Month: September 2018

The Nun Scarier than Conjuring ? – Good news for everyone of us that likes to watch horror movie, in this September, after The Conjuring and Annabelle has been release to the public, in the mean time we will get another ‘ Terror ‘ come from the new film that been stated is SCARIER than The Conjuring.

Called THE NUN.

Yes this Movie will tell us about the story of Pastor Burke that send to Vatikan for investigate the death of the young nun that happen mysteriously.  The young nun is found suicide in her small temple in Rumania. And the story also tell that this Pastor burke got some nightmare with that place in the past. So the story will tell us on how he works to found out what actually happen behind the death of this young nun.

The story goes on and we will found out this Pastor Bruke will vanished without the trace.

In this film we will see a human name Burke will do anything he can do just to survive from the terror of the demons. And also in the end of the story will tell about how burke will show that he always has a faith and soul to the God.

This movie will surely be an entertain for every one that are love to watch horror movie and telling the story about the fight between the life one’s and also the curse one’s.

This film will be direct by Director Corin Hardy with the main actor Taissa Farmiga as Suster Irene, Bonnie Aarons ( The Curse Nun) ,Charlotte Hope ( Suster Victoria), Demian Bichir (Burke), and others.

This film will be release on September 7, 2018

Train To Busan Reach Hollywood – Train To Busan ever being one of the most watch Zombie movie at Asia. This movie was produce at South Korea. And when the time this movie release, this movie is getting a big attention from the public because of their thriller and exciting story line. Release on 2016, Film that produce by Yeon Sang-Ho now is getting glanced by renowned Hollywood producer, James Wan.

James Wan alone is not a new name on Hollywood. James already make so many universe Horror movie become phenomenal since 2013 such as The Conjuring. This time, James Wan planning on having the writer of IT and Annabelle, Gary Dauberman working together with him to produce Train To Busan in Hollywood version.

From the source that we get, James and Gary will work together again under the New Line Cinema. Look like both of them already found a chemistry between them. We can see that there are so many times both of them already work together.

The latest one is their collaboration of producing The Nun. Maybe The Nun still not the best master piece own by James but this movie already has their place in the fans heart.

So this time Horror movie lover absolutely will be very curious about their new project. For your information, Train To Busan is telling the story about a virus zombie that attack mostly the South Korea citizen. Some of them try to defend them self from the zombie inside the train.

With the touch of action that fit perfectly with the thriller story line inside the movie, make Train To Busan becoming one of the best horror movie on their time. So let wait after the remake make by James Wan, Will or will not this movie being succeed like their predecessor ?

Bad Times at the El Royale, Holiday Ends in Death – This is one of the movie that shall not be missed by the movie lover this October. From the cast that being fill by so many star like Chris Hemsworth and Dakota Johnson, This movie will make you so excited to watch it when this movie is release. Moreover, this movie will be produce by Drew Goddard that we know as the producer of The Cabin in the Woods and Daredevil serial on Netflix.

Bad Times at the El Royale is a movie that have Thriller genre that get a background back to 1960. This movie start to be produce on the early January 2018 on British Columbia. El Royale, the title of this movie is get from the hotel name in where this movie take place.

The story begin in where there are seven people that come into this hotel near Tahoe lake, California on last of 1969. From the trailer we can see, seven of them do not know each other and travel to that place separately. At the beginning all the thing look normal for that hotel that located between the border of Nevada and California. There is also a receptionist that are very kind and humble that serve them in that hotel.

But, After the story start, we can see all of this seven people have their own secret and the own mission in there. Moreover, one of them is a lie about his/her real identity. From now on, one by one start to giving a terror and nightmare and threaten the life of the other. The night become terrible for those who stay at that place.

Lately the thing got more terrible over the fact that the hotel that they are staying now having a dark history behind there. Also there are one black door on the corner of the hotel that are restricted to be open. The receptionist that being very kind and humble for the first time also keeping a mysterious secret and being involve on one of the bad things.


So actually what happen on that hotel ? What secret and mission that they keep from the others ? Actually what is happen to this hotel in the past and what is it behind the black door ? And how can all character can survive and keeping them self alive from that night ?

This Thriller movie that have a lot of mysterious thing inside will surely make you chill when you watch it. Dare to Watch ?


The King Of Atlantis, Aquaman – As we know that Warner Bros is trying to close any news about their upcoming new superhero movie which is Aquaman from the public. Because of that, movie lover that already thirsty to know the information about this movie, will be very happy with the fact that we provide in this article.

Although  the Aquaman character already being introduced on Justice League movie that release on 2017 years ago, But on that movie, his portion on showing up in the scene is so limited. Because of that, The producer of Aquaman James Wan playing his toy with movie lover for having their attention and also make them more curious about this movie by posting the process of making the trailer production that will be release soon.

Here below is some fact that we confirm will be on this movie, check it out.

There will be 18 fighting scene in this movie. And a lot of the fighting will happen inside the water, Each of them will try to destroy each other with the weapon they have.

This film will having the classic touch like an 1980 era that will make this movie feel different from other superhero movie like Batman or Suicide Squad. They claim that this movie will look more like Indiana Jones prefer than other superhero movie.

The most important part on this movie should be the Excalibur Trident own by The first Atlantis king, King Atlan that at last found man the Aquaman. By having this Trident now Aquaman can speak to all the animal in the world.

They will be two antagonist character on this movie. the first should be Stepbrother of Aquaman, Orm or Ocean Master. In here he will play a character that having an extreme view of war. He believe that the surface world can not live in peace with the Atlantis, and the only thing that can happen between them is a war.

The second one is Black Manta. He is going to have his revenge after his father kill by Aquaman. Aquaman kill his father when try to defend the human world, but that does not make Black Manta understand his feeling. Cause of that he want revenge and make their relationship same as the Spiderman and Goblin.

There are some fact that we can share to you for this time. Hope this information will make you more interested on waiting this film. Ciao 😀



A Never Timeless Movie, The GodFather – The Godfather should be one of the best masterpiece that we can find on the world of Hollywood Movie. in this article we will review this movie and bring backs the old time memories for you

Maybe on this decade, Horror and superhero movie genre are still in the top choose by the movie lovers. But do not dare to put you as the real movie lovers if you forgot about this film, The GodFather. Yes the movie that being cast by Marlon Blando and Al Pacino in the last should be one of the best if not the best movie that ever produce by Hollywood.


The GodFather tell the story in where the strongest Mafia family in New York that been lead by an Italian guy call Vito Corleone that known as Don Corleone. On his Region, Corleone group becoming the King behind the shadow of New York city. Almost all other Mafia family even the cop are frightening only hearing his name.

But what surprisingly is behind his cruel reputation, Don is a figure that love his family. He ever say that the one that do not have time for their family should not be a real man in his life.

Beside from that, Don Corleone also known as a figure that love to help each other and willing to do whatever any other people need with one simple conditiom, Friendship. As the Sicilian, Don will always open his home every time for every one when the need for his help.

His life look become more perfect after his youngest daughter name Connie getting Married, But who in the world can predict that because of that marriage, Corleone family will be faced a storm after that marriage. Will or will not Vito Corleone defend his family also his business ?

So for the one that missed this movie, what are you waiting for ? Grab your drink also snacks and enjoy watching this movie with your beloved one.



Endless Hunting, The Predator – The hunting still go on ! The predator once again coming over the horizon of earth with the specific mission. Unfortunately  bad moment happen for Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), one of the sniper from America Military.

When he supposed to finish the mission on Mexico border, his team being slaughter. But, that not done by a human. Unidentified  creature that coming from a hole of earth atmosphere is the one that doing it.

A fierce fight happen between McKenna and Predator. For a while, McKenna can win against that predator because of his intelligence. Unlucky for McKenna, he being captured by a secret government organization that work together with CIA and a bunch of scientist.

McKenna will be considered as the crazy one because of telling the truth of the predator that come to the earth. McKenna now is facing his death. On the other hand Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) a biology profesional that being send to the government organization for found out is the predator ever having a relationship with the human.

On the other place, Rory McKenna that never fell the love from her father that always busy on doing his job found a mysterious thing that come into her house and that things will change the life of this teenager forever. Rory that until now on her life being considered weird find a new things that can help her understanding the future technology of the entire universe.

So how will Quinn McKenna faith come to the end ? Can Casey Bracket found out the secret mystery on human DNA that been found on the body of predator ? and what kind of technology  will be found by Rory McKenna ?

All the answer can be found on the end of this Movie.




Handsome Gemstone Trader, Keanu Reeves on Siberia – We can say that it so hard to resist the charm of Keanu Reeves when he playing his role on every single movie that he ever been involve. Surely his next coming movie will also give us that feel. A movie called Siberia will having Keanu as their main actor. Want to know what kind of movie and what kind of role does Keanu will play on  Siberia ? Here is the review.

Lucas Hill (Keanu Reeves) is a gemstone trader businessman that been decadently move from one place to another place on finding the buyer. He does not care on who is the one buying his gemstone, all he want to know is about them can pay for the stone or not. Once a time, Lucas get a very high offer price for his gemstone coming from the Russian.

What he does not know is the buyer this time come form one of the biggest criminal plot on Russian. In the end, that transaction is failed. Lucas Hill also found out that he already being  fool by his friend. And the most unlucky one is Lucas already lose his Stone that in the last he know that there are so many outsider looking for that stone.


From South Africa businessman until the corrupt Russian cop are look after him. Come the time Lucas arrive at Siberia in where he sure that his friend, the one that being fool him is still in there. But unfortunately for him not only he can not find his friend, in there he also trapped in passion and lust with a local girl name Katya (Ana Ularu). From them , come out various conflicts that cross Lucas mind.

Start from his loyalty toward his wife until can he succeed on finding his friend and getting back his stone ? Actually the story about this movie is not very special, But because of Keanu Reeves charm, this movie is the movie that worth to watch.




The Last Ice Age : Alpha – Alpha that has another title which is Untitled Albert Hughes Project is a action thriller movie that will be release on 2018 in United States. This movie will tell the story about the survival from the last ice age on 20.000 years ago. This film will be produce by Albert Hughes one of the popular name on Hollywood movie industry.

The story will be write by the producer which is Albert Hughes with the help of his partner which is Dan Wiedenhaupt. This movie will been distributor by United International Pictures, Columbia Picture and Sony Pictures with Studio 8 Home Production. This film will get some popular co star like Leonor Varela, Mercedes De La Zerda, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Jens Hulten, Marcin Kowalczyk, Spence Bogaert, Priya Rajaratnam, Kyle Gleen Thomas, Michael Kruse-Dahl and also Nestor De La Zerda.

Synopsis :

Alpha will tell the story on how human being can survival from the last ice age that been confirmed happen on 20.000 years ago. In this film the main actor will be a young man called Kodi That fight so hard against the scary condition when he want to find a way home after the failed hunting expedition. This also will tell the legend story that will be known year after year about the story that having the getting the theme about the relationship between “The dog” and human. Both of them become best friend although not having the same tribe.

before making this movie, Albert Hughes already known as one of the Hollywood director in where when he produce a movie will get a positive respond from movie lover. Some of the movie title which is From Hell, American Pimpi, The Book of Eli, Dead Presidents and also Menace II Society.

So will this film will once again get a good response from movie lovers ?



Captain Marvel is Coming For Us ! – There is a big news for us that love to watch a super hero movie. Yes last night from their official canal you tube, Marvel Entertaiment just release  their newest movie. Captain Marvel is coming to save the world !

Yes this movie is consider as the most waiting movie by super hero movie fans around the world, now they  come with their trailer, lets take a look on how their trailer can satisfied their fans. As we know all super hero movie will having an action , adventure and also Sci-Fi genre on their movie same as other super hero movie. This film will be start with the show in where we will see a woman comes out from the darkness sky, crossing the earth atmosfer, burning, and fall in  the roof of the building, Yes, The Captain marvel is coming !

From the rumors that we get, it has been told that Captain Marvel is an ex pilot that name Carol Danvers that having a super power after the accident happen to her when she is joining the mission with a space team name StarForce. In this trailer we can see the nostalgic moment in where the captain doing her old job as a pilot and also the moment when she was child back on 1990.

In this movie also we can see how Captain Marvel using her super power fighting with her enemy. Also there will be an action in where Captain Marvel will punch the face of old woman that sitting on the train, why in the world that she do that ? who is she actually ?

Our curiosity  will come to the max when we are thinking on what the dangerous will be happen to Captain Marvel ? It should be from getting a peace in the world or from the outside space attack ?

Movie fans need to be patient waiting for this answer because this movie is predict been release on march 2019.



The ToyBox : Mystery Vintage RV Vehicle – The ToyBox Thriller movie that tell the story about one family that been detached in the road going to a desert with the RV vehicle that they used and being isolated in the very hot place. Soon they found out that their RV is keeping a creepy secret and haunted them  before killing them one by one.

Tom Nagel that play in Man Of Steel movie been choose by Skyline Entertainment home production as the director, this is his second film after Clown Town 2016 that also having a thriller genre. This film is based on Jeff Denton own story.

Actress Denise Richards that previously starring A Violent Man will play as Jennifer in this film. Meanwhile, Mischa Barton that play in Painkiller will also play as Samantha in here. For the main actor is Jeff Denton as Steve, Brian Nagel as jay and Greg Violand as Charles.

The ToyBox will be release on 18 September 2018

The Synopsis

Charles just bought a vintage RV with the hope carrying his family on the trip that can bring peace between him and his two child, a promise that make by him towards his family and wife. His oldest son, Steve (Jeff Danton), his wife (Denise Richards), his daughter and his family dog, fell very happy towards this holiday, but not with his other son, Jay.

Alongside in the trip, this family having a guest which is Samantha and her brother because both of them having their broken tire in the street. So in this story tells how Charles choosing a desert road and get lost inside.

Now after they have been lost in the desert, They finally found that in his RV having a creepy secret that they found out in the RV wall and they found out they need to survive from “The Things” that haunted that RV.

Will or will not they can survive from “This Things” ?


Peek at the appearance of Brie Larson in Captain Marvel’s Movie

The third row of Marvel Cinematic Universe films will end in the Avenger 4 series that will air in 2019. But before entering there, Marvel will be presenting their latest film, entitled Captain Marvel. The figure chosen to play Captain Marvel is Brie Larson.

This film became a film that was awaited by Marvel fans. In this film that will air will tell about the origin story of Captain Marvel. As we know, the ending of Avenger: Infinity Wars credits that aired some time ago, there was the last message from Nick Fury to Captain Marvel. This figure who is trusted to defeat Thanos who has collected the five infinite stones.

Entertainment Weekly finally released several initial photos and also exclusively from Captain Marvel. Brie Larson who became the main character in the film appeared in the cover section of the September edition of Entertainment Weekly magazine. Rather than curious, let’s just look at the latest photos!

Brie Larson did look very suitable when wearing Captain Marvel costumes. He looks like a very tough woman who will beat Thanos!

Not only Brie Larson appeared in the latest photo, several other characters such as Ronan The Accuser and also Korath in the Guardian of the Galaxy series were also present!

Jude Law was appointed to play the role of Carol Danvers. He will play a role called Mar-Vell and is the leader of the Starforce Team. He will be the mentor of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) before wearing the Captain Marvel costume.

As additional information, the Captain Marvel movie is still telling about the origin story of Captain Marvel itself, where the character of Nick Fury will also appear at a young age. So for this episode, Captain Marvel still won’t fight Thanos. We’ll just wait if this movie is worth watching or not.

Sword Art Online Alicization Will Released In 9 Oct

For those of you who love the Sword Art Online series, you need to feel happy, because Sword Art Online will be back to accompany you for a year through the Sword Art Online Alicization series.

For anime fans, maybe the Sword Art Online series is familiar. Even since its launch in 2012, the anime has experienced a significant increase in audience. Seeing the interest of Sword Art Online fans, the publisher finally decided to re-present the latest series from Sword Art Online.

No kidding! Sword Art Online Alicization will be present for 1 full year. Aniplex also launched the latest trailer for Sword Art Online Alicization. In the trailer, you will see 2 new characters named Eugeo and Alice.

The characters of Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice will play an important role in Sword Art Online Alicization. If you look closely, there is a scene where Kirito is killed with the same device as the tool used by Sinkawa Kyouji who wants to kill Sinon in Sword Art Online II.

This anime will air on October 9th. The opening song will be performed by LISA under the title Adamas, while the ending song will be sung by Eir Aoi with the title song Iris. Intrigued by this anime? Just wait for the play date!

Johnny English Strike Again – Who in the world do not know Rowan Atkinson ? Yes Rowan Atkinson is well known as Mr.Bean, one of the most funniest if not the funniest comedian this world have until now. Without saying a single words when he act as a Mr.bean, he can make all television viewer laugh of loud looking on his character. Now he Strike us again as the most funniest spy this world have !

We can see the trailer already spread all around internet, where Atkinson will once again become the funny spy that will make us laugh from the beginning until the last of the movie in his newest Johnny English sequel which is Johnny English Strike Again.

In this movie will tell us the story on how there are a cyber attack launch by some group in where they are targeting to find out all the active spy that England have on that time. And the succeed in doing that.

However, There is left one spy agent that they cannot find out which is English, because luckily on that time English already retired.

No choice, only one road left, which is call back English to do a very secret mission which is to find the root of the one who is doing this thing to his ex-team. English decided to take that mission and once again come back become a spy agent.

But Because English already retired for such a long time, English now is facing a problem with the modern technology that making him need to double his energy to finish this time mission.

There are a lot of funny things that we can see in this movie. Rowan Atkinson will get help from Bill Miller, Olga Kurylenko and also Emma Thompson that are also having an act in this movie.

So can once again Johnny English save the world and also make us laugh of loud seeing his acting ?



Review Movie: Christopher Robin

Who don’t know about Winnie the Pooh ? This time, Pooh and his gank come to live action titled Christopher Robin. If we see the title, we all know that this movie is focused on Robin story. Christopher Robin is Pooh childhood friend. But in this movie, Christopher Robin is growing old. In the beginning, we will see the short story of Christopher Robin and how he split up with Pooh. Robin finally continuing his study in school dormitory even his age is so young.

His first moment meet his wife happen after World War II. He have a kid and work at suitcase factory. His job make him can’t spare his time for his family. We can see how dissapointed his son watching his dad who always go to work and don’t have enough time to play with them. Robin also want to entering his son into a school dormitory, just like himself back in time.

There is a moral story from this movie, it’s about how you must treat your family. We can’t forget about our family even we have a lot of work to do. In this movie, there is a moment when Robin cancelling his promise with his son for going to holiday because of his job. It’s simple, but for kid, this thing mean so much for them.

This movie can be a tear dropping movie if the producer can make it more serious. There is one little mistake from this movie, it’s when Robin met Pooh again, it feel so normal, no touching feeling for it. But overall, this movie was great, 7/10 for this movie.

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