Hallowen 2018 – Michael Myers Is Back !

The presence of Hallowen’s latest film certainly is a breath of fresh air for fans of this series. Many speculations say that this film is very bad, but Davin Gordon Green, Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley were able to provide a spectacular stage for Michael Myers.

The presence of Hallowen’s latest film is able to satisfy the fans’ nostalgic feelings for Michael Myers. Hallowen’s first sequel first aired in 1978 ago. Since the presence of Hallowen II (1981), the next sequel is indeed disappointing, so it is only natural if the audience feels missed by the figure of Michael Myers like the one in his first sequel.

Hallowen 2018 does not only tell Michael Myers as a hunter, but also places himself as a prey. Laurie who had attended the previous Halloween sequel also appeared in this latest sequel.

If Michael Myers is placed in a asylum prison with strict escort, then Laurie is also hiding and preparing for Michael Myers’s arrival. For 20 years, she shut himself up and increased his physical strength to fight and kill Michael Myers.

The dark side of Michael Myers’s story is able to be presented in this film. Besides that the cinematography is also very good so that it can bring the audience to feel horror in every corner of the film.

We highly recommend this film to watch, The film scores 7/10.018 –

By filmizlehd50
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