Review Sicario : Day of Soldado

Review Sicario : Day of Soldado

Sicario : Day of Soldado is the sequel from the past Sicario that release on the past 2015. On this Sequel, Emily Blunt that become the main actress on the first sequel is not playing anymore. But the absence of Emily Blunt will not make the movie produce by Stefano Sollima become not attractive to be watch.

Even, with telling the story about smuggling of illegal immigrants from Mexico to United States will make this movie become more understandable and attractive to be watch with the reality content provide in this movie.

Josh Brolin succeed become the star in this movie with Benicio Del Toro. Both of them succeed on playing the role and make this movie looks very real on translating the meaning on the power of Mexico cartel versus the United States government.

The story will begin in where the Gov of United States looking for the terrorism action in where the finding some cartel in Mexico succeed in smuggling Sicario, one of the assassin into their place. Sicario succeed on blow up bomb on United States and because of that now the Gov is planning on getting their revenge.

Matt Gaver (Josh Brolin) CIA agen is choosen to lead a group to kidnap Isabela Reyes (Isabela Moner) the young daughter from the influential cartel in Mexico but need to make it like another cartel on Mexico doing that thing.

From the help by Alejandro Gillick (Benecio del Toro) make this operation can succeed and can provoke the war between Mexico cartel. But this provocation action at last known and thwarted by Mexico government that causing Isabela can escaped from that. This place Matt in a difficult position after Alejandro with his own mission choose to pursuit and save Isabela.

So will Alejandro succeed on saving Isabela and how will this war between the cartel will end ? Movie lover that love to see the action thriller that have a lot scenes of violence in the form of shots, explosions, blood and verbal hurt can not missed this movie.



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