Mile 22

Mile 22: A Bad Movie Starring Iko Uwais From Indonesia

Mile 22: A Bad Movie Starring Iko Uwais From Indonesia

At last, in this august movie lover will be serve with one of the most waiting action movie in hollywood this 2018 which is Mile 22. Movie that been director by Peter Berg will showing Mark Wahlberg as the main actor will work together with Indonesia actor that come along way from east which is Iko Uwais.

This film will also show us how strong the connection between Mark and also Director Peter Berg. As we know before Mile 22, this two already been in the same project few times like in Lone survivor (2013), Patriot’s day (2016), Deepwater horizon (2016).

As we know, Iko alone already been involve in this project since July 2017. Mile 22 also is project in where Iko will show what he capable off since the first time he work in America as one of the cast in Star Wars : The force Awaken and Beyond Skyline in 2017.

In this movie , this Indonesia actor will be act as a mysterious cop name Li Noor that claim has a very important information for USA government. He offers himself to work together with the tactical team that lead by Wahlberg, But with one condition which is he want them to get him out from USA.

Beside the cool characteristic and personal that he have, also in this movie we will serve by how good he can fight. Indonesia movie lover will be suprise seeing one of their beloved actor act in this movie.


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