The Cured : Hunting by Zombie

review-film-the-cured-duel-pikiran-manusia-vs-manusia-eks-zombie – Maybe in 2018 we can not see so many movie with the story about zombie. So in this august we will having a zombie story movie that will pay a little bit about what we miss in 2018 Hollywood movie. for this Thriller movie The Cured,  that direct by David freyne will make a story about how can human infect by some kind of virus and then them into Zombie and how the rest of human trying to find the antidote to stop this virus.On this movie first scene we will serve by the pra apocalytic time where focusing on the flashback in where all the zombie remember about the time where they are killed by human on that time.

The virus that infect human in here is called as Maze, that having an impact in where make human having a lust of getting a fresh meat that spread so fast in Europe continent. But for some reason that virus not infected the people inside Ireland. After they find the antidote the story tell us about the life that happen by The cured Abbie act by Ellen Page that stay with her son in the shelter agreed to take care of Senan (Sam Keeley) that already been cured and reborn as a human again.

But getting back his life does not mean that he lose his memories about what happen when he is infected by the Maze Virus and turn into Zombie. Senan remember all the things that he do in the past like eating other people, include his own brother Luke and Ellen Page husband.

In here Senan will having a friend that having a similar faith with him which is Conor (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor), human that also a zombie before. they are having a new relationship with other human and find a lot of new things. they see on how every doctor try their best to finding a new antidote that can help the rest of zombie can be cure and also Senan meet with the leader of military that always watching on him because he thinks that Senan still dangerous for human kind in the future.

At last the story will tell us about what will Senan choose , to be a human or become the zombie that already consume human. Can Senan control his conscience as a human and not turn into Zombie again ?



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