The King Of Atlantis, Aquaman – As we know that Warner Bros is trying to close any news about their upcoming new superhero movie which is Aquaman from the public. Because of that, movie lover that already thirsty to know the information about this movie, will be very happy with the fact that we provide in this article.

Although  the Aquaman character already being introduced on Justice League movie that release on 2017 years ago, But on that movie, his portion on showing up in the scene is so limited. Because of that, The producer of Aquaman James Wan playing his toy with movie lover for having their attention and also make them more curious about this movie by posting the process of making the trailer production that will be release soon.

Here below is some fact that we confirm will be on this movie, check it out.

There will be 18 fighting scene in this movie. And a lot of the fighting will happen inside the water, Each of them will try to destroy each other with the weapon they have.

This film will having the classic touch like an 1980 era that will make this movie feel different from other superhero movie like Batman or Suicide Squad. They claim that this movie will look more like Indiana Jones prefer than other superhero movie.

The most important part on this movie should be the Excalibur Trident own by The first Atlantis king, King Atlan that at last found man the Aquaman. By having this Trident now Aquaman can speak to all the animal in the world.

They will be two antagonist character on this movie. the first should be Stepbrother of Aquaman, Orm or Ocean Master. In here he will play a character that having an extreme view of war. He believe that the surface world can not live in peace with the Atlantis, and the only thing that can happen between them is a war.

The second one is Black Manta. He is going to have his revenge after his father kill by Aquaman. Aquaman kill his father when try to defend the human world, but that does not make Black Manta understand his feeling. Cause of that he want revenge and make their relationship same as the Spiderman and Goblin.

There are some fact that we can share to you for this time. Hope this information will make you more interested on waiting this film. Ciao 😀



By filmizlehd50
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