The Nun Scarier than Conjuring ? – Good news for everyone of us that likes to watch horror movie, in this September, after The Conjuring and Annabelle has been release to the public, in the mean time we will get another ‘ Terror ‘ come from the new film that been stated is SCARIER than The Conjuring.

Called THE NUN.

Yes this Movie will tell us about the story of Pastor Burke that send to Vatikan for investigate the death of the young nun that happen mysteriously.  The young nun is found suicide in her small temple in Rumania. And the story also tell that this Pastor burke got some nightmare with that place in the past. So the story will tell us on how he works to found out what actually happen behind the death of this young nun.

The story goes on and we will found out this Pastor Bruke will vanished without the trace.

In this film we will see a human name Burke will do anything he can do just to survive from the terror of the demons. And also in the end of the story will tell about how burke will show that he always has a faith and soul to the God.

This movie will surely be an entertain for every one that are love to watch horror movie and telling the story about the fight between the life one’s and also the curse one’s.

This film will be direct by Director Corin Hardy with the main actor Taissa Farmiga as Suster Irene, Bonnie Aarons ( The Curse Nun) ,Charlotte Hope ( Suster Victoria), Demian Bichir (Burke), and others.

This film will be release on September 7, 2018

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