Koe No Katachi

Koe No Katachi, Story About Deaf Girl Who Bullied By Her Friend

Koe No Katachi, Story About Deaf Girl Who Bullied By Her Friend

There are quite a lot of Anime that we can watch and have points that we can pick or get after watching it. Whether it’s life lessons, lessons to improve themselves and so on. But Anime with Title A Silent Voice or in Japanese Named  Koe No Katachi has a very deep value or point for our lives.

This anime tells of a boy who was in elementary school named Ishida, getting a new friend in his class named Nishimiya. Nishimiya is a child who cannot speak and cannot hear well or can be called Deaf.

Every day Ishida always bothered her, crossed out his school book streaks and even crossed off her desk at school. Not only that, Ishida bothered her physically like she did it, took the hearing instrument on her ear and threw it away. Until one point where Ishida was shunned by her friends because she often disturbed Nishimiya.

Not only was he escaped by his friends, Ishida experienced the same thing as he did with Nishimiya. Like the desk was crossed out streaked by his classmates and so on. As an adult, Ishida wanted to meet Nishimiya again and apologize for the treatment Ishida had given Nishimiya. Over time, they met each other, played, talked and finally they fell in love with each other.

The important point that we can get from this anime is Karma is Real. What we sow, that is what we reap, which means what we do to others, one day we will also be treated the same as we do by others.

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