Review Movie: Christopher Robin

Who don’t know about Winnie the Pooh ? This time, Pooh and his gank come to live action titled Christopher Robin. If we see the title, we all know that this movie is focused on Robin story. Christopher Robin is Pooh childhood friend. But in this movie, Christopher Robin is growing old. In the beginning, we will see the short story of Christopher Robin and how he split up with Pooh. Robin finally continuing his study in school dormitory even his age is so young.

His first moment meet his wife happen after World War II. He have a kid and work at suitcase factory. His job make him can’t spare his time for his family. We can see how dissapointed his son watching his dad who always go to work and don’t have enough time to play with them. Robin also want to entering his son into a school dormitory, just like himself back in time.

There is a moral story from this movie, it’s about how you must treat your family. We can’t forget about our family even we have a lot of work to do. In this movie, there is a moment when Robin cancelling his promise with his son for going to holiday because of his job. It’s simple, but for kid, this thing mean so much for them.

This movie can be a tear dropping movie if the producer can make it more serious. There is one little mistake from this movie, it’s when Robin met Pooh again, it feel so normal, no touching feeling for it. But overall, this movie was great, 7/10 for this movie.

By filmizlehd50
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