Wrong With Secreatry Kim

New Korean Drama: What’s Wrong With Secreatry Kim

New Korean Drama: What’s Wrong With Secreatry Kim

Korea Drama lover will be spoiled by one of the new Korean drama that will be released soon. This new drama will have a title which is What’s Wrong With Secreatry Kim.

let start with their main cast before we are talking about their story line. In this drama we will have Park Seo Joon as Lee Young Joon, act as a handsome and rich SEO but have a self level divine self or mostly we know as narcissistic. We will find the scene in where he will proudly praise himself when he is looking at the mirror. Because of that people around him will feel not comfortable around him.

And for the main actress Park Min Young will Act as Kim Mi so. she will be the steadfast secretary that work to Lee Young Joon. she already work as his secretary almost nine year. Kim Mi So born in a family that where his father is someone always have a problem with loan sharks and she will be the one need to pay what her father debt to them. And in the beginning of the story we will see that Kim Mi So want to resign from her job now and want her life back as Kim Mi So not secretary Kim.

But unfortunately The boss not give her the permission to resign. He will do anything he will to stop Kim Mi So to resign. Even when Kim Mi So tell him that the main reason she want to resign beside getting back her life is also finding the right man that will married her in the future. But what happen next is more surprisingly in where Lee Young Joon instead on proposing to her.

But how will Kim Mi So feel about that ? Because on the first she knows that her boss is someone that only think about himself but after several cute things that her boss do to her, Kim Mi so also start to think about her boss.

Will love will grow between to of them ? Do not forget to find it out in their new drama.

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