World War Z

Paramount Finally Cancelling World War Z 2

Paramount Finally Cancelling World War Z 2

After long experience of tugging in the development process, the fate of World War Z 2 was finally determined. Apart from the joining of the cold-handed filmmaker David Fincher as a director, Paramount has now canceled the sequel which is again starring Brad Pitt. As for differences of opinion between Fincher and the studio in terms of budget, it was allegedly the cause of the zombie invasion film failed.

According to the Playlist report, Fincher wants to work on World War Z 2 with a more economical budget than the first film, which is known to have a budget of $ 190 million. However, the investigator said, the Collider source claimed that Fincher’s desired budget was actually above $ 190 million. Because Fincher insisted on his budget, Paramount finally suspended the pre-production process, and now Fincher is no longer involved in the project.

Studio is referred to as the objection to Fincher’s budget not only because the film is based on R, but also because lately studios lacked financially successful films. It was recorded in 2018, only A Quiet Place and Mission: Impossible – Fallout which became hits from Paramount, and the rest like Annihilation and Bumblebee counted as mediocre. That’s why studios will be more selective in pasting future film projects.

World War Z 2 is not the first major film to be canceled directed by Fincher, as in the past he almost masterminded Mission: Impossible 3 and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. This filmmaker who is known as an idealist wants to join World War Z 2 after being lobbied by Pitt, who has collaborated with Fincher three times in Se7en, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The Fincher is the second director to leave World War Z 2 following J.A. Bayona.

FYI, World War Z tells the story of former UN investigator, Gerry Lane, who traveled the world to find a solution to overcome the zombie outbreak. Directed by Marc Foster, the film adaptation of Max Brooks’s novel is widely praised for its realistic depiction of the story in presenting the story of a zombie outbreak. With a budget of up to $ 190 million, the film has earned a total income of $ 540 million.

Meanwhile, other information also states, there is still a chance for World War Z 2 to be made, if the studio finds a director who is in line with their vision. Especially since Pitt is reportedly satisfied with the film script, of course this further increases the potential of World War Z 2 to continue.

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