Ready Player One

Review: Ready Player One

Review: Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a spectacular light entertainment, made with skill and integrity. Every space on the screen is filled with sensational visuals and awesome special effects. This film is an ambitious project from veteran director Steven Spielberg, who took the idea of ​​the potential of virtual reality and turned it into a sensational blockbuster built with the magic of CGI and crowded with pop culture references. And here Spielberg doesn’t hold back at all.

Spielberg is an expert in these kinds of things. The filmmaker has donated several works that became technical pioneers in blockbuster films, ranging from Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jurassic Park, to The Adventures of Tintin. Ready Player One is indeed not a pioneer in any case, but this film is a top achievement in special effects. The source material is a novel with the same title by Ernest Cline, which I did not read, but said it was heavenly pleasure for nerds. If that is the case, then the novel has got the equivalent film adaptation.

The setting is 2045, when the world is more chaotic than now. Poverty and overpopulation make the majority of residents have to live in containers arranged in stages such as flat. So it is actually better to spend time in OASIS, a virtual reality universe that might be called an interactive game but it is so suitable as an escape from reality because there we can be anything and do anything. This is a place where fantasy comes true; monsters, robots, giants, we can even become Batman. To enter OASIS, we only need to wear special glasses.

The creator is James Halliday (Mark Rylance), OASIS’s Steve Jobs. Before he died, Halliday gave a 3 level game to all OASIS users. Anyone who can complete all levels has the right to inherit all of Halliday’s wealth and, most importantly, complete control of OASIS. Absolutely, the outline of the plot is similar to the style of video game narrative. So began a superstructive game involving all OASIS players.

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