The ToyBox : Mystery Vintage RV Vehicle – The ToyBox Thriller movie that tell the story about one family that been detached in the road going to a desert with the RV vehicle that they used and being isolated in the very hot place. Soon they found out that their RV is keeping a creepy secret and haunted them  before killing them one by one.

Tom Nagel that play in Man Of Steel movie been choose by Skyline Entertainment home production as the director, this is his second film after Clown Town 2016 that also having a thriller genre. This film is based on Jeff Denton own story.

Actress Denise Richards that previously starring A Violent Man will play as Jennifer in this film. Meanwhile, Mischa Barton that play in Painkiller will also play as Samantha in here. For the main actor is Jeff Denton as Steve, Brian Nagel as jay and Greg Violand as Charles.

The ToyBox will be release on 18 September 2018

The Synopsis

Charles just bought a vintage RV with the hope carrying his family on the trip that can bring peace between him and his two child, a promise that make by him towards his family and wife. His oldest son, Steve (Jeff Danton), his wife (Denise Richards), his daughter and his family dog, fell very happy towards this holiday, but not with his other son, Jay.

Alongside in the trip, this family having a guest which is Samantha and her brother because both of them having their broken tire in the street. So in this story tells how Charles choosing a desert road and get lost inside.

Now after they have been lost in the desert, They finally found that in his RV having a creepy secret that they found out in the RV wall and they found out they need to survive from “The Things” that haunted that RV.

Will or will not they can survive from “This Things” ?


By filmizlehd50
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