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Review Movie: The Meg Starring Jason Statham

Review Movie: The Meg Starring Jason Statham

One more film about sharks that have appeared lately, is The Meg, starring Jason Statham. From the title, it is clear that the main enemy of this film is the Megalodon, a prehistoric shark whose size is 25 meters. Unfortunately, there is something vital that is lacking in the film which is supposed to be in shark films, blood, gore, the sadism of humans being slaughtered by sharks, body parts, all of which is reduced.

This was admitted by Jon Turteltaub, the director, who said that many sadistic scenes were eliminated so that the rating of this film could include more age, unfortunately even though this film could be more interesting if full of blood. The film tells the story of the most modern research center in China that wants to do the deepest dive. They want to penetrate the depth of the Mariana trench that is deeper than 10,000 meters. And when they reach that depth something terrible happens, they meet the Megalodon and the team is trapped in the deepest sea.

They asked for help from Jonas Taylor, played by Jason Statham who had once rescued in the depths. Next story we will see how they are especially Jonas against the biggest shark ever. This film is too absurd, even though Jonas said that the man against Megalodon was a massacre, but he himself advanced to swim towards him, yes the shark didn’t realize that someone was approaching.

There were so many strange things from the story, their conversations were not connected, fortunately, they chose Jason Statham as the main character. His charisma is able to make this film interesting with his presence. This film is also less stressful, maybe yes because this film is targeted at a young age so that not many human scenes are slaughtered, just swallowed it alive.

But this movie is quite entertaining if you want to see the good special effects of a giant shark attacking the coast, destroying ships and eating humans. Especially if you are a fan of Jason Statham, then this film can be an option for those of you who want to watch a relaxing action movie.

Beyond logic, Skyscraper !

As we know on the past two years For the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hollywood already become his second home. From the first time he become an actor, he already act at so many movie and all of those movie can be consider as the successful one on financial as well as commercial aspect. And now Skyscraper become his new journey and the hollywood movie.

Skyscraper is make with the budget almost a hundred million Dollar and make this movie is one of the movie that a Hollywood movie lover will be expecting a lot. But will this film answer the expectation of the movie lover ?

On this film, The Rock will reunited with Rawson Marshall Thurber as the director as we know that both of them already been in the same project last time in the film Central Intelligence (2016). In this movie The Rock act as the leader of hostage release unit that working under FBI called Will Sawyer. But unlucky for him in his last mission he make a mistake and need to retire from his position because of that mission, he also lost one of his leg because of the bomb on that mission.

After he cure himself and go out from FBI, now he works as a security supervisor in the highest fictional skyscraper and the safest one in the world, The Pearl. Lastly he also find out that he is already been trap by a terrorist that want to destr0y that building.

In this film we will see that are so many action scene that are beyond logic do by The rock like Climbing on that skyscraper, jump from one building to another building and many other scene that make no sense. So we can say that The Rock as usual always give his best when doing a movie.

Because of that not surprisingly that The Rock already become one of the actor that get the highest paid in Hollywood in the mean time.

Review: Sicario Day of Soldado

Sicario: Day of Soldado it’s not brutal as the first series but this movie also bring a good action. After 3 years from the first sekuel of Sicario, the producer have made the second sekuel named Day of Soldado. Even the director already changed, but the second sequel look more good and promising instead of the first one.

Sicario means assasins and Soldado means soldier. In this movie, we will see Matt Graver again. In the last series of Sicario, Matt Graver play as CIA and played out by Josh Brolin. For this time, he will fight against a big cartel in Mexico. The first action is they will kidnapp big cartel boss’s daughter who played out by Isabela Moner. Matt really know one Mexico people named Alejandro who played out by Benicio Del Toro. Matt Graver ask Alejandro to kill the enemy, FYI, the enemy is the one who killed Alenjandro family.

The film start with jihad terorism who suicide using bomb in Amerika. They come through the Mexico border Like the first one, but for this sequel, it’s not a weapon who be sell in the border, but human, yes human trafficking. This movie is more better than the first one even the intense of the battle is lower than the first one.

Green Book Movie Review

The film tells the story of two people of different races and social classes, who for one reason or another, are united in one situation. They have opposing personalities. We know that at one point they will fight, then another time, get along again. At another point, they inevitably have to solve the problem together. And before they realize it, it turns out they are already enlightened; found that they were not so different from each other. You’re both human.

Yes, this sounds like a plot of all films about friendship between two people who are theoretically incompatible. When you know that the second bonding occurs via a trip on a Cadillac, where one is a driver and the other is an employer, I understand that you are immediately reminded of Driving Miss Daisy. The twist, the one who became the driver this time was white, while the employer was black. And more surprisingly, the story is based on a true story. Nowadays, it’s just normal, but in the 60s, this was a crazy phenomenon.

The driver is Tony Vallelonga, played by Viggo Mortensen as an Italian-American cliche that looks like it was taken directly from the film extras The Godfather or Goodfellas. He spoke in accent with a typical Italian mafia. He likes to talk big, until he gets the nickname “Tony Lip”. He loves ngudud. And like most Italian descent families, he also loved his wife (Linda Cardellini) and his children. He is temperament and prefers to solve problems with boxing. His job is as a bouncer at a nightclub.

Because the club was renovated, Tony was forced to idle for a while. But electricity and food accounts for children have never been shut down. Luckily, Tony got an offer to be a driver for a doctor. The doctor in question is not a real doctor, but a prominent pianist named Dr. Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali). The problem is, Don is a black man, and Tony is not very comfortable with that — at the beginning of the film, Tony even throws away the glass used by blackskin mechanics. But yeah what can be done, for the sake of the child and wife.

Review Widows ( 2018 ) : Good Or Nah ?

Widows is a movie that plan to be released on this September 2018. This movie will be produce by Steve McQueen, with his friend Gillian Flynn and Lynda La Plante as the writer scenario director.

Moreover this film will be play by some of actor and actress that already well known in  Hollywood  such as Elizabeth Debicki, Michelle Rodrigues, Carrie Coon, Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson, Daniel Kaluuya, Robert Duvall, and Garrent Dillahunt.

About this movie, Widows, will be take place in United States with the genre is Crime Drama with Thriller that being mix together. This film is getting a set in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

This movie will be done by the fourth home production, New Regency Pictures, and will be distributed under the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. We can see this movie on September 2018.

The story will tell us about four female that are have their own egoism in them self in the center of chaos era , also with the debt on their own after the criminal issue they face before. They have a problem about love and kindness because of getting lose of their husband in the past, so in their life, fate tell them to face their future on their own. So the question comes out, will this four females will can face their own egoism ? Also can they find the mystery behind the murder of their husband after the failed robbery mission done by their husband ?

Konosuba: The Most Popular Comedy Genre Anime Back In Time

Konosuba is one of the comedy anime whose main character is Kazuma. Konosuba or Kono Subarashii tells of a young man named Kazuma who was walking on the side of the road and saw a young woman who would be hit by a truck. Without thinking, Kazuma immediately helped the woman and the ill-fated Kazuma who was hit by the truck and finally Kazuma died.

Not long after, Kazuma woke up and suddenly he saw a woman in a dark room. The woman is an angel who determines where the deceased soul will go. The angel is named Aqua.

Kazuma was confused and asked questions, why did he have to choose his next life goal and Aqua couldn’t wait to confront him and yell at him. Then Kazuma was given the option of reincarnation in the fantasy world and was given a request as a provision for his new life.

Kazuma spontaneously used his request to invite Aqua the angel to accompany him in his new life. Aqua was also carried away to the fantasy world and its power as an angel could not be used in that world which meant that Aqua became an ordinary human there.

Silly events occur in the lives of Kazuma and Kazuma must work hard to survive looking for money in the fantasy world. Aqua did nothing and became a burden for Kazuma.

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