Bumblebee – Refreshing Side Story Of Transformer

Finally there are also Transformers films made for humans. That, you know, creatures that really can empathize, instead of just joking about the robot robot in mass chaos. The plot this time is simpler and easier to understand. The sequence of actions is coherent and can be followed. And the character feels human. Including robot characters too. Sometimes simple things can be more silly than complicated. What made me think: lest Michael Bay thought that we were too smart for everything that was simple, so he presented something complex. Too complex to digest ordinary human logic. BOOOOM! Mindblown!

So, this time I am a lay man, fortunately given a simple story, which is about a child who is friends with aliens in the form of robots. The alien is an (?) Autobots named B-127. It is said that the civil war between the Autobots race and the Decepticon race on the planet Cybertron delivered it to planet Earth. Unfortunately, he was stranded at a military training ground commanded by agent Burns (John Cena). Coupled with the arrival of a Decepticon who hunted him, the B-127 had to run away in a state of severe injury and loss of the sound module.

He will then be found by Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), an 18-year-old teenager who is still mourning the death of his father and still unable to live a new life with his mother’s new husband. Charlie likes to tamper with machines and really wants to have his own car, but the mother doesn’t want to buy him. When finding a dilapidated VW car in the uncle’s workshop, Charlie of course took him home. How’s it going, it’s a dilapidated VW rather than not having a car. What he didn’t know, this VW turned out to be able to turn into a sophisticated alien robot. After a bit of surprise, Charlie then gives him the name “Bumblebee”.

By filmizlehd50
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