The Meg : Fighting Under The Ocean – This Movie will be tell the story on how Jonas Taylor act by Jason Statham will overcome his traumatized  after the accident that happen to him after the past ten years.

When his Trauma about the accident happen in the past not been fully healed, Now come the time in where one on the biggest underwater facility needs his help. there are 3 people being trapped in that underwater which is Toshi (Masi Oka), The Wall (Olafur Darri Olafsson) and his ex wife Lori (Jessica McNamee).

Also in this story will tell us about how Zhang (Winston Chao) that have a big obsession to know more about the life happen under the ocean as the owner as that biggest underwater facility.

Jonas once again having a dilemma into getting a decision in the difficult condition. To forget his past or to help his ex wife that have been trapped in the under ocean now. Unfortunately his traumatized  about his past still fresh in his mind.

Maybe the plot on this movie in simple, but because of the intensity that this movie having, This is one of the movie that need to be watch by movie lover. Movie lover will be server by the scene in where Human will fight with one of the myth giant fish that live under the ocean call Megalodon.

In here Jason Statham acting skill is been proving. He can make the scene in where human can win effortlessly from that Megalodon. Jason Statham become the main character should be the first reason why this movie is deserve to be watch

So can Jonas overcome his trauma and help his friend and also his ex wife ? What will waiting for him under the ocean ? This review will not be perfect if you guys do not watch this movie after this.


By filmizlehd50
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