Remake Of Suzanna Old Horror Movie: Bernafas Dalam Kubur

Suzzanna will take us to feel the atmosphere of the 1980s with a more sophisticated film format. Still carrying the typical plot and story of that year, it also adds to the increasingly ‘old’ atmosphere. Suzzanna, a horror film that won’t scare us. In fact, the level of drama in this film is much stronger.

Maybe this is because the ghost figure in this film is the protagonist. So that the audience is even more sympathetic to his figure than the perpetrator. Apart from that, the Suzzanna and Satria’s love story, brought this film to a very dramatic level. And this is quite beyond the shadow of the audience.

Hoping to get a scary horror, but instead get a lively drama. But it was good. Because in addition to the horror side that is not fierce, Suzzanna has a sadistic scene. Of course this will still cause horror atmosphere to the audience. One more interesting thing, the roll of comedy scattered throughout the film, inevitably made the audience laugh out loud.

Wow, it doesn’t need to be doubted if Soraya makes a film. Exorbitant production value, has become a standard that cannot be ignored. The picture quality itself, the shooting technique, color grading, all is great! Prosthethic makeup from Russia is also very satisfying! Successfully making Luna Maya become very similar to Suzzanna physically. The artistic appearance in this film also shows the atmosphere in the 1980s. There is one of the most favorite shots, namely when Suzzanna is carrying a head in her hand, when she is in the factory, using a Dutch angle technique, making a picture of Grande!

Besides visual, audio is also done with grande. Illustration music and sound effects deserve a thumbs up, because they managed to build the mood of the audience well. Beyond that, the quality of dialogue can also be heard clearly and softly.

By filmizlehd50
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