Crazy Rich Asian Director Want To Collaborate With Joko Anwar

Crazy Rich Asian Director Want To Collaborate With Joko Anwar

Hearing the name Ivanhoe Pictures, maybe for some Indonesians, they rarely hear. But surely movie lovers have been with CRAZY RICH ASIAN right? Yep, for those who don’t know Ivanhoe Pictures is a producer of films that have been lifted from popular novels and have become box office successes.

For movie lovers created by domestic film makers, there is news that is quite happy from Ivanhoe Pictures. Reporting from Variety, Ivanhoe Pictures has just collaborated with three production houses to make quality Indonesian films. The production houses include Base Entertainment, Rapi Films and CJ Entertainment (studios from South Korea).

The four production houses will cooperate with each other in the fields of film production, financing, and development. Base Entertainment will also get the trust to distribute their works in Indonesia.

One of the collaborations is to produce three Indonesian-language films which are now under development. The three films were titled IMPETIGORE, THE VOW, and GHOST IN THE CELL. Everything will be done by the famous director of the country, Joko Anwar. Joko also acted as a scriptwriter for the three films.

“Bringing together the expertise of international production companies such as Ivanhoe Pictures and CJ Entertainment with local skills from Base Entertainment and Rapi Films, who have an important role in understanding Indonesian audiences and expanding the market, is a pleasant journey from our company collection,” said John Penontti, president of Ivanhoe Pictures.

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