Anabelle Comes Home

First Trailer: Anabelle Comes Home

First Trailer: Anabelle Comes Home

This is surprising. I completely missed knowing that there was one more film from The Conjuring Universe which will be released this year besides The Curse of La Llorona. Though the film should be more familiar. Well, beforehand he already had two films anyway.

Not. Not The Conjuring 3. The core film will only be released next year.

The film I mean belongs to Annabelle with her latest film entitled Annabelle Comes Home. In accordance with the title, the film will put Annabelle home to the Warren couple’s house, in contrast to the two previous films that took a long time and place there. Of course, this will increase the anticipation of the audience given the status of the film which (perhaps) is the closest spinoff film to The Conjuring universe.

The following is the official synopsis:

Determined to keep Annabelle from making more chaos, demonologist Ed and Lorraine Warren take this possessed puppet to the locked artifact room in their home, place it “safely” behind the sacred glass and ask for prayer from the pastor. But a terrible night was imminent, when Annabelle woke up the evil spirits in the room, who were eyeing a new target – a ten-year-old Warrens girl, Judy, and her friends.

The trailer opens with Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) who give an explanation of the space for storing satanic artifacts belonging to his family, just as in the first film The Conjuring. This room is the safest place for that. However, there are only ignorant people who do something forbidden. The suspect was one of little friend Judy Warren (McKenna Grace).

“Have you held anything?” Judy asked.

“Everything,” said the friend with a horrified expression.

So, came various terror to the house. Starting from the swaying chair itself, the door slammed suddenly, a horrible face that pounced from nowhere, until a mysterious little girl who said she wanted to play with Annabelle. The trailer also indicates that Ed and Lorraine will have a significant role in the film, making it feel like the movie The Conjuring 2.5.

This film is the seventh installment (!) In The Conjuring Universe, and is definitely reproduced by The Conjuring creator, James Wan. Gary Dauberman, who has experience writing It, The Nun, and two previous Annabelle films, debuted as directors through this film.

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