A Quiet Place

Review A Quiet Place: Quality Horror With Smart Execution

Review A Quiet Place: Quality Horror With Smart Execution

The synopsis and the footage can only describe some of the horrors of the film. Yep, this film is filled with silence and tension that can be surprising at any time. Since in the snippet, maybe you are curious about creatures that will hunt them down. Of course, your curiosity will be answered when watching the film.

Although it is not told clearly, this film takes a post-apocalyptic setting. Yep, the future when Earth is in an invasion of a horrible creature. The cultivation of A Quiet Place stories is simple. The problem is, only focusing on how to survive a family. Interestingly, this film is mostly told in silence.

Because of the silence, 95% dialogue between players uses sign language. There can’t be any small sound. Even footsteps must be slow. You can even hear the sound of water that you gulp when watching. So, you can imagine, right, how quiet is this film?

A Quiet Place will be a fresh spectacle of horror and thrillers. The problem is, besides the horror, you will be presented with the nuances of puzzles in each scene. However, there is no surprise aka plot twist in the story. The flow is flowing just like that. Uniquely, you will be told about ways to reduce sound with objects or the behavior of players.

A quality horror aspect is also equipped with strong drama elements. Your emotions will be carried away with the premise of a family that takes care of each other. There are topics about trust, love, and willingness to sacrifice that will touch your heart.

Yep, the struggle of all these family members will make you sympathize with them. If calculated, this film has only eight players, including extras. Krasinski himself, in addition to being a director, also plays a father named Lee Abbott. Then, there is Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott, a mother figure. Both of them managed to build a strong chemistry. Of course, this is not separated from their lives as husband and wife in the real world.

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