Endless Hunting, The Predator

Filmizlehd.info – The hunting still go on ! The predator once again coming over the horizon of earth with the specific mission. Unfortunately  bad moment happen for Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), one of the sniper from America Military.

When he supposed to finish the mission on Mexico border, his team being slaughter. But, that not done by a human. Unidentified  creature that coming from a hole of earth atmosphere is the one that doing it.

A fierce fight happen between McKenna and Predator. For a while, McKenna can win against that predator because of his intelligence. Unlucky for McKenna, he being captured by a secret government organization that work together with CIA and a bunch of scientist.

McKenna will be considered as the crazy one because of telling the truth of the predator that come to the earth. McKenna now is facing his death. On the other hand Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) a biology profesional that being send to the government organization for found out is the predator ever having a relationship with the human.

On the other place, Rory McKenna that never fell the love from her father that always busy on doing his job found a mysterious thing that come into her house and that things will change the life of this teenager forever. Rory that until now on her life being considered weird find a new things that can help her understanding the future technology of the entire universe.

So how will Quinn McKenna faith come to the end ? Can Casey Bracket found out the secret mystery on human DNA that been found on the body of predator ? and what kind of technology  will be found by Rory McKenna ?

All the answer can be found on the end of this Movie.




By filmizlehd50
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