult characters, here is a reasonableness based on the typical curiosity of a child. We also can sit back and enjoy the film, Well, actually “relaxing” is not the right choice, because the existence of toddlers as the main character makes our concerns and worries multiply. Increasingly tense because the ability of children to solve problems is certainly not as good as adults. What is for us everyday (heating food, opening a refrigerator) is a challenging adventure for them.

Review Wreck It Ralph 2 : Ralph Break The Internet !

This is the first time Ralph has visited the internet. Ralph Breaks the Internet also makes us feel like we are re-acquainted with this vast virtual universe without limits, where everything is there and there is always something new at every corner. This film is able to change something insignificant into something imaginative. Routine things about the internet are transformed into exciting adventures. We feel like we first visited the internet.

This film turned out to be better than I expected. Watching his first film, Wreck-It Ralph, I know this film will again use its main ammunition in the form of brands and characters from other properties that are dressed with flashy contemporary animations plus a little joke of reference games. Hmm, surely Ralph will meet with physical figures from Google, Facebook, Twitter and others, right? But apparently he was not that trivial. The author, Rich Moore, who collaborated again with Phil Johnston after the subversive Zootopia, turned out to be brave enough to explore more, to be able to present entertaining and intelligent animated films. This film is a haqiqi sequel, has a new story that deserves to be told.

As we know at the end of his first film, Ralph (John C. Reilly) has made peace with his destiny as a villain for Fix-It Felix. More importantly, he now has a close friend, Vanellope (Sarah Silverman), a cute racer from the game Sugar Rush. Ralph is happy with his routine of working in an online game during the day and hanging out in other games with Vanellope at night. But Vanellope was hungry for new adventures.

A tragedy changed everything: the steering wheel in the Sugar Rush broke. And because this is the millennial era, of course Sugar Rush is no longer produced, steering wheel spare parts. The only place to get it is in something called “eBay”. This eBay is on the “internet,” something they have also heard for the first time. There’s no time to hesitate, let’s Ralph and Vanellope, we head to the internet!

Fantastic Beast: Crimes of Grindewald, Really Dissapointed !

Perhaps the more appropriate title is ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Plans of Grindelwald’. I can guarantee that most of the duration of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will be spent asking questions like me: Actually what happened here?

Even though I’ve watched all Harry Potter films and read almost all of his books.

This question can actually be a good testimony if the context is different. Yha, the magic in its essence is indeed beyond comprehension of reason. Wizarding World, as we have known since Harry Potter entered school almost two decades ago, is indeed a magical world full of magic. We are amazed at the things beyond our comprehension, these ordinary Muggle ordinary people. Unfortunately, Fantastic Beasts 2 seemed to offer very little. Instead, he is busy giving too many subplots and characters that — more unluckily — almost all are hard to understand and we can’t care about.

If you still remember, his first film titled Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them tells the story of the adventures of Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), a magizoologist who loves magic creatures who will later write one of the guidebooks at Harry Potter’s school. In this second film that still puts on the main title “Fantastic Beasts”, Newt is still adventuring … like. It’s hard for me to say this confidently. To be honest, Newt doesn’t have a good place here. The story center is no longer Newt, but everyone except Newt. Every now and then fantastic creatures are tucked away, pretending to be like a story like having a relationship with the title.

Now about the subtitle of The Crimes of Grindelwald, I don’t think this is right. As far as I can see, there is no crime from Grindelwald who feels it deserves to be underlined as a title. Here he made more plans. Perhaps the more appropriate title is Fantastic Beasts: The Plans of Grindelwald.

Best Indonesian Horror Movie Without Ghost !

Admittedly, Indonesian horror films are like “nuts”, lots of them! So many, filmmakers as if they were not bored and kept making films with different angles. It must be admitted, too, that of the many Indonesian horror films, only a few have storytelling and quality in the hearts of the audience.

Indeed, horror films are synonymous with ghosts. However, there are some horror films that are creepy with the lack of a ghost figure. The thing is, most rely on mythical stories that give rise to a mystical atmosphere. The films succeeded in making the audience tense and depressed with the storyline.

The film Rumah Dara is arguably one of the most annoying horror films. The thing is, the film that The Mo Brothers worked on makes you depressed in every scene. The built-in horror is not about ghosts, but about psychopaths and cannibalism.

Not a fat horror film, this film starring Shareefa Daanish makes you cringe even though you only see the footage. The art of the atmosphere and the expressions of the characters make you speechless. For those of you who can’t stand to see blood, you should refuse to watch this film.

This film by Joko Anwar is more of a supernatural genre. Indeed, initially you were only given a running scene in the middle of the forest that made you guess and at the same time made you bored. However, smartly, Joko Anwar gave a treatment that made it more and more painful for you, especially with a surprising climax.

Horror is increasingly thanks to film cinematography which is displayed in a classic and dark atmosphere. Anomaly mode also has scoring that evokes your depression side. This horror film has a puzzling story. So, not everyone can accept and understand the storyline.

Fate And Fury, The Newest Korea Drama Will Aired On December

SBS has just released a teaser for their latest drama labeled as FATE AND FURY. The latest drama was played by Joo ang Wook and Lee Min Jung. This drama will tell about Cinderella’s life, but is wrapped in a modern nuance.

In the latest video teaser, viewers can see a picture of the relationship that Goo Hae Ra (Lee Min Jung) and Tae In Joon (Joo Sang Wook) are undergoing.

In the teaser video, the audience can see the chemistry between the two players. The atmosphere presented is quite melancholy. It seems that there will be surprises that will get the audience broken hearted.

In the drama, Goo Hae Ra has a sad life. He wants to change his destiny by having a relationship with Tae In Joon. While the lover also loves Goo Hae Ra very much.

After his meeting with Tae In Joon, Goo Hae Ra’s life changed dramatically. This can be seen from the luxurious life he lived in, very different when he had not met Tae In Joon.

Goo Hae Ra is portrayed as a beautiful and intelligent woman, but her financial condition is chaotic. Initially he tried to approach Tae In Joon who was the company’s heir, but over time, it seems that Goo Hae Ra really fell in love with Tae In Joon.

This drama will be aired on December 1. You can see the teaser video on Youtube.

Brie Larsson As Captain Marvel, Cool Or No ?

The third row of Marvel Cinematic Universe films will end in the Avenger 4 series which will air in 2019. But before entering there, Marvel will be presenting their latest film titled Captain Marvel. The figure chosen to play the character Captain Marvel is Brie Larson.

This film became a highly anticipated film by Marvel fans. In the film that will air this will tell about the origin story of Captain Marvel. As we know, in the Avenger credit ending: Infinity Wars that aired some time ago, there was a last message from Nick Fury to Captain Marvel. This figure who is trusted will defeat Thanos who has collected the five infinite stones.

Entertainment Weekly finally released several first and exclusive photos from Captain Marvel. Brie Larson who was the main character in the film appeared on the cover of the September issue of Entertainment Weekly. Instead of being curious, just go ahead and see the latest photos!


Brie Larson does look very suitable when wearing Captain Marvel costumes. He looks like a very tough woman who will defeat Thanos! Cool isn’t it?


Not only Brie Larson appeared in the latest photo, some other characters such as Ronan The Accuser and also Korath in the Guardian of the Galaxy series were also present!


Jude Law was appointed to play the role of Carol Danvers. He will play a role named Mar-Vell and is the leader of the Starforce Team. He will be the mentor of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) before wearing the Captain Marvel costume.


In addition to information, the film Captain Marvel still tells about the origin story of Captain Marvel itself, where the character of Nick Fury will also appear at a young age. So for this episode, Captain Marvel will still not fight Thanos. Let’s wait whether this film is worth watching or not.

Review Movie : Venom 2018

Marvel recently released their latest film titled Venom. Who doesn’t know Venom? This villain character has been very thoughtful in the minds of Marvel fans, especially fans of Spiderman films.

But for the released Venom film, it has a storyline that is slightly different from the original story. But that does not mean the film is bad, precisely the plot that is not predictable makes this film quite interesting to watch.

This film tells about the messy life of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy). At first Eddie’s live with his girlfriend went pretty well. Eddie is a reporter who is quite reliable and famous.

When asked to interview Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), he could not hold himself back and questioned the number of victims used for the experiment.

Because of this, his life was destroyed. Eddie was finally fired from his job and his girlfriend left himself alone. It was this broken life that made Venom interested and finally chose Eddie as a host.

The film is full of entertaining comedy and lots of fun action. Besides that you will also be introduced to two other types of symbiotes named Riot and Carnage.

For those of you who want to find an action film full of comedy, we highly recommend Venom. Our score for the Venom film is 7/10. Enjoy watching !

Review Anime : Boku No Hero Academia

As a anime lover, i think we already know about Boku no Hero Academia Series right ? Boku no Hero Academia is a anime which tell story about some student who want to be a hero.

The main character of this anime is Deku. The main character of this series is different with another anime. Usually, a main character have a powerfull power like Naruto, Ichigo Kurosaki or Luffy. But in Boku no Hero Academia, Deku don’t have any power. Many people said that Deku can’t be a hero because he doesnt have a quirk ( some kind of power or special ability ).

Even don’t have any quirk, Deku have something that any people don’t have, a heart of a hero. Because of this, the number 1 rank hero, Allmight finally gave Deku a powerfull quirk called One For All. This Quirk is different with another quirk. We can say that this quirk is the most powerfull quirk in universe.

But Deku body can’t accept that power, so whenever he use his skill, his body will be suffering in pain and can’t be used anymore ( luckyly they have healing grandma who can heal any injury part with a kiss ).

This anime now entering season 4, not only that, they also launch a movie titled Boku no Hero Academia, The Two Heroes. Dont miss it guys !

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