Beyond logic, Skyscraper !

Beyond logic, Skyscraper !

As we know on the past two years For the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hollywood already become his second home. From the first time he become an actor, he already act at so many movie and all of those movie can be consider as the successful one on financial as well as commercial aspect. And now Skyscraper become his new journey and the hollywood movie.

Skyscraper is make with the budget almost a hundred million Dollar and make this movie is one of the movie that a Hollywood movie lover will be expecting a lot. But will this film answer the expectation of the movie lover ?

On this film, The Rock will reunited with Rawson Marshall Thurber as the director as we know that both of them already been in the same project last time in the film Central Intelligence (2016). In this movie The Rock act as the leader of hostage release unit that working under FBI called Will Sawyer. But unlucky for him in his last mission he make a mistake and need to retire from his position because of that mission, he also lost one of his leg because of the bomb on that mission.

After he cure himself and go out from FBI, now he works as a security supervisor in the highest fictional skyscraper and the safest one in the world, The Pearl. Lastly he also find out that he is already been trap by a terrorist that want to destr0y that building.

In this film we will see that are so many action scene that are beyond logic do by The rock like Climbing on that skyscraper, jump from one building to another building and many other scene that make no sense. So we can say that The Rock as usual always give his best when doing a movie.

Because of that not surprisingly that The Rock already become one of the actor that get the highest paid in Hollywood in the mean time.

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