The Last Ice Age : Alpha – Alpha that has another title which is Untitled Albert Hughes Project is a action thriller movie that will be release on 2018 in United States. This movie will tell the story about the survival from the last ice age on 20.000 years ago. This film will be produce by Albert Hughes one of the popular name on Hollywood movie industry.

The story will be write by the producer which is Albert Hughes with the help of his partner which is Dan Wiedenhaupt. This movie will been distributor by United International Pictures, Columbia Picture and Sony Pictures with Studio 8 Home Production. This film will get some popular co star like Leonor Varela, Mercedes De La Zerda, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Jens Hulten, Marcin Kowalczyk, Spence Bogaert, Priya Rajaratnam, Kyle Gleen Thomas, Michael Kruse-Dahl and also Nestor De La Zerda.

Synopsis :

Alpha will tell the story on how human being can survival from the last ice age that been confirmed happen on 20.000 years ago. In this film the main actor will be a young man called Kodi That fight so hard against the scary condition when he want to find a way home after the failed hunting expedition. This also will tell the legend story that will be known year after year about the story that having the getting the theme about the relationship between “The dog” and human. Both of them become best friend although not having the same tribe.

before making this movie, Albert Hughes already known as one of the Hollywood director in where when he produce a movie will get a positive respond from movie lover. Some of the movie title which is From Hell, American Pimpi, The Book of Eli, Dead Presidents and also Menace II Society.

So will this film will once again get a good response from movie lovers ?



By filmizlehd50
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