Avenger Infinite War Part II : Avenger End Game

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR leaves a mystery that is very hanging and makes the public curious. Thanos managed to collect the infinity stone and snapped his fingers, with the effects of a very fatal destruction on earth. Some superheroes disappeared because of that.


Now Marvel movie lovers can at least breathe a bit of relief, because Marvel finally released the official trailer from AVENGERS 4. From the 2-minute video, several facts that have been kept secret have finally been revealed.


For information only, AVENGERS 4 is again entrusted to the director of the Russo brothers, Joe and Anthony. The Sequel from AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is also one part of the 10-year anniversary celebration of the Cinematic Universe.


Last October, Marvel released the title AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR – PART 2 for this sequel. But in the trailer that was released, finally revealed if the new title used is AVENGERS: END GAME.


The scene opens with the appearance of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) who is floating alone on a starship. He then documented his whereabouts using his Iron Man suite helmet which was half broken.


Thanos successfully eliminated a series of superheroes at INFINITY WAR, only a few managed to survive. And through this trailer, you can also find out who are the superheroes who will appear later.


Marvel’s original superheroes, like Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk to the Nebula are seen there. But among them there is also the appearance of several superhero figures that will surprise you.

By filmizlehd50
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