Review The Equalizer 2 – Robert McCall play by Denzel Washington is some one very diligent and careful. he consider doing every single little things with details  and also planned. Every thing from how to put the apple in the table, until how careful he put all his books after done reading it.

that can happen because of the old time Robert McCall is ex special force that have been trained to care until the smallest aspect on one things with very detail one. But after he is “vanished” and having and severe insomnia, everything is change for him.

In the present day, He works as online  taxi driver for solving his insomnia, finding a lot of new things and having a new relationship with others make him slowly become more open to the world. Now he already have his  subscription bookstore and also a new friend, a youngster called Miles Whittaker.

like a storm, his calm life start to vanished after he meet again with his fellow friends Dave York (Pedro Pascal). Now Dave been involved with the agency that having a connection with government, military  and also intelligent. Their meet happens after the accident in where Susan, their old supervisor has  been killed.

Susan is the government officer that ever works together with Robert and Dave in one team. At last both of them agreed to find the one who kill Susan with their own way but will sharing an information if any one get an information. However, there are too many evidence that they to found out before can come to the conclusion, and in the mean time, both of their life also been threaten.

Who is the one who killed Susan ? Can Robert found out and finish his mission this time ? The Equalizer 2 is still showing on how good Denzel Washington on playing his character.



By filmizlehd50

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