Review: Sicario Day of Soldado

Review: Sicario Day of Soldado

Sicario: Day of Soldado it’s not brutal as the first series but this movie also bring a good action. After 3 years from the first sekuel of Sicario, the producer have made the second sekuel named Day of Soldado. Even the director already changed, but the second sequel look more good and promising instead of the first one.

Sicario means assasins and Soldado means soldier. In this movie, we will see Matt Graver again. In the last series of Sicario, Matt Graver play as CIA and played out by Josh Brolin. For this time, he will fight against a big cartel in Mexico. The first action is they will kidnapp big cartel boss’s daughter who played out by Isabela Moner. Matt really know one Mexico people named Alejandro who played out by Benicio Del Toro. Matt Graver ask Alejandro to kill the enemy, FYI, the enemy is the one who killed Alenjandro family.

The film start with jihad terorism who suicide using bomb in Amerika. They come through the Mexico border Like the first one, but for this sequel, it’s not a weapon who be sell in the border, but human, yes human trafficking. This movie is more better than the first one even the intense of the battle is lower than the first one.

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