Train To Busan Reach Hollywood – Train To Busan ever being one of the most watch Zombie movie at Asia. This movie was produce at South Korea. And when the time this movie release, this movie is getting a big attention from the public because of their thriller and exciting story line. Release on 2016, Film that produce by Yeon Sang-Ho now is getting glanced by renowned Hollywood producer, James Wan.

James Wan alone is not a new name on Hollywood. James already make so many universe Horror movie become phenomenal since 2013 such as The Conjuring. This time, James Wan planning on having the writer of IT and Annabelle, Gary Dauberman working together with him to produce Train To Busan in Hollywood version.

From the source that we get, James and Gary will work together again under the New Line Cinema. Look like both of them already found a chemistry between them. We can see that there are so many times both of them already work together.

The latest one is their collaboration of producing The Nun. Maybe The Nun still not the best master piece own by James but this movie already has their place in the fans heart.

So this time Horror movie lover absolutely will be very curious about their new project. For your information, Train To Busan is telling the story about a virus zombie that attack mostly the South Korea citizen. Some of them try to defend them self from the zombie inside the train.

With the touch of action that fit perfectly with the thriller story line inside the movie, make Train To Busan becoming one of the best horror movie on their time. So let wait after the remake make by James Wan, Will or will not this movie being succeed like their predecessor ?

By filmizlehd50
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