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Review: Ready Player One

Review: Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a spectacular light entertainment, made with skill and integrity. Every space on the screen is filled with sensational visuals and awesome special effects. This film is an ambitious project from veteran director Steven Spielberg, who took the idea of ​​the potential of virtual reality and turned it into a sensational blockbuster built with the magic of CGI and crowded with pop culture references. And here Spielberg doesn’t hold back at all.

Spielberg is an expert in these kinds of things. The filmmaker has donated several works that became technical pioneers in blockbuster films, ranging from Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jurassic Park, to The Adventures of Tintin. Ready Player One is indeed not a pioneer in any case, but this film is a top achievement in special effects. The source material is a novel with the same title by Ernest Cline, which I did not read, but said it was heavenly pleasure for nerds. If that is the case, then the novel has got the equivalent film adaptation.

The setting is 2045, when the world is more chaotic than now. Poverty and overpopulation make the majority of residents have to live in containers arranged in stages such as flat. So it is actually better to spend time in OASIS, a virtual reality universe that might be called an interactive game but it is so suitable as an escape from reality because there we can be anything and do anything. This is a place where fantasy comes true; monsters, robots, giants, we can even become Batman. To enter OASIS, we only need to wear special glasses.

The creator is James Halliday (Mark Rylance), OASIS’s Steve Jobs. Before he died, Halliday gave a 3 level game to all OASIS users. Anyone who can complete all levels has the right to inherit all of Halliday’s wealth and, most importantly, complete control of OASIS. Absolutely, the outline of the plot is similar to the style of video game narrative. So began a superstructive game involving all OASIS players.

Disney Responds to Criticism of ‘The Lion King’ Movie

The Lion King’s live-action trailer did not only succeed in creating an interest in the film, but also aroused nostalgia for those who were big in the 90s, when the Lion King animation became a global phenomenon. But on the other hand, this trailer also sparked a debate over whether this film is worthy of being called live action, because all the animals shown appeared to appear in CGI form. More than that, not a few who criticized the live action of The Lion King they only repeated scene after scene in the animation.

Not wanting to live-action The Lion King is considered an imitation of animation, Sean Bailey as a Disney official tried to straighten out the negative assumptions that later wrapped up the movie made by Jon Favreau. To THR, Bailey stated that he knew very well that the animation of The Lion King was a film that was loved by many people, so the studio would bring the best things from its animation in working on live action.

But Bailey also hinted that The Lion King was not just “copy paste”, because he confirmed there were new things in live action that we did not find in the animation. More details, Bailey revealed live-action The Lion King uses a filmmaking technique that includes animation and live action. Bailey acknowledged, this new filmmaking technique was an evolution of the technology that Favreau used to work on the live-action film The Jungle Book.

Review : Overlord ( 2018 )

As a class B movie, Overlord has a better appearance than we thought. The opening scene is extraordinarily effective. I can say that this is the most spectacular opening scene I’ve ever seen for the size of the films in his class. This scene shows an army transport plane strafed by firearms, just before the soldiers parachute. We don’t see enemy aggression directly, but we see flashes of bullets that pierce the fuselage and then, bodies of several soldiers.

The camera focused on the panic of the soldiers. Maybe this is intended to save budget, instead of displaying a real battlefield that definitely needs a lot of special effects. But this also escalates the tension and urgency of the scene.

Again, it is proven that J.J. Abrams can make whatever it produces looks more expensive than the original. The focus then turned to one soldier, namely soldier Boyce (Jovan Adepo). He parachuted with stuttering and then landed imperfectly in the water. He is still alive, but now in a dense forest. The bodies hung on the tree, while the sound of bullets was faint in the distance. The tense atmosphere of the forest seemed very realistic. Cinematography and sound design really works optimally to capture the tension of soldiers trapped in mysterious enemy territories.

It was D-Day in World War II, historic moments just as the Allied troops would hit back German troops from the French Normandy coast. This mission itself, says Google, is called “Operation Overlord”. Boyce’s team was the opening team assigned to destroy the signal jamming tower in a church near the beach. Without the tower, Allied aircraft could safely provide air support for the infantry who would later invade from land and sea.

First Trailer Of The Possesion Of Hannah Grace

Finally the wait for horror movie lovers is finished, Sony Pictures Indonesia has released the first trailer for their latest film titled The Possesion of Hannah Grace. The video of the trailer only lasts 2.:19 minutes, but in a very short time Diederik can provide a very tense atmosphere, complete with aspects of the dark room and also the sound that is horrible but does not feel excessive.

This film tells about the life of a female police officer named Megan Reed, played by Shay Mitchell. Megan is a woman who doesn’t believe in mystical things and works surrounded by corpses.

But Megan’s conviction began to collapse when there was a corpse resulting from an exorcism failure that he had to deal with. When the corpse arrived, strange noises were heard, even the corpse began to give signs of life. Who is Hannah Grace (corpse) actually? Why does the exorcism process fail? And what dark past did Megan try to cover up?

Terror from Hannah Grace’s corpse also became more real. When Megan is alone, more and more terrible events occur. Worse yet, when Megan told the bad news to someone else, no one believed, they even considered Megan crazy. Then what is the end of this scary story?

Just find the answer in the film The Possesion of Hannah Grace, which will air soon this November. For those of you who are curious about this movie trailer video, you can see it directly on the official Sony Entertainment Youtube channel.

Bumblebee – Refreshing Side Story Of Transformer

Finally there are also Transformers films made for humans. That, you know, creatures that really can empathize, instead of just joking about the robot robot in mass chaos. The plot this time is simpler and easier to understand. The sequence of actions is coherent and can be followed. And the character feels human. Including robot characters too. Sometimes simple things can be more silly than complicated. What made me think: lest Michael Bay thought that we were too smart for everything that was simple, so he presented something complex. Too complex to digest ordinary human logic. BOOOOM! Mindblown!

So, this time I am a lay man, fortunately given a simple story, which is about a child who is friends with aliens in the form of robots. The alien is an (?) Autobots named B-127. It is said that the civil war between the Autobots race and the Decepticon race on the planet Cybertron delivered it to planet Earth. Unfortunately, he was stranded at a military training ground commanded by agent Burns (John Cena). Coupled with the arrival of a Decepticon who hunted him, the B-127 had to run away in a state of severe injury and loss of the sound module.

He will then be found by Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), an 18-year-old teenager who is still mourning the death of his father and still unable to live a new life with his mother’s new husband. Charlie likes to tamper with machines and really wants to have his own car, but the mother doesn’t want to buy him. When finding a dilapidated VW car in the uncle’s workshop, Charlie of course took him home. How’s it going, it’s a dilapidated VW rather than not having a car. What he didn’t know, this VW turned out to be able to turn into a sophisticated alien robot. After a bit of surprise, Charlie then gives him the name “Bumblebee”.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ (2018)

It’s only been almost two decades, but it feels like we’ve watched too many versions of Spider-Man. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting bored. The solution provided by Hollywood? Another Spider-Man movie with more Spider-Man. Okesiyap.

Usually I will get inflamed, but Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse turned out to make me excited while watching. This film was successful in presenting something new in the era of cinema that had become crowded with superhero films. It’s nice to watch a movie that is bold and fun playing with formulas, instead of presenting something so-so. He utilizes the medium to the fullest, thus providing a viewing experience that we don’t get from Spider-Man’s previous films.

This film is an animated film, which makes many creative choices wide open. Anything can happen. And indeed that is the end; Spider-Verse pushed himself out of bounds. The action sequence comes with interesting choreography, hyperactive camera motion, and unique shooting angles that might only be possible through animated films.

I inevitably have to use the term “comic book movie”. Not only because the film is an adaptation of comic books, but also because the sensation feels like watching a comic book. So if you are a big fans of Spiderman Comic, you should watch this movie.

Hallowen 2018 – Michael Myers Is Back !

The presence of Hallowen’s latest film certainly is a breath of fresh air for fans of this series. Many speculations say that this film is very bad, but Davin Gordon Green, Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley were able to provide a spectacular stage for Michael Myers.

The presence of Hallowen’s latest film is able to satisfy the fans’ nostalgic feelings for Michael Myers. Hallowen’s first sequel first aired in 1978 ago. Since the presence of Hallowen II (1981), the next sequel is indeed disappointing, so it is only natural if the audience feels missed by the figure of Michael Myers like the one in his first sequel.

Hallowen 2018 does not only tell Michael Myers as a hunter, but also places himself as a prey. Laurie who had attended the previous Halloween sequel also appeared in this latest sequel.

If Michael Myers is placed in a asylum prison with strict escort, then Laurie is also hiding and preparing for Michael Myers’s arrival. For 20 years, she shut himself up and increased his physical strength to fight and kill Michael Myers.

The dark side of Michael Myers’s story is able to be presented in this film. Besides that the cinematography is also very good so that it can bring the audience to feel horror in every corner of the film.

We highly recommend this film to watch, The film scores 7/10.018 –

Review: Widows !

Steve McQueen (Shame, 12 Years a Slave) did what most directors would not dare to do. He installed Liam Neeson and Jon Bernthal — two actors who were identical with machismo — in the ranks of the players, giving both short roles to accommodate the creation of treats themed women’s empowerment. Behind the heist concept, Widows, which was adapted from the British television series titled the same (1983-1985), also scattered a variety of complex topics such as sexism, corrupt politics, to racism.

Four women – Veronica (Viola Davis), Linda (Michelle Rodriguez), Alice (Elizabeth Debicki), Amanda (Carrie Coon) – amid grieving over the death of their respective husbands after the failure of a robbery led by Harry (Liam Neeson). As if it wasn’t enough, other problems took turns, one of them was Jamal’s demands (Brian Tyree Henry), the mafia boss who was robbery victim Harry and friends, to Veronica to return the stolen money, which would be used to campaign to overthrow its rival, Jack (Colin Farrell )

Writing the script with Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), McQueen explained the bitter reality of widows who were often seen as weak helpless after being left behind by a male companion. It was this negative stigma that Widows tried to undermine, where widows were forced to bear the sins of their late husband. “Just dead is still troublesome”. Maybe that’s the rough sentence. But that’s where the women of this film find a way to prove themselves.

Widows is a process of proving independence and separated from the shadow of a man. Veronica is threatened by Jamal, Linda loses her shop due to her husband’s gambling debt, but the most binding story comes from Alice. A victim of domestic violence, dependence on her husband made it difficult for her to find her own footing. Even the mother (Jacki Weaver) forced her to dredge rich men’s money for survival, because according to her, women should not be independent and must rely on men’s support.

Synopsis: Us, Latest Thriller Films Director ‘Get Out’

Successfully broke the Oscar and created a hit at the box office through its film debut, Get Out, making the latest work by Jordan Peele’s filmmaker, Us, highly anticipated. Now Universal releases the synopsis Us, which finally reveals the mystery of the story from Peele’s thriller.

Broadly speaking, Peele looks like to present a home invasion-themed film through Us. The film itself tells of a mother and father who took their child to his home on the coast, hoping to have fun with his friend. But as night fell, their togetherness moment turned tense and chaotic when uninvited guests appeared.

Starting from the synopsis, Us seems to be not much different from the home invasion films in general, which often highlights the host’s struggle to survive the terror of strangers. But because this film came from a Jordan Peele, Us has the potential to become a special home invasion show that might offend racial issues, as Peele presented in Get Out.

Meanwhile, the ranks of Us players involved two Black Panther movie stars, Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong’o, and one star in the series The Handmaid’s Tale, Elisabeth Moss. Besides them, there are also Heidecker, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop and Tom Pelphrey. SlashFilm also reported, the film will mark Duke Nicholson’s acting debut, which is none other than the famous actor’s grandson Jack Nicholson. With a text written by Peele, Us was produced by Blumhouse, which previously also powered Get Out with Universal.

Godzilla New Movie Will Give An Intense Battle

Appearing different from his predecessor, directed by Gareth Edwards, Godzilla’s sequel under the direction of Michael Dougherty is arguably ready to appear exclusively in terms of action monster. How not, in the film titled Godzilla: King of Monsters, the character of the title is not only dealing with one monster like in the first film, but three monsters at once which includes Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah.

After not long ago Godzilla 2 released a new trailer that showed a glimpse of the battle of the giants, Dougherty also opened his voice about how he executed the duel anticipated by the monster lovers. Aware of the state of the film which is filled with many monsters, Dougherty signals Godzilla 2 will be faster grooved, and most importantly, fighting monsters in this film will be presented all-out.

“We have many monsters (in Godzilla 2). In my opinion, Gareth (Edwards) likes to take the rat and cat approach, and I like the slow groove that he builds. But in this film we will not be half-hearted. There is no term of restraint (in Godzilla 2), “Dougherty said to Total Film regarding his approach to working on the third film of MonsterVerse. Referring to Dougherty’s explanation, we can expect Godzilla’s fight against the monsters to ravage the entire city to the ground. A Titan class duel that is not only epic, but certainly also destructive.

Set five years after the first film released in 2014, this sequel is ready to present the “battle royale” of monsters, where Godzilla will fight in a powerful duel involving Rodan, Mothra and the three-headed dragon King Ghidorah. The story itself will highlight the monarch’s heroic actions as their members face the four giant monsters. The fate of humanity is threatened when all these monsters come to the surface, and fight it out in order to be the strongest.

Avenger Infinite War Part II : Avenger End Game

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR leaves a mystery that is very hanging and makes the public curious. Thanos managed to collect the infinity stone and snapped his fingers, with the effects of a very fatal destruction on earth. Some superheroes disappeared because of that.


Now Marvel movie lovers can at least breathe a bit of relief, because Marvel finally released the official trailer from AVENGERS 4. From the 2-minute video, several facts that have been kept secret have finally been revealed.


For information only, AVENGERS 4 is again entrusted to the director of the Russo brothers, Joe and Anthony. The Sequel from AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is also one part of the 10-year anniversary celebration of the Cinematic Universe.


Last October, Marvel released the title AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR – PART 2 for this sequel. But in the trailer that was released, finally revealed if the new title used is AVENGERS: END GAME.


The scene opens with the appearance of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) who is floating alone on a starship. He then documented his whereabouts using his Iron Man suite helmet which was half broken.


Thanos successfully eliminated a series of superheroes at INFINITY WAR, only a few managed to survive. And through this trailer, you can also find out who are the superheroes who will appear later.


Marvel’s original superheroes, like Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk to the Nebula are seen there. But among them there is also the appearance of several superhero figures that will surprise you.

Horror Film : Doctor Sleep Finally Ready To Haunt You

Horror films adaptation of Stephen King’s novel that was developed, one that is ready to be released is Doctor Sleep, which is a sequel to The Shining (1980) by legendary director Stanley Kubrick.

As if to make sure this sequel can match the solid quality of the first film, Warner Bros. also entrusted the director’s stick to Mike Flanagan, known as a talented horror filmmaker. Now through his Facebook account, Flanagan announces that the filming of Doctor Sleep, which began in September 2018, has finished, and he also admitted that being able to film King’s epic novel was an extraordinary experience in his career.

Adapted from the same titled King novel published in 2013 ago, the film Doctor Sleep later tells Danny Torrance – the son of the main character The Shining – who has now become a grown man. Years after he experienced a terrible event in the first film, in this sequel Danny still felt the trauma of the past that made him an alcoholic. Danny’s life was shaken again after meeting a little girl who had the power of mind like him. This unexpected meeting finally confronts them with a strange sect looking for capable people like Danny.

Written and directed by Flanagan, Doctor Sleep stars Ewan McGregor (Christopher Robin) as Danny, Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible – Fallout) as sect leader, followed by Kyliegh Curran, Zahn McClarnon, Bruce Greenwood and Jacob Tremblay. The Doctor Sleep is a film adaptation of the second King novel by Flanagan, after Gerald’s Game (2017) which was named as one of the best King novel adaptation films. Before that, Flanagan consistently presented good horror films such as Oculus, Hush, Before I Wake and Ouija: Origin of Evil. And this year Flanagan has just released The Haunting of Hill House, where the Netflix horror series has successfully received a positive response.

Blue Beetle – New Super Hero Movie From DC

Increase the length of the list of DC superhero films that are being made, Warner Bros. now holding a Blue Beetle film, with a script written by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer. The film follows The Flash, Green Lantern Corps, Birds of Prey to Suicide Squad 2 as a DC Extended Universe film project which is being developed.

In his own comic, there are three characters who have worn Blue Beetle costumes, including Dan Garrett, Ted Kord and the latest Jaime Reyes. Especially for the film later, the studio dropped its choice on the version of Reyes, which in fact is of Latin blood. With Reyes’s background, the Blue Beetle became the first DC film to carry the main Latin character. Therefore, the Blue Beetle is considered to enrich the diversity of characters in DCEU.

FYI, before the Blue Beetle project existed, the studio had developed the Booster Gold film, which was planned to present a joint action of the character’s title and Blue Beetle. But for no apparent reason, this superhero movie duo no longer sounded echoed, and now it is precisely the Blue Beetle that made its solo film.

Meanwhile, besides the Blue Beetle, Gareth also became a script writer for two remake films, namely Scarface and Miss Bala. Gareth himself will later write the Blue Beetle which focuses on the story of Jaime Reyes, a teenager of American-Mexican descent who gets super powers after finding strange beetles after school. Thanks to the beetle, Reyes not only gained strength and agility, but also had armor, weapons and wings to fly. With the director still not found, for the time being the studio hasn’t set a release date for the Blue Beetle.

Remake Of Suzanna Old Horror Movie: Bernafas Dalam Kubur

Suzzanna will take us to feel the atmosphere of the 1980s with a more sophisticated film format. Still carrying the typical plot and story of that year, it also adds to the increasingly ‘old’ atmosphere. Suzzanna, a horror film that won’t scare us. In fact, the level of drama in this film is much stronger.

Maybe this is because the ghost figure in this film is the protagonist. So that the audience is even more sympathetic to his figure than the perpetrator. Apart from that, the Suzzanna and Satria’s love story, brought this film to a very dramatic level. And this is quite beyond the shadow of the audience.

Hoping to get a scary horror, but instead get a lively drama. But it was good. Because in addition to the horror side that is not fierce, Suzzanna has a sadistic scene. Of course this will still cause horror atmosphere to the audience. One more interesting thing, the roll of comedy scattered throughout the film, inevitably made the audience laugh out loud.

Wow, it doesn’t need to be doubted if Soraya makes a film. Exorbitant production value, has become a standard that cannot be ignored. The picture quality itself, the shooting technique, color grading, all is great! Prosthethic makeup from Russia is also very satisfying! Successfully making Luna Maya become very similar to Suzzanna physically. The artistic appearance in this film also shows the atmosphere in the 1980s. There is one of the most favorite shots, namely when Suzzanna is carrying a head in her hand, when she is in the factory, using a Dutch angle technique, making a picture of Grande!

Besides visual, audio is also done with grande. Illustration music and sound effects deserve a thumbs up, because they managed to build the mood of the audience well. Beyond that, the quality of dialogue can also be heard clearly and softly.

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