First Trailer Of The Possesion Of Hannah Grace

Finally the wait for horror movie lovers is finished, Sony Pictures Indonesia has released the first trailer for their latest film titled The Possesion of Hannah Grace. The video of the trailer only lasts 2.:19 minutes, but in a very short time Diederik can provide a very tense atmosphere, complete with aspects of the dark room and also the sound that is horrible but does not feel excessive.

This film tells about the life of a female police officer named Megan Reed, played by Shay Mitchell. Megan is a woman who doesn’t believe in mystical things and works surrounded by corpses.

But Megan’s conviction began to collapse when there was a corpse resulting from an exorcism failure that he had to deal with. When the corpse arrived, strange noises were heard, even the corpse began to give signs of life. Who is Hannah Grace (corpse) actually? Why does the exorcism process fail? And what dark past did Megan try to cover up?

Terror from Hannah Grace’s corpse also became more real. When Megan is alone, more and more terrible events occur. Worse yet, when Megan told the bad news to someone else, no one believed, they even considered Megan crazy. Then what is the end of this scary story?

Just find the answer in the film The Possesion of Hannah Grace, which will air soon this November. For those of you who are curious about this movie trailer video, you can see it directly on the official Sony Entertainment Youtube channel.

By filmizlehd50
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