Crazy Rich Asians Movie, The Fresh Romantic Comedy Film

Poster film Crazy Rich Asians – Crazy Rich Asian Movie maybe not been released all over the world, However This Movie already premiere in Los Angeles a week ago stated by Huffington Post.

This movie is make based on the story of the book write by Kewin Kwan, so from the book we all know that this film will having a romantic comedy genre in the end.

This movie will tell the story on Rachel Cu, a professor that live in New York and her boyfriend Nick Young. On one day in their relationship, Nick invited Rachel to attend his brother weeding that been hall in Singapore. Surprisingly for Rachel when she arrive in there is she just know that her boyfriend family is one of the most richest family in Singapore. He is the son of one of the biggest owner of real estate on Asia.

So on a week she been in Singapore, she try to prove to Nick family that she is suitable for being a girlfriend of Nick and become the part of their big family. The word luxury is the perfect word to describe the big picture of this movie.

In this movie we will see how a jet set family do on their life, From the private jet, High end fashion and the accessorizes  , sport car until a mansion will be shown in this movie.

So that make sense why before this film released one of the official international review movie site already give 100 scored for this movie. Oh by the way the director of this film is Jon M Chu that before is the one that direct G.I. Joe: Retaliation and also Justin Bieber’s believe.

All the movie lover must be so excited  waiting for this movie, wait for it on your country 🙂





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