3 Top Rated Movie All Time According To IMDB

3 Top Rated Movie All Time According To IMDB

Internet Movie Database ( IMDb ) is a online database who give you information about movie, television program, home made video and video games. IMDB became reference for a movie lovers. IMDB also became the main key for movie lovers before watching a movie, because they have a rating system. This system will give score to all movie.

The movie score came from movie reviewers. So if you don’t want to watch a bad movie, you can search it from IMDB first and see the rating. So this is 3 top rated movie according to IMDB rating.

First is Shawshank Redemption ( 1994 ). This movie have a good rating, 9.3 / 10 ! This movie also became the most favourite movie all the time. The story is taken from Stephen King novel titled Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. The story begin from a succesfull banker whois go into the jail for something he did’nt do.

The second one is The Godfather ( 1972 ). This movie also have a good rating, 9.2 / 10. This movie is a legend ! The story tell about a criminal head who keep older and want to give the position to his son. But there is a conflict and family war to get that position.

The third one is The Dark Night ( 2008 ). Still remember how Joker act in this movie ? Look real right ? This movie is like another superheroes movie. A good guy fighting the bad guy. But the main point in this movie is Joker.

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