GooseBumps 2 : Continuing The Role of Jack Black as R.L. Stine – Goosebumps as we know is one of the main Franchise Film from Sony Pictures. And now the waiting is over, Goosebumps 2 is now become the project that being worked on the same team in the mean time.

As stated by Ace Showbiz, The produce Rob Letterman, The screenwriter Darren Lemke, with the produce Deborah Forte and Neal H. Moritz, will be together on working this project again. For you information that never watch and hear about this movie this movie is based on the novel write by R.L Stine.

From the news we get, Stated that Jack Black will once again become the main character on this movie. But there is no other confirmation name outside from that one for any other player such as Odeya Rush and Dylan Minnette.

The story about Goosebumps begins in where Zach Cooper is focusing in trying to making a relationship with the daughter of R.L. Stine, Hannah. Stine that every body know that having a weird behavior, evidently having a big secret in where the monster that he produce on his masterpiece book, can turn into the real one. Stine after that trying to lock the monster inside the book with the hope can protect the readers from them.

The original Goosebumps book series that come out in the real world alone have the total of 62 piece that makes the produce have a lot of material to make the sequel on this movie.

Goosebumps themselves are consider getting a good reaction from the movie market when just having a budget around USD 58 million can turn into USD 160 million all around the world. The Movie that come out in 2015 also getting a positive reaction from the public at that time.

Let see what will Goosebumps second sequel turns into, will or will not follow the success of his first one ?



By filmizlehd50
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