Bird Box Breaking Record In Netflix

Bird Box Breaking Record In Netflix

In its efforts to compete with Hollywood studios, Netflix often produces original films that are not less interesting than films that air in theaters. After Rome’s work by Alfonso Cuaron successfully amazed critics, there was one more Netflix original film that later became the spotlight.

The film is titled Bird Box, which is often compared to A Quiet Place. Armed with a unique premise and a pretty good quality film, Bird Box has just broken the record as a Netflix production film with the most viewers in the first week, which Bright previously held. No kidding, Netflix’s official Twitter account announced, there were 45,037,125 accounts watching Bird Box in the first seven days of release.

For information, the Bird Box is a sci-fi horror film made by Susanne Bier who put up Oscar-winning actress, Sandra Bullock, as the main star. The story itself focuses on the struggle of a mother and child through a dangerous river, to find shelter from the attacks of mysterious monsters that threaten the world. Unfortunately, to be able to escape the terror of this invisible monster, humans must close their eyes, which makes Bullock’s character journey more challenging and thrilling.

Bird Box is known to launch on the Netflix streaming service on December 21, 2018. The popularity of Bird Box immediately gave birth to many funny memes on social media, followed by various theories and discussions that discussed mysterious monsters in the film. Although classified as a critic among critics, in fact Bird Box is also a lot of thumbs up by horror movie lovers.

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