Movie Review : Phantom Threat ( 2017 )

Movie Review : Phantom Threat ( 2017 )

This is the latest film from Paul Thomas Anderson, and the description above may also apply to the filmmaker. Judging from the uniqueness of the film and its directing style, perhaps it is not wrong to categorize Anderson as an eccentric artist. Reynolds has a distinctive habit, in which he likes to sew secret messages that are hidden behind every shirt he makes. To be personal, he said. Cut my bangs if this does not refer to how the self-conscious Anderson slipped into interesting little things that were not really relevant in every film.

This film is a film about a perfectionist made by a perfectionist. Yup, narcissistic director. Do you know what a perfectionist produces? The work that is almost – if not certain – is always perfect.

Anderson put out extreme skills in building the film. Every detail is sewn with precision. This film is beautifully made. As a film about fashion, costumes in the Phantom Thread are charming. Scoring which was dominated by the piano strings from Jonny Greenwood endlessly created a luxurious but moody feel. Not only writing and directing, Anderson reportedly even highlighted his own film without the help of a cinematographer.

When the film presents something abstruse we will realize that the actual Phantom Thread is a love story that is “sick”. This film is probably Anderson’s most straight and simple film, but he is still absurd. In fact, the top part is somewhat ridiculous if we were not washed away before. On the surface Anderson packed the film as a dark film but there was a strange warmth flowing beneath it.

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