Review Dumbo ( 2019 )

Review Dumbo ( 2019 )

Perhaps this is a good sign for humanity in general. The act of making fun of diffables is indeed a trite thing that should have been extinct for a long time. However, that is not the only reason for the absence of these heartbreaking scenes. Maybe we just don’t know that Dumbo is still being ridiculed – how about that, in this live-action version no animal can talk. Especially singing like the animated version was released in 1941. In fact, we even spend very little time with them. So, we also won’t meet Timothy, the circus rat who became Dumbo’s best friend.

The new Dumbo peak version is no longer a matter of how Dumbo can fly. He was good at flapping his ears from the beginning of the film. So, even though Dumbo’s flying ability is still spectacular to witness, this part is not the main point of the film. Dumbo is still the center of the story of the film, but this time he is surrounded with too many characters with backgrounds and very cliched characterizations. We can almost guess how the story will run when a character first appears on the screen. To appear standout, Dumbo actually doesn’t need them. Dumbo has been pulled from there.

The most important human character is probably Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell), a horse rider in the circus owned by Max Medici (Danny DeVito). Upon returning to the task of the state in World War I, Holt had to lose one hand, his horse, and his wife. Due to the appalling financial conditions of the Medici circus, Holt was assigned to treat elephants, including a pregnant elephant named Jumbo. Yep, he was the elephant who later gave birth to Dumbo. Because of his physical abnormalities, only Holt’s children, Milly and Joe (Nico Parker and Finley Hobbins) were willing to take care of him.

When I saw Dumbo, I felt like I saw a real elephant. Okay, of course there are no elephants with ears and eyes of that size. However, the CGI magic made it real. When he moves or interacts with humans, he has a convincing weight and space sensation. Speaking of eyes, of course you know the function of the eyes is not from a character in a movie right? yup, to provoke sympathy and drain sweat in our eyes.

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