Slender Man = A Featureless Head and face Creatures Wearing a Black Suit – Slender man is a fictional Creatures that being a creepypasta internet meme created by Eric Knudsen in 2009.  This movie is make based on the creature that been busy talk about from the first time this creature was being make. This film is produce by Sylvain White.

Taking a location in a small town in Massachusetts, Slender Man tell the story about four middle school friend that on one night trying to “call”  this creature Slender Man. This is a phenomenal Internet creepypasta, A horror legend that can be found on internet now days.

Suddenly after that night, One of the kid is vanished. And for the other kids, they are now questioning about their sanity because from that night they “call” Slender man, Slender man is haunting them inside their dream and changing their perception on seeing the reality with something creepy and also hearing a disturbing voice inside their head.

The movie lover will see the Slender Man character play by Javier Botet somehow look like a background video or a amateur video. And when they are seeing it closely, it will become the creature that unnaturally tall and slim with a featureless head and face.

On this movie will tell the us that Slender Man will come and haunting whoever dare to “call” him. But until now this creature is still a mystery. Slender Man is a spirit that die walking, and no matter how many you kill him, he will never go away.”

For you information, outside the fiction world, on our real world, the most famous incident that known cause by Slender Man happen on Mei 31, 2014. On that time, there are two young girl, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, try stabbing their friends, Payton Leutne, 19 times.

To the police, Weier and Geyser say that they need to stab Leutne just to calm down the Slender Man. Luckyly on that accident Leutne life can be safe.

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