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Review Japanese Animation: Hataraku Saibou – Cells At Work

Learning about how cells in the body works maybe a little bit boring right ? How if we learn from a Japanese animation ( anime ) which have a cute character and good storyline ? Maybe will be different right ?

Hataraku Saibou is the newest Japanese animation. This anime tell us about how cells work inside our body. There is so many characters in this anime like red blood cells, white blood cells and many more.

The main character of this anime named red blood cell AE3803. She have a job to delivering oxigen to the body. Not only that, she also delivering some nutrient to the body. But she is an abnormal red blood cells, she get lost so easily.

When delivering the oxigen, she met a white blood cells named U-1146. His job is to kill any germ and virus inside the human body. He have a sharp knife to cut down the germ and virus. After helping red blood cells, he spends his time more with red blood cells.

They met so many germ when walking together. But luckily, white blood cells can kill all the bad germ inside the body. Not only that, in this anime, we also can know the function of every cells in the human body, cool right ?

Review Indonesian Horror Movie: Sebelum Iblis Menjemput

Synopsis: Alfie ( Chelsea Islan ) have a dark life because her mother died with mysterious way and her father, Lesmana ( Ray Sahetapy ) married again with Laksmi ( Karina Suwandi ) who already have two child named Maya ( Pevita Pearce ) and Ruben ( Samo Rafael ). Alfie is not close to her father and knowing her father already bankrupt and dying with mysterious disease.

Alfie visit an old house, this house is the family house. This old house already abandoned but Alfie must visit this place to know the dark secret of her father disease.

This movie is a little bit different from other Indonesia horror movie. Not like the other who always take in dark place with scary sound. This movie is focusing on the story. Timo as a producer even dare to show the faces of the demons clearly. Jump scare also minim and we must appreciate it. Story plot of this movie was great, there a little disgusting scene in this movie, but it make Sebelum iblis Menjemput more scary.

When comparing this movie with Hereditary, maybe Hereditary still win. But for Indonesia horror movie, Sebelum Iblis Menjemput was great, seriously ! But there is one bad side from Sebelum Iblis Menjemput, it’s about the detail, for example, when Alfie step mother can’t die even hitted by a axe, why she can die just with a small flashlight ? If the director can fix this thing, maybe Sebelum Iblis Menjemput can be a great movie. So we rate this movie 7/10.

Coraline: Be Carefull What You Wish For !

Coraline is 3D based animation movie. This movie adapted from a novel titled Coraline, same name with the movie. Coraline novel published in 2002 and be the best selling novel in that time. Coraline movie is horror fantasy movie. Some characters in this movie have a creepy shape. Even made for childs, but this movie have a good moral story.

If we see the cover of the novel, it’s really depressing. We can feel it ! Seriously. But when you read and watch the movie, you will know that the story of Coraline is totally great.

Coraline is 11 years old kid. She is hyperactive kid who want to know everything. But when her parents move to an old house in small village far from city. When exploring the house, Coraline meet a boy named Wybie. The boy gave Coraline a doll. Uniquely, the doll have the same face as Coraline.

Back to the old house, Coraline found a small door, but when she open it, the door is blocked by bricks. When night come, Coraline see a mouse who run to the small door. With couriosity, Coraline open the door and voila, she found a tunnel. But this tunnel is very weird. Coraline decided to go through the tunnel and arrived in the same house as her house.

When arrived, she meet her “other” mother, but the “other” mother eyes is different from normal human. But the personality of the “other” mother was great, also the father. But there’s a dark side of this place which is hide behind the good personality.

So if you want to know more about the story, you can watch it by yourself. This movie was great with good story, characters, and moral message. This movie can be a time killer also. So happy watching !

GooseBumps 2 : Continuing The Role of Jack Black as R.L. Stine – Goosebumps as we know is one of the main Franchise Film from Sony Pictures. And now the waiting is over, Goosebumps 2 is now become the project that being worked on the same team in the mean time.

As stated by Ace Showbiz, The produce Rob Letterman, The screenwriter Darren Lemke, with the produce Deborah Forte and Neal H. Moritz, will be together on working this project again. For you information that never watch and hear about this movie this movie is based on the novel write by R.L Stine.

From the news we get, Stated that Jack Black will once again become the main character on this movie. But there is no other confirmation name outside from that one for any other player such as Odeya Rush and Dylan Minnette.

The story about Goosebumps begins in where Zach Cooper is focusing in trying to making a relationship with the daughter of R.L. Stine, Hannah. Stine that every body know that having a weird behavior, evidently having a big secret in where the monster that he produce on his masterpiece book, can turn into the real one. Stine after that trying to lock the monster inside the book with the hope can protect the readers from them.

The original Goosebumps book series that come out in the real world alone have the total of 62 piece that makes the produce have a lot of material to make the sequel on this movie.

Goosebumps themselves are consider getting a good reaction from the movie market when just having a budget around USD 58 million can turn into USD 160 million all around the world. The Movie that come out in 2015 also getting a positive reaction from the public at that time.

Let see what will Goosebumps second sequel turns into, will or will not follow the success of his first one ?



The Meg : Fighting Under The Ocean – This Movie will be tell the story on how Jonas Taylor act by Jason Statham will overcome his traumatized  after the accident that happen to him after the past ten years.

When his Trauma about the accident happen in the past not been fully healed, Now come the time in where one on the biggest underwater facility needs his help. there are 3 people being trapped in that underwater which is Toshi (Masi Oka), The Wall (Olafur Darri Olafsson) and his ex wife Lori (Jessica McNamee).

Also in this story will tell us about how Zhang (Winston Chao) that have a big obsession to know more about the life happen under the ocean as the owner as that biggest underwater facility.

Jonas once again having a dilemma into getting a decision in the difficult condition. To forget his past or to help his ex wife that have been trapped in the under ocean now. Unfortunately his traumatized  about his past still fresh in his mind.

Maybe the plot on this movie in simple, but because of the intensity that this movie having, This is one of the movie that need to be watch by movie lover. Movie lover will be server by the scene in where Human will fight with one of the myth giant fish that live under the ocean call Megalodon.

In here Jason Statham acting skill is been proving. He can make the scene in where human can win effortlessly from that Megalodon. Jason Statham become the main character should be the first reason why this movie is deserve to be watch

So can Jonas overcome his trauma and help his friend and also his ex wife ? What will waiting for him under the ocean ? This review will not be perfect if you guys do not watch this movie after this.


Slender Man = A Featureless Head and face Creatures Wearing a Black Suit – Slender man is a fictional Creatures that being a creepypasta internet meme created by Eric Knudsen in 2009.  This movie is make based on the creature that been busy talk about from the first time this creature was being make. This film is produce by Sylvain White.

Taking a location in a small town in Massachusetts, Slender Man tell the story about four middle school friend that on one night trying to “call”  this creature Slender Man. This is a phenomenal Internet creepypasta, A horror legend that can be found on internet now days.

Suddenly after that night, One of the kid is vanished. And for the other kids, they are now questioning about their sanity because from that night they “call” Slender man, Slender man is haunting them inside their dream and changing their perception on seeing the reality with something creepy and also hearing a disturbing voice inside their head.

The movie lover will see the Slender Man character play by Javier Botet somehow look like a background video or a amateur video. And when they are seeing it closely, it will become the creature that unnaturally tall and slim with a featureless head and face.

On this movie will tell the us that Slender Man will come and haunting whoever dare to “call” him. But until now this creature is still a mystery. Slender Man is a spirit that die walking, and no matter how many you kill him, he will never go away.”

For you information, outside the fiction world, on our real world, the most famous incident that known cause by Slender Man happen on Mei 31, 2014. On that time, there are two young girl, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, try stabbing their friends, Payton Leutne, 19 times.

To the police, Weier and Geyser say that they need to stab Leutne just to calm down the Slender Man. Luckyly on that accident Leutne life can be safe.

Dare to watch it ?





Crazy Rich Asians Movie, The Fresh Romantic Comedy Film – Crazy Rich Asian Movie maybe not been released all over the world, However This Movie already premiere in Los Angeles a week ago stated by Huffington Post.

This movie is make based on the story of the book write by Kewin Kwan, so from the book we all know that this film will having a romantic comedy genre in the end.

This movie will tell the story on Rachel Cu, a professor that live in New York and her boyfriend Nick Young. On one day in their relationship, Nick invited Rachel to attend his brother weeding that been hall in Singapore. Surprisingly for Rachel when she arrive in there is she just know that her boyfriend family is one of the most richest family in Singapore. He is the son of one of the biggest owner of real estate on Asia.

So on a week she been in Singapore, she try to prove to Nick family that she is suitable for being a girlfriend of Nick and become the part of their big family. The word luxury is the perfect word to describe the big picture of this movie.

In this movie we will see how a jet set family do on their life, From the private jet, High end fashion and the accessorizes  , sport car until a mansion will be shown in this movie.

So that make sense why before this film released one of the official international review movie site already give 100 scored for this movie. Oh by the way the director of this film is Jon M Chu that before is the one that direct G.I. Joe: Retaliation and also Justin Bieber’s believe.

All the movie lover must be so excited  waiting for this movie, wait for it on your country 🙂





The Cured : Hunting by Zombie – Maybe in 2018 we can not see so many movie with the story about zombie. So in this august we will having a zombie story movie that will pay a little bit about what we miss in 2018 Hollywood movie. for this Thriller movie The Cured,  that direct by David freyne will make a story about how can human infect by some kind of virus and then them into Zombie and how the rest of human trying to find the antidote to stop this virus.On this movie first scene we will serve by the pra apocalytic time where focusing on the flashback in where all the zombie remember about the time where they are killed by human on that time.

The virus that infect human in here is called as Maze, that having an impact in where make human having a lust of getting a fresh meat that spread so fast in Europe continent. But for some reason that virus not infected the people inside Ireland. After they find the antidote the story tell us about the life that happen by The cured Abbie act by Ellen Page that stay with her son in the shelter agreed to take care of Senan (Sam Keeley) that already been cured and reborn as a human again.

But getting back his life does not mean that he lose his memories about what happen when he is infected by the Maze Virus and turn into Zombie. Senan remember all the things that he do in the past like eating other people, include his own brother Luke and Ellen Page husband.

In here Senan will having a friend that having a similar faith with him which is Conor (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor), human that also a zombie before. they are having a new relationship with other human and find a lot of new things. they see on how every doctor try their best to finding a new antidote that can help the rest of zombie can be cure and also Senan meet with the leader of military that always watching on him because he thinks that Senan still dangerous for human kind in the future.

At last the story will tell us about what will Senan choose , to be a human or become the zombie that already consume human. Can Senan control his conscience as a human and not turn into Zombie again ?



Review The Equalizer 2 – Robert McCall play by Denzel Washington is some one very diligent and careful. he consider doing every single little things with details  and also planned. Every thing from how to put the apple in the table, until how careful he put all his books after done reading it.

that can happen because of the old time Robert McCall is ex special force that have been trained to care until the smallest aspect on one things with very detail one. But after he is “vanished” and having and severe insomnia, everything is change for him.

In the present day, He works as online  taxi driver for solving his insomnia, finding a lot of new things and having a new relationship with others make him slowly become more open to the world. Now he already have his  subscription bookstore and also a new friend, a youngster called Miles Whittaker.

like a storm, his calm life start to vanished after he meet again with his fellow friends Dave York (Pedro Pascal). Now Dave been involved with the agency that having a connection with government, military  and also intelligent. Their meet happens after the accident in where Susan, their old supervisor has  been killed.

Susan is the government officer that ever works together with Robert and Dave in one team. At last both of them agreed to find the one who kill Susan with their own way but will sharing an information if any one get an information. However, there are too many evidence that they to found out before can come to the conclusion, and in the mean time, both of their life also been threaten.

Who is the one who killed Susan ? Can Robert found out and finish his mission this time ? The Equalizer 2 is still showing on how good Denzel Washington on playing his character.



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