Hataraku Saibou

Learn About Human Body From Hataraku Saibou Anime

Learn About Human Body From Hataraku Saibou Anime

Learning about how our bodies work will certainly be a very boring thing right? Have you ever imagined how cells in the body work? In fact there are still many people who don’t know how cells work in the body and are too lazy to learn it.

But there is one Japanese anime studio that is able to represent stories about how the body cells work in a very nice, interesting, exciting, and supported by characters that are so adorable, the name of the studio is Kodansha.

Hataraku Saibo is an anime produced by Kodansha which was first introduced through shonen kodansha magazine and was finally appointed as an anime series on July 7, 2018 by David Production.

Hataraku Saibo tells about the lives of cells in the human body such as red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, cancer killer cells, cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, germs and so on.

The story in the anime Hataraku Saibo is also cultivated so beautifully that cells are made as if living in a city and they have to work like people in the city, for example red blood cells that work to deliver oxygen throughout the body through blood tissue.

Not only describing a city full of peace, sometimes these cities are also destroyed by being attacked by germs and bad bacteria, but because the body has protective cells to ward off every bacterium, say white blood cells and cancer killer cells, these cities can be revitalized again, of course with the help of the adorable platelets!

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