Handsome Gemstone Trader, Keanu Reeves on Siberia

Filmizlehd.info – We can say that it so hard to resist the charm of Keanu Reeves when he playing his role on every single movie that he ever been involve. Surely his next coming movie will also give us that feel. A movie called Siberia will having Keanu as their main actor. Want to know what kind of movie and what kind of role does Keanu will play on  Siberia ? Here is the review.

Lucas Hill (Keanu Reeves) is a gemstone trader businessman that been decadently move from one place to another place on finding the buyer. He does not care on who is the one buying his gemstone, all he want to know is about them can pay for the stone or not. Once a time, Lucas get a very high offer price for his gemstone coming from the Russian.

What he does not know is the buyer this time come form one of the biggest criminal plot on Russian. In the end, that transaction is failed. Lucas Hill also found out that he already being  fool by his friend. And the most unlucky one is Lucas already lose his Stone that in the last he know that there are so many outsider looking for that stone.


From South Africa businessman until the corrupt Russian cop are look after him. Come the time Lucas arrive at Siberia in where he sure that his friend, the one that being fool him is still in there. But unfortunately for him not only he can not find his friend, in there he also trapped in passion and lust with a local girl name Katya (Ana Ularu). From them , come out various conflicts that cross Lucas mind.

Start from his loyalty toward his wife until can he succeed on finding his friend and getting back his stone ? Actually the story about this movie is not very special, But because of Keanu Reeves charm, this movie is the movie that worth to watch.




By filmizlehd50
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