Konosuba: The Most Popular Comedy Genre Anime Back In Time

Konosuba: The Most Popular Comedy Genre Anime Back In Time

Konosuba is one of the comedy anime whose main character is Kazuma. Konosuba or Kono Subarashii tells of a young man named Kazuma who was walking on the side of the road and saw a young woman who would be hit by a truck. Without thinking, Kazuma immediately helped the woman and the ill-fated Kazuma who was hit by the truck and finally Kazuma died.

Not long after, Kazuma woke up and suddenly he saw a woman in a dark room. The woman is an angel who determines where the deceased soul will go. The angel is named Aqua.

Kazuma was confused and asked questions, why did he have to choose his next life goal and Aqua couldn’t wait to confront him and yell at him. Then Kazuma was given the option of reincarnation in the fantasy world and was given a request as a provision for his new life.

Kazuma spontaneously used his request to invite Aqua the angel to accompany him in his new life. Aqua was also carried away to the fantasy world and its power as an angel could not be used in that world which meant that Aqua became an ordinary human there.

Silly events occur in the lives of Kazuma and Kazuma must work hard to survive looking for money in the fantasy world. Aqua did nothing and became a burden for Kazuma.

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