A Never Timeless Movie, The GodFather

Filmizlehd.info – The Godfather should be one of the best masterpiece that we can find on the world of Hollywood Movie. in this article we will review this movie and bring backs the old time memories for you

Maybe on this decade, Horror and superhero movie genre are still in the top choose by the movie lovers. But do not dare to put you as the real movie lovers if you forgot about this film, The GodFather. Yes the movie that being cast by Marlon Blando and Al Pacino in the last should be one of the best if not the best movie that ever produce by Hollywood.


The GodFather tell the story in where the strongest Mafia family in New York that been lead by an Italian guy call Vito Corleone that known as Don Corleone. On his Region, Corleone group becoming the King behind the shadow of New York city. Almost all other Mafia family even the cop are frightening only hearing his name.

But what surprisingly is behind his cruel reputation, Don is a figure that love his family. He ever say that the one that do not have time for their family should not be a real man in his life.

Beside from that, Don Corleone also known as a figure that love to help each other and willing to do whatever any other people need with one simple conditiom, Friendship. As the Sicilian, Don will always open his home every time for every one when the need for his help.

His life look become more perfect after his youngest daughter name Connie getting Married, But who in the world can predict that because of that marriage, Corleone family will be faced a storm after that marriage. Will or will not Vito Corleone defend his family also his business ?

So for the one that missed this movie, what are you waiting for ? Grab your drink also snacks and enjoy watching this movie with your beloved one.



By filmizlehd50
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