Disney Responds to Criticism of ‘The Lion King’ Movie

The Lion King’s live-action trailer did not only succeed in creating an interest in the film, but also aroused nostalgia for those who were big in the 90s, when the Lion King animation became a global phenomenon. But on the other hand, this trailer also sparked a debate over whether this film is worthy of being called live action, because all the animals shown appeared to appear in CGI form. More than that, not a few who criticized the live action of The Lion King they only repeated scene after scene in the animation.

Not wanting to live-action The Lion King is considered an imitation of animation, Sean Bailey as a Disney official tried to straighten out the negative assumptions that later wrapped up the movie made by Jon Favreau. To THR, Bailey stated that he knew very well that the animation of The Lion King was a film that was loved by many people, so the studio would bring the best things from its animation in working on live action.

But Bailey also hinted that The Lion King was not just “copy paste”, because he confirmed there were new things in live action that we did not find in the animation. More details, Bailey revealed live-action The Lion King uses a filmmaking technique that includes animation and live action. Bailey acknowledged, this new filmmaking technique was an evolution of the technology that Favreau used to work on the live-action film The Jungle Book.

By filmizlehd50
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