Bad Times at the El Royale, Holiday Ends in Death – This is one of the movie that shall not be missed by the movie lover this October. From the cast that being fill by so many star like Chris Hemsworth and Dakota Johnson, This movie will make you so excited to watch it when this movie is release. Moreover, this movie will be produce by Drew Goddard that we know as the producer of The Cabin in the Woods and Daredevil serial on Netflix.

Bad Times at the El Royale is a movie that have Thriller genre that get a background back to 1960. This movie start to be produce on the early January 2018 on British Columbia. El Royale, the title of this movie is get from the hotel name in where this movie take place.

The story begin in where there are seven people that come into this hotel near Tahoe lake, California on last of 1969. From the trailer we can see, seven of them do not know each other and travel to that place separately. At the beginning all the thing look normal for that hotel that located between the border of Nevada and California. There is also a receptionist that are very kind and humble that serve them in that hotel.

But, After the story start, we can see all of this seven people have their own secret and the own mission in there. Moreover, one of them is a lie about his/her real identity. From now on, one by one start to giving a terror and nightmare and threaten the life of the other. The night become terrible for those who stay at that place.

Lately the thing got more terrible over the fact that the hotel that they are staying now having a dark history behind there. Also there are one black door on the corner of the hotel that are restricted to be open. The receptionist that being very kind and humble for the first time also keeping a mysterious secret and being involve on one of the bad things.


So actually what happen on that hotel ? What secret and mission that they keep from the others ? Actually what is happen to this hotel in the past and what is it behind the black door ? And how can all character can survive and keeping them self alive from that night ?

This Thriller movie that have a lot of mysterious thing inside will surely make you chill when you watch it. Dare to Watch ?


By filmizlehd50
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